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It was something that Enter Stage Right was going to do last year.

Thanks to the mania for portals surfers experienced in 1997 and 1998, every conceivable group or interest had its own "must go to" web site if someone wanted information. Everyone, that is, except for conservatives. With that in mind, the editor of this magazine began building a search engine/portal for conservatives which was scheduled to debut in January 2000. Portals, however, take time to build and after some development work I soon decided to concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

It's good to know that other people had the same idea., already a nexus for many conservatives, has added to its firepower with the rolling out of RightPages, a Yahoo!-esque directory of web sites divided into major categories like entertainment, research and news media. The directory even allows surfers to rate those web sites that have already been categorized and add those who aren't in there yet.

It's early in the life of RightPages so you won't see the depth that a more general service like Yahoo! features. While that is a drawback now, the number of surfers that draws will surely lead to a rapid expansion in the numbers listed. The web site itself is designed to accommodate its utilitarian purpose and that means the pages load quickly, just what they should do when I'm looking for information.

It's too early to say whether RightPages will become a major resource for conservatives in the future like Free-Market.Net has for libertarians, but it is good to see that someone picked up the ball and created a hub for conservatives.

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