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Back by popular demand! It slices!  It dices!

By J.J. Jackson
web posted February 26, 2007

Representative John Murtha has a plan for Iraq.  That plan is to prolong the war by denying the troops on the ground support even some of his fellow travelers just months ago said was so desperately needed.  That was until President Bush agreed however.  Then they changed their minds faster than a patented John Kerry triple flip flop.

John MurthaSo John Murtha is stepping up to the plate.  His tactic of choice is to attach legislation restricting how the Commander in Chief can run the military to an appropriations bill.  In Murtha's own words, "If this resolution passes the House and the Senate, the president could veto it, but then he wouldn't have any money [to fund the war]."  So in other words, Murtha is blackmailing the President into giving up his Constitutional authority to conduct a war?  A war that as far back as 1998 even prominent Democrats in Congress were clamoring for?  A war that just a few years ago Murtha himself voted for?

Talk about a real "chicken-hawk"!  He's brave enough to vote for the war but not brave enough to support the war once it has begun.  Perhaps Mr. Murtha would like us to believe that the joint resolution was just another oxymoronic "non-binding" resolution?

I hate to break it to Mr. Murtha, but you cannot amend the Constitution in this way.  I know he will try and he might even succeed in pushing it through Congress.  But he still cannot ultimately do it.  The Constitution still trumps him.

Mutha's logic is shaky at best stating "What we're trying to do is make sure people understand we're supporting the troops, we're protecting the troops, but on the other hand, we're going to stop this surge."  Which begs the question, how exactly is denying the troops reinforcements in a war zone "protecting" them?  How is hamstringing the President's authority to move and deploy troops as required "protecting" the soldiers already there?

The latest product of the anti-Iraq war left is certain to be a hit with certain circles.  I can see the television commercials now ...

Quantities are limited!  Order now!  Back by popular demand, the Liberal Industries Inc. Meat Grinder is the only tool you will ever need!  It slices!  It dices!  It turns our brave soldiers into neat little piles of julienned fries and even mountains of coleslaw!  And when you are finished cleanup is a snap!  Just look at how the blood wipes cleanly off the razor sharp blades for absolutely no mess!

You can sleep soundly at night knowing that there's no blood on your hands because each and every Liberal Industries Inc. Meat Grinder comes equipped complete with our patented anti-splatter shield!

It also stores neatly under the sink and its blades stay sharp forever!  Guaranteed!  If you're not completely satisfied with your Liberal Industries Inc. Meat Grinder and its ability to stop our soldiers and hamper their mission we'll refund your money!  And if any part of the Liberal Industries Inc. Meat Grinder should ever break or the blades become dull we'll replace them for free!  In fact, we'll even pay YOU to let us replace them just so decade after decade we can continue to screw the soldiers in the American military!  Hurry!  Call 1-4-DEAD-TROOPS!  Operators are standing by!

I think it is clear that I beg to differ with Mr. Murtha.  He is not "protecting" the troops.  He is "protecting" his (and other's) talking points and ultimately he wants to try and "protect" defeat for America by creating yet another slog of a war engineered to be fought with one hand behind our backs by a Congress over stepping its constitutional powers.

John Murtha aspires to the belief that Congress has Constitutional powers with regard to war beyond simply declaring and funding it.  But already those that have sought to defund and undeclare the war have lost at every turn in Congress.  So the new tactic appears to be a forcing of an approach where we can't really fight and the troops can't win and that they cannot really leave either as the engagement drags on.   They can't leave, that is, unless it is in a body bag or ultimately with their tails between their legs.   Both of these seem to be preferred positions for American GIs for certain segments of the American political landscape.

John Murtha is that he is under the illusion that it is Americans that are causing terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere around the world and that America is somehow on par with these same terrorists.  You know, the "blame America" mentality that we have seen a lot of lately.  The theory is that because America is "there" (insert whatever "there" you want) that the terrorists pop up to fight us.  I hate to break it to Mr. Murtha but there have been terrorists and terrorist attacks in many places around the world that that we are not "at".  From Somalia to Darfur to Russia; these places have been dealing with terrorism and not an evil occupying US soldier catalyst to be found.

And even if we were to abide by the theory that where American troops are causes terrorists to sprout up wouldn't it be suicidal to "bring them home"?

It is not the United States that causes terrorists to pop up like daisies.  What it is that causes these maniacs to rear their ugly little heads is the hint that someone, somewhere will be living their lives without arbitrary government control over them or at least not their arbitrary government control.  What it is that causes theses abominations of humanity to exist is their own hatred of anything that smacks of freedom.  And what causes them to persist is the continued observation that there are a great many people who simply do not want to fight them.  It is the perception that if they keep blowing up women and children in markets shopping for food to feed their families those that are fighting them will lose their will and simply quit.

It is time for Americans to decide whether or not they believe that mankind has certain unalienable rights and that those rights are worth fighting for.  It's time to start recognizing that there is evil in the world and that evil is constantly striking at us whether it is Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jung Ill or any number of other tin horned despots who all have threatened America and our allies through actions, words or both.  It is time to stop trying to say that we support the soldiers on the ground while working every day to undermine them and the mission that they are dodging bullets for.  It's time to stop throwing young men and women into meat grinders of our own design and let them do the job each and every one of them signed up.  Well, that they signed up for except for those that did it for the "college tuition" and didn't realize that soldiers actually do sometimes have to point a gun at the enemy, shoot and kill said enemy.

What it is time to do is start throwing all the terrorists into the meat grinder instead.  Because they will not relent until they are stopped by force.

It's time to finish the job and make some terrorists into hamburger for a change. ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the lead editor of Conservative News & Opinion – The Land of the Free and also the owner of The Right Things – Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com


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