Hoping for a depression

By Alan Caruba
web posted March 26, 2001

The watery inundation of low-lying islands and the coastal areas of Bangladesh was predicted last week in a speech given by United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan. The culprit cited, of course, is global warming. He warned that millions of people would be exposed to a sea-level change that would lead to the disappearance of vast areas of the region.

One of the biggest lies intended to convince people that global warming is coming is the claim that the oceans will rise and millions will die if the nations of the world don't immediately cut back on their use of energy, the alleged cause of the warming. Even if all the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic were to melt, the oceans still would not rise. Try watching the water level in a glass when an ice cube melts.

In Germany earlier this month their Environmental Ministry suggested that, if the United States continues to resist the UN Kyoto Climate Control Treaty, it may be necessary to ratify the Protocol without us. The talks resume in Bonn this July and, if the various nations who are committed to the treaty go ahead without the US, you can confidently predict a worldwide depression on a scale undreamed by anyone.

Want to know what happens when you cut back on energy use? Think California. Think rolling brownouts and blackouts. Then extrapolate that to every State and ever nation that has failed to meet this most fundamental need of an advanced, technological society.

This has been the intent of the radical environmental movement for decades. Their most concerted effort has been to force industrialized nations to cut energy use and, thereby, plunge the world in economic chaos.

Out of that chaos will come the Communist one-world government towards which they have been working. It was the chaos in Russia, precipitated by its involvement in World War I, that led to the Communist takeover in 1917. The same kind of takeover occurred in what is now Red China following World War II.

Economic hardship is the launch platform for Communism. To achieve their goals, the Greens and their fellow Red travelers must plunge the world into the kind of chaos that has the masses calling for "a dictatorship of the people." They always learn too late that this leads to a dictatorship that destroys all hope of freedom for people.

So the UN Kyoto Climate Control treaty and the global warming hoax on which it is based is essential to the achievement of the goal shared by Greens and Reds. There is no difference between the two.

These so-called bad times are, indeed, very good times for the UN goons and their slavish Socialist partners in Europe and elsewhere. They are praying for the US economy to collapse and have been doing everything in their power for decades to bring that about.

  • Why else would the Clinton-Gore administration so aggressively have supported the UN Kyoto treaty? Why else would they have seized millions of acres of the nation, some of which contains huge reserves of coal, the primary source of electric energy production?

  • Why else would they have banned oil discovery and extraction in Alaska with its estimated untapped l6 billion barrels? Or banned drilling for oil off the coasts of California and Florida? Why else would they have proposed closing down dozens of dams that provide hydroelectricity? Why else hasn't a single new coal mine been opened in this nation for years? Or a single new utility using nuclear energy? Those who oppose the development of this nation's natural resources are, quite simply, the enemies of this nation.

  • Why else would the Clinton-Gore administration have waged a ceaseless war on property rights, the keystone of Capitalism? Using regulations and programs such as its Council on Sustainable Development, the Endangered Species Act, wetlands regulations, the Clean Air Act, forest regulations, land trusts, UN Heritage sites and corridors, UN Bio-Regions, and countless other devices, the federal government has positioned itself to force the sale of private property. Countless government regulations make the development of private property either impossible or extremely costly.

  • The government's partners have been the so-called "conservation" groups that sweep in, purchase such property for a song, sell it to the government, and make a killing.

  • In Congress today, there's a bill that would take funds from a trust to preserve marine areas and divert it to the purchase of more, and more, and more land by both the federal and state governments. The government is not supposed to own all the land in America. That's what communist nations do.

  • Why else has the timber industry been under such attack for years in this nation? The Spotted Owl hoax has closed down sawmills and other logging operations throughout the entire Northwest, throwing thousands of people out of work and creating ghost-towns where vibrant communities once existed. Our national forests have been so deliberately mismanaged for years that millions of acres of timber have been lost to commercial sale and use, and new catastrophic fires are anticipated in the year ahead.

  • Why else would the Clinton-Gore Justice Department have sought to weaken Microsoft, arguably the technological engine driving the greatest advances in productivity in the history of mankind? The decline the stock market has experienced, particularly among technology stocks, can be traced directly to the deliberately destabilizing effort to break up Microsoft.

  • Why else would ranchers and farmers find themselves under constant attack, having their water rights challenged, their grazing rights reduced? Why do the so-called animal rights fanatics constantly propagandize against the eating of meat?
United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan speaks at U.N. headquarters Thursday, March 22, 2001
United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan speaks at U.N. headquarters Thursday, March 22, 2001

This is why Kofi Annan can be found bloviating in Bangladesh or the German Environmental Ministry pressing for the UN Climate Control treaty or the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Fund, and all the other Greens calling for more and more restrictions on the economic life of this nation.

Americans must not fall into the trap of the global warming hoax, a massive fraud intended to wreck our economy. Instead, we must demand the repeal or at least major revisions of the environmental laws harming our economy. A third or more of all federal laws and regulations on the books today reflect environmental requirements and restrictions.

In recent weeks, President Bush has given indication he knows there is no valid science, nor any "precautionary principle", that can justify the demand that this nation agree to the deep energy cuts demanded by the UN Climate Control Treaty.

What matters is that Americans, despite an economy that it is worth trillions, are facing increasing loss of jobs, rising prices for energy needs that have gone unattended for too long, and have lost confidence in the Federal Reserve and other branches of government to maintain the economic boom of the past decade. Do they know something those in charge of our banking system and our government do not?

The route to the current crisis of confidence is best seen in the dot.com businesses have failed, but the Internet is new and this kind of thing should have been expected. Countless investors, new to the stock market, however, were unprepared for it actually go down. It does. It always has. And it comes back up. More importantly, our primary industries are struggling to remain competitive under the weight of endless governmental regulation. Manufacturing, the backbone of any economy, has moved offshore to a greater degree than is good for any nation.

Most are unaware of it, but the reality is that multi-national corporations actually function regionally and locally. There is, in truth, a triad of multi-nationals who divide the world's markets. Until Japan's government and business interests begin to finally act sensibly, that element of the triad will continue to pose problems. Europe, largely socialist, has organized itself as a distinct market while making demands that we change our tax system to accommodate their needs. The lynchpin remains a successful US economy.

To some extent, we are watching emotion, not rationality, at work these days on Wall Street, but the stock market is telling us things about America that conservatives have been saying for a very long time. You cannot maintain a healthy economy while turning out millions of poorly educated under-achievers. We have been doing that now for decades. Eliminate the Department of Education.

  • You cannot maintain a healthy economy when the government generates endless restrictive regulations that stall the development of utilities, that attack the ability of major industries, dependent on natural resources-often available in abundance here-to access and extract them for use. Reduce the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • You cannot have a healthy economy that destroys the ability of farmers and ranchers to make a living or pass on their farms and ranches to their children. And why is the federal government re-introducing predator species into the very areas where the nations' food is grown? You cannot have a healthy economy when those who make their living from the sea cannot sail at dawn for a day's catch that is subject to endless regulations. Get control over the Departments of Agriculture and the Interior.

  • You cannot have a healthy economy and ignore the maintenance of the nation's infrastructure of bridges, highways, airports and seaports. We have been doing this for decades. When will the Department of Transportation begin to address this problem?

  • You cannot have a healthy economy when the builders of homes and other structures must import wood from other nations and must deal with endless restrictions on where they can build because some "endangered species" might be affected.

  • You cannot have a healthy economy when the cost of health care is controlled by the insurance industry.

  • You cannot have a healthy consumer economy when the government--federal, state and local--routinely takes 40 per cent or more of every dollar earned. The tax system needs a massive overhaul and a Congress composed of millionaires shows little enthusiasm to do it.

  • You cannot have a healthy economy when the nation is 50 per cent to 60 per cent dependent on imported oil and will do nothing to permit access to known reserves onshore and offshore of the continental US.

Americans, despite the outcry from conservatives, have ignored the attack on property rights.

Americans have ignored and Congress has abetted the deliberate dumbing down of our educational system while actively working to destroy parental rights.

Americans have ignored the impact of the immigration of thousands to our shores, many of whom arrive without the skills necessary to contribute to our economy, becoming instead an instant burden, drawing benefits from our government. These new immigrants often demand we abandon English as the nation's common language. The Department of Immigration and Naturalization is failing us.

Americans and their representatives in Congress have ignored the attacks on our national sovereignty, signing onto treaties that threaten our control over the land within our borders. As the folk song says, "This is our land." We need to withdraw from the United Nations and let it fail of its own dead weight.

Upwards of 50 per cent and more of all Americans have invested in the stock market and now are seeing their investment disappear because of a government that has failed to protect their best interest, a healthy, thriving economy.

While all this has been happening, we have been amusing ourselves with a steady diet of television and movies that portray corporations and their executives as evil enterprises, while offering a steady diet of violence and debauchery.

What all this has been happening, our nation's news media have told us that the earth is doomed from global warming, our air and water is unclean; our cars are too big; our crime rate is rising; our police are engaged in "racial profiling" and can't be trusted; that homosexuality should be granted special rights; that guns are the reason for our problems, that, in total, life in America is one of endless hazards.

The reality is far different and far better. More than 80 million Americans legally and properly own guns, saving more lives than they take. Our crime rates are about the same as they were in the 1970's. We are, in general, living longer, healthier lives. Our scientists have discovered how to genetically modify seed crops to produce more bountiful yields. The entire population lives on only 3.5 per cent of the entire landmass of the nation. Our forests, though horribly mismanaged by our government, represent two thirds or more of those that existed when the Pilgrims arrived. The air is clean and you can drink the water from the faucet.

It was a conservative President, Ronald Reagan, who set in motion the economic growth this nation has enjoyed. It was a liberal President, Bill Clinton, who did everything in his power to take credit for it while working to destroy it. We now have a new conservative President, George W. Bush, in office. He's working with a no real majority of conservatives in Congress.

We need to give him that majority in 2002 and to remind the Republicans in office today that he needs their support.

Alan Caruba is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right. He writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center. © Alan Caruba. 2001

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