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The Democratic Party exposed

By Steve Farrell
web posted March 28, 2005

Terri SchiavoThat the fate of one innocent individual, Terri Schiavo, could create such a legal and media hoopla, is, I think, one in a series of signs -- the gay marriage battle being another -- which signify a monumental shift in political and moral attitudes in this country -- for the better.

Terri's battle for life, supported intelligently and passionately by so many, is serving to illustrate that Christians, Jews, and other people possessed of moral fiber and common sense, are no longer going to let liberalism trample all over their rights, no longer let liberalism hide from our view the moral and religious foundations of the law in this country.

Times are changing, and I think the day is not far distant that we will see more justices subject to up down confidence votes, popular elections, referendum recalls, impeachments, peaceful defiance, and yes, the posting of their individual voting records, on every court case all over the Internet, all over the new media, and all over every community as political activists take their records door to door to expose how immoral, how illogical, how un-American many of them have become.

Just you wait and see, their 'untouchable' status is nearing its end -- because they've lost our trust, and proved Jefferson correct -- after all -- on the danger of having a system that creates unelected, lifelong judges.

What's also a blessing in disguise about this whole affair, is that the political left, as it is being confronted by a new day of political and moral courage, can't help but reveal itself for what it is -- a sometimes demonic, often out of touch, power hungry party.

Think about it. By and large it is the Democrats and their liberal allies who have blocked the path to prevent the murder of this young lady by starvation, just as they have blocked the path to save millions of babes within the womb, even as they promise to deliver a political strategy for 2006 that is more sensitive and loyal to the religious values of mainstream America.

How revealing. And how pathetic. This is going to cost them, not just before God, but in terms they understand come election day.

You see, these guys are still so dedicated to the revolution of Marx and Lenin, that even when common political sense points the way to standing up for what is right, and even when, for political survival's sake, they promise to themselves that they will stand up for what is right, they can't bring themselves to do it. It is as if, they do indeed suffer from what popular talk show host Michael Savage claims they do, 'a mental disorder.'

I mean, it must be so. How else can one explain their endless moral inconsistencies?

Here is a party that claims there is such a right as choosing to murder innocent human beings, whether babies within the womb, whether handicapped individuals like Terri Schiavo, whether the elderly or others who suffer from debilitation -- even while they vigorously defend the lives of fruit flies, rodents, and junk fish.

Here is a party that values the life of 'old growth' trees, over the health of our economy, and thus the economic and emotional health of tens of thousands of families, who -- who can say? -- may have suffered stress related setbacks, even death, because of unemployment and underemployment.

Here is a party, not surprisingly, who is all for pro-choice when it comes to every sort of sexual choice, and yet who fights tooth and nail against those who would choose to promote chastity, to fight against pornography, to call homosexuality what it is, an unnatural death promoting pathology.

Therefore, here is a party that thrives on promising victims and moral reprobates all kinds of rights that never before existed, but who nonetheless, aggressively attacks the rights of the successful, the prosperous, the religious and the moral.

You get the idea. No wonder, then, this liberal 'liberty' party is the party more partial to calling our boys 'occupiers' even as our boys risk their lives to liberate the captive millions from mass murderers.

It's the same old story. Democrats just can't seem to escape their reputation as the party of death and moral insensibility -- something every moral, Christian, and freedom loving American ought to remember come 2006.

My guess is that when the Democrats employ their strategy to cry 'Halleluiah!' in the next election, their opponents will be cry back "Remember Terri Schiavo!"

NewsMax pundit Steve Farrell is associate professor of political economy at George Wythe College, press agent for Defend Marriage (a project of United Families International), and the author of the highly praised, inspirational novel, "Dark Rose" (available at amazon.com). For you West Coast night owls, try and catch Steve on Mark Edwards' "Wake up America!" talk radio show on 50,000-Watt KDWN, 720 AM, 10 p.m. to midnight, Monday Nights; or on the worldwide internet at AmericanVoiceRadio.com (preferred access at WakeUpAmericaFoundation.com. Contact Steve


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