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Scary John Kerry, hippie-era leftist

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted March 15, 2004

Look past the expensive Christophe haircuts, Turnbull & Asser shirts, blue-blood pedigree and Georgetown mansion. John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is really just an old hippie - a sixties throwback - who has remained committed to the extreme Left over the past thirty-five years or more.

Despite the smoke and mirrors of the propagandistic Left, Kerry "embodies New Left Ideals" in both cultural and foreign affairs as cited by journalist John Berlau in the March 2nd edition of Insight magazine. Berlau also quotes the Hollywood Reporter, noting that John Kerry "finessed his answers about the moral content of today's entertainment while, ironically, making clear his moral outrage at the rise of conservative media." Therefore, it's the Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity that get Kerry's dander up, not Janet Jackson's tawdry exhibitionism at the Super Bowl that was viewed by children. Does John Kerry even grasp how out-of-step he is with the values of Middle America? He projects as a liberal elitist, not a populist candidate in sync with average Americans. By the way, Senator Kerry wants to raise taxes on those that earn $200,000 a year and more. Obviously, he doesn't understand anything about the cost of living in the real world. For instance, in NYC and its suburbs where everything is incredibly expensive, $200,000 a year is bupkis.

Moreover, the Insight piece notes John Kerry's insistence that "the response to September 11th should have been primarily a law enforcement and intelligence operation that requires cooperation around the globe." Gary Aldrich, former FBI agent turned author, was appalled by Kerry's embrace of a failed law enforcement paradigm for battling terrorism, as he advised Insight: "You'd be right back to the good-old, bad-old days of Bill Clinton where we're allowing terrorists to basically roam freely if they avoid the service of a subpoena…We'll try to catch you with a subpoena or handcuffs, otherwise you're free to roam the world, blow up buildings, whatever you want."

Senator Kerry, always the peacenik, not only voted against every major weapons system, but against proper funding of our intelligence agencies that are vital in this global "war on terror." Kerry's hypocrisy is flagrant – He now underscores the ready use of good intelligence for combating terrorism, yet his Senate voting record reveals a pattern aimed at gutting intelligence. Astonishingly, Kerry wants to abandon the "war on terror" and reinstate the law-enforcement model of tackling terrorism, despite its abysmal consequences (most notably, terror attacks upon American soil). Frankly, Kerry would be a September 10th president in a September 11th world – a leader who doesn't adequately appreciate the threat of terrorism. Is Kerry a suitable leader for our nation, particularly with worldwide terrorism to be fought and overcome? The answer is evident.

Last week's terror bombings in Madrid remind Americans of the profound danger posed by terrorism, and certainly undercut John Kerry's spurious claims that President Bush "exaggerated" the threat of global terror and engaged in "fear-mongering." Approximately eight million Spaniards took to the streets in solemn protest of the bombings that now represent Spain's September 11th, and may very well signal the beginning of violent jihad against America's allies in this" war on terror." A series of train bombings in Madrid killed approximately 200, and injured another 1500. And although investigation is still underway, it's possible that the Basque terrorist group ETA acted in concert with al-Qaida.

The Left-leaning crowd, Kerry among them, has never fully come to grips with the modus operandi of terror organizations, including al-Qaeda, which sent a videotape taking credit for the terrorist acts in Madrid. These terror organizations regularly aid and abet each other, acting in a collaborative fashion. Al-Qaida doesn’t operate in a box stamped "solely al-Qaida activity." Often, terror groups are not only thoroughly enmeshed with each other, but with state sponsors that provide safe haven, funding, and training camps. At least 80,000 terrorists have been trained in al-Qaida camps, and many of these radical Islamists gravitated to al-Qaida affiliates while others generated independent cells. Symbolism and salient dates are often associated with terror attacks by radical Islamists. Interestingly, the bombings in Madrid reportedly occurred 911 days after September 11, 2001. And, it was undoubtedly timed to impact Spanish elections, with an anticipated backlash against those in power. However, I digress.

The latest polls indicate that President Bush and Senator Kerry are running neck-in-neck in the race for the White House. This actually reflects well upon President Bush, who has been able to withstand merciless pounding for months by Democrats during their primary season. Many Americans are not yet clued into Kerry's terribly flawed character and Leftist political ideology – Reportedly, with more than seven months to go until Election Day, approximately 40 per cent of the electorate knows little about Kerry, which still provides President Bush and the GOP with a strategic window of opportunity to accurately define the real John Kerry for swing voters. Let's put it this way – If you like Teddy Kennedy's liberal voting record, you'll absolutely adore Kerry's, which is even more liberal if that was possible. Kerry's feeble record on national security has been profoundly wrong-headed, which the GOP intends to fully exploit during this campaign season.

Moreover, the GOP camp is contending with an increasing number of fallacious charges being hurled its way. Senator Kerry's sidekick, Senator Ted Kennedy, is out-and-about claiming that a "widening credibility gap (exists) between what the administration says and what it does." Of course that's unmitigated drivel. Amazingly, hypocrisy is precisely Senator Kerry's stock-in-trade! Kerry's chutzpa and arrogance are striking – When he thought he was off-camera, Senator Kerry recently called Republicans "a crooked, lying group", but he refused to elaborate and he refused to apologize. Certainly, that's the type of remark that lacks class, and is not presidential in tone or substance. It sounds as if Kerry is casting aspersions upon all Republicans.

However, some in the Democratic camp are suggesting that Kerry was alluding to the Republican "attack dogs" (their words) of the Fox News Channel, radio, and the Internet – basically any organization or any person that dares to ask candidate Kerry or his team perfectly legitimate questions. To that I proudly say "woof, woof." I can't speak for any other Internet writers, only myself. I'm very happy to ask the hard questions about Senator Kerry that the mainstream liberal media continues to sidestep. For instance -- Will Senator Kerry release all of his military records just as President Bush has done? And if the Senator won't, then why not?

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.

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