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It is unlikely that you haven't heard of WorldNetDaily if you've been reading Enter Stage Right. Online since May 1997, WND has become one of the go-to web sites for conservatives looking for the latest news and commentary. Founded by Joseph and Elizabeth Farah, WND was launched "to serve as a watchdog on government -- to expose corruption, fraud, waste and abuse wherever and whenever it is found." It does that admirably.

WorldNetDailyDuring the Clinton era, WND fulfilled its mandate capably. It boasts some big scoops including the questionable reporting done by CNN on the Tailwind story, exposed how Clinton's Executive Order 13083 redefined federal power, and publicized efforts to introduce a national identification card. Along with its reporting, the web site also features the writing of commentators Linda Bowles, David Limbaugh, Debbie Schlussel, Walter Williams and Joel Miller. Rounded out by the regular offerings you find on news web sites -- sports, weather, movies, stocks and travel -- WND is essentially a conservative newspaper.

It's easy to oppose something -- or someone -- for the sake of opposing something so it's interesting to see how WND will work in the post-Clinton era. It's already taken numerous and legitimate shots at George W. Bush which is hopeful sign that it will remain combative and beholden no one. Interestingly, WND seems to be expanding its commentary page to include a fairly wide range of writers from different political perspectives. These days you'll often find people like Harry Browne, Jerry Falwell and Nat Hentoff sharing the same page.

WND isn't for everyone of course. If your conservatism is like that of ESR's, and if you can succinctly define what that is feel free to write us, you likely won't find some of the content too compelling. The newspaper's tendency to slap "Exclusive" in front of a lot of stories (it can't be too exclusive if ESR, WND and a bunch of other web magazines are running the same story) can also rub you the wrong way. That said, like Free Republic or, WND serves as a great rallying point for conservatives and does a great job of reporting on important news that you won't find in the major media for days or weeks, if at all.

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