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web posted March 13, 2000

"I am a George W. Bush Republican. Candidates better be careful when they try to compare themselves to a great president like Ronald Reagan." -- George W. Bush when asked by the press whether he was a "Reagan Republican"

"Taiwan independence means war. The People's Liberation Army has the resolve, the confidence, the ability and the capability to protect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and will not tolerate or sit idly by as plots to separate the motherland prevail. The PLA...will adopt all necessary measures to steadfastly smash any political adventurer aimed at splitting the motherland." -- Gen. Zhang Wannian, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, and the nation's most powerful general

"If the Taiwan authorities refuse for an unlimited period to agree to a peaceful settlement of cross-straits reunification through negotiations, then the Chinese government will be forced to adopt all drastic measures possible." -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin

"[I]f you believe in a future of greater openness and freedom for the people of China, you ought to be for this agreement. It's an historic opportunity and a profound American responsibility." -- Bill Clinton on granting MFN status to China

"It's a little late for the Gore campaign to get into the truth-telling business after five months of misinformation. If we tried to put up a similar Web site (exposing Gore's lies) our entire network would crash under the sheer volume of material." -- Kristen Ludecke, spokeswoman for Bill Bradley, on the Gore's accusations that Bradley distorted his record

"(Hillary Clinton) brings nothing to New York in her carpetbag but a life of dishonesty. If Bobby Kennedy was a carpetbagger, Hillary Clinton is a Martian." -- Bartle Bull, the Democratic activist who headed Bobby Kennedy's N.Y. senate bid in 1964

"The lesson Ronald Reagan taught Republicans was that you welcome all voters into your camp, you do not play one group against another, you do not speak ill of another Republican." -- Lyn Nofziger

"The media has a new definition of negative campaigning. Negative campaigning is whatever George Bush does to get elected." -- National Review editor Rich Lowry

"It's easier to fixate on the constants of American life -- the guns -- than to look at what's changed -- the vast amount of human debris piled up by 30 years of social experimentation. So thank you, Messrs. Gore, Bradley and Clinton. Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' has found its next rallying cry: Every kid deserves the right to grow up in a gun-free crack house!" -- Mark Steyn

"That every GOP 'debate' has been nothing more than an extra-credit offering in the Alan Keyes civics-class campaign, with 'Huh?' written full across the faces of George W. Bush, John McCain, and TV talking heads from sea to shining sea, should be sufficient evidence of just how high over his opponents Keyes towers." -- Erik Jay

"You know, [Bush is] now the kamikaze conservative, with all the positions he's had to take here in South Carolina -- against choice, going to Bob Jones University, really locking himself in on that huge tax cut." -- ABC's "analyst" George Stephanopoulos

"A Stronger Gore, A Weaker Bush." -- New York Times headline after Super Tuesday

"The witches of Salem." -- CNN pollster William Schneider on Massachusetts Christians

"McCain is like all of those guys you went out with and were crazy about but were afraid to marry, and that's maybe what Republicans end up deciding in the long run." -- NBC's Andrea Mitchell

"I use it when I want to find out what's on CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or other Communist periodicals." -- John McCain, on his use of the Internet

"What I am against is quotas. ... However, they delineate, quotas, I think, vulcanize society." -- George W. Bush. Huh?

web posted March 6, 2000

"Oh, I think we're going to have to rethink government and to get rid of the crisis-control mode, which we had from 1933 on. ... The things we're dealing with now are much more decentralized, and we should decentralize them and get rid of things in Washington that you don't have to do in Washington. I expect any day now we're going to announce a new national program to rid us of the danger of diaper rash." -- Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

"I'll just say that John McCain is doing the country a real service." -- Sen. Tom Daschle on the Bush-McCain fight

"It is interesting to note that Al Gore had said in New Hampshire that there were no legal violations (in the 1996 Clinton/Gore fundraising scandals). Well, if that's so, I would ask him where are the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were returned by the DNC? What about the 12 people who were convicted, the 70 people that essentially took the Fifth Amendment and the 16 or 17, the exact number I'm not exactly sure of, who actually fled the country?" -- Bill Bradley

"The more (George W. Bush) speaks the more troubled I am becoming about his candidacy." -- Rush Limbaugh after Bush again assailed conservatives in Congress

"It's Bush's to lose, and he's going about it in exactly the right way if he wants to lose it." -- George Will

"...[M]aybe any quest to seek out a McCain philosophy is a little silly; maybe his political genius will prove to be that he is neither Reagan Republican nor Rockefeller Republican, but something else again -- something that for the moment might best be described as a Rorschach Republican." -- Diana West

"It is time for Americans to comprehend that taxation has become an instrument for the transfer of power, freedoms and treasure from the people to the government." -- Linda Bowles

"Here's some straight talk. I'm a proud Reagan Republican." -- John McCain campaign ad running in California

"You ain't no Ronald Reagan. In your dreams, Senator McCain. In your dreams. Only in your dreams. The man does not have the temperament to be president of the United States." -- Michael Reagan after a heated exchange with John McCain

"I would guess if a Republican is elected, he might show up on the inaugural stand to interrupt from time to time." -- CBS's Bob Schieffer on Alan Keyes's future

"While many people today feel confident that all of (his) historic accomplishments ... will be completely eclipsed in the eyes of history by his personal mistake, I'm not so sure. I rather think that it's more likely, given the passage of time, the accomplishments on his watch will loom rather large." -- Al Gore

"Meat is murder! Pork is death!" -- A protestor from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who blocked the Bush campaign's bus with a dump truck

"I sure am glad I had my bacon for breakfast." -- George W. Bush afterwards

"Bob Dole warned the Republican candidates to stop the negative campaigning before irreparable damage is done. If you are not careful you could lose the respect of your party and end up doing cheap Viagra commercials." -- Conan O'Brien

"The biggest contributors to Hillary's Senate campaign are lawyers and Disney. So that means if you are backing Hillary, you are either crooked or goofy." -- Conan O'Brien

"In a new poll, 32 per cent of Americans say John McCain is the candidate that they trust most to baby sit their 16 year old daughter. I guess they figure with McCain's combat experience, he could fight off Clinton till help arrives." -- Conan O'Brien

web posted February 28, 2000

"Mr. McCain wants to be Reagan without Reaganism." -- Paul Gigot in the Wall Street Journal on John McCain's claim to be a "proud Reagan conservative"

"The vice president observed that he drank a lot of iced tea during meetings, which could have necessitated a restroom break." -- An FBI report on Al Gore's explanation of why he does not remember discussions about illegal campaign donations from the Red Chinese at a 1995 key strategy meeting

"I just love the perky campaign slogan." -- New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd on Hillary Clinton's "Hillary!" slogan

"When it comes to standing up to minority hatemongers, the party of President Clinton has -- in the words of Teddy Roosevelt -- the backbone of a chocolate eclair." -- Don Feder

"If Republicans let non-Republicans choose their candidate for president, then what does the GOP stand for?" -- Thomas Sowell

"The longer McCain continues on his present course, it won't seem that McCain is renting Democrats so much as Democrats are renting him." --National Review Online

"It took [Bush's] Carolina blowout for people to notice that Republican primaries are dominated by -- Republicans! And to notice that most Republicans remain conservatives who favor lower taxes and traditional values." --Paul Gigot

"So now Alan Keyes, a very black man, is a hero to legions of very conservative, very religious, very white people, and the press doesn't care. It is almost as if the media is embarrassed by the revelation that conservatives meant what they said all along. 'Morality,' 'equal justice,' 'virtue,' are not code words. They are words with very obvious meanings." -- Jonah Goldberg

"A conservative to a liberal reporter is like daylight to a vampire." -- Larry Elder

"Congratulations are due John McCain for his surprise election victory in Michigan Tuesday. Now if he can only persuade Republicans he's really one of them he might have a chance to become President. Usually it's the other way around--a candidate rallies a majority of his own party first, then reaches out to other voters in the general election." -- Wall Street Journal

"First of all, the press seems to be totally pro-McCain, totally pro-McCain. Everybody I know seems to be pro-McCain." -- CNBC's Chris Matthews

"Completely. I mean we have a race, and we love the straight talk bit." -- NBC's Andrea Mitchell

"The thing that I have really had to work on is trying to gain some spiritual anchor that will enable me to give up resentments and disappointment and anger." -- Bill Clinton

"But once you go to South Carolina and wrap yourself in the Confederate flag -- the flag of secession, sedition, slavery, segregation, become then intentionally morally bankrupt." -- Jesse word whether the comments were made in "Hymie-Town"

"It took something like this to make the Miss America Pageant look good to me." -- Patricia Ireland, president of NOW, on Fox network's "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?"

"[President George] Bush said it in my presence at a religious broadcasters convention about 1990.... [Al Gore] has a lot of stuff that he has to defend, but that's not one of them." -- Cal Thomas, on the "political legend" making the rounds that Al Gore cited John 16:3 rather than John 3:16 as his favorite Bible verse

"I'm leaning in whatever direction that will screw up their election." -- A Michigan Democrat voting for McCain

"Bush garnered 54 per cent of the vote, prompting the ecstatic Texas governor to declare, 'I haven't gotten grades like this since Yale'." -- Colin Quinn

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