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Leaky Democrats bury real Plame case

By J.B. Williams
web posted March 19, 2007

Former non-covert CIA desk jockey Valerie Plame Wilson, whose name indeed appeared on several Georgetown "Who's Who" party lists long before anyone in the White House ever heard of her, deserves an Oscar for her overtly partisan Bush-bashing and factually erroneous performance before the House Oversight Committee this past Friday.

The sham of a House hearing seeking to perpetuate the outright lie that White House officials intentionally outted the identity of a valuable covert CIA agent for political purposes, actually seeks a much more ambitious agenda. It seeks to misdirect attention away from the real Plame-Wilson scandal that the mainstream press has helped to cover up for years now.

The nation (thanks to the leftist press) focuses on endless investigations into the leak that never happened, of a CIA agent that was not covert, all of which was established by a two year multi-million dollar independent investigation that netted only one charge and one conviction for crime that never happened. Libby is indeed a scapegoat, but not for Bush or Cheney. He's a scapegoat for an independent prosecutor's office that wasted millions to determine that no leak actually happened, but needed to prosecute someone for something to justify the otherwise senseless investigation.

Meanwhile, the real Plame-Wilson scandal goes un-investigated.

Here's what the independent investigation turned up…

  • While Plame was "classified" as is everything in the CIA, she in fact was not a covert operative and hadn't been for years. She was not protected by covert status protections and the person who wrote those laws says so.
  • Her name indeed did appear on several Georgetown party lists, along with husband Wilson's and testimony established Wilson's history of bragging at cocktail parties about his CIA wife, Valerie Plame.
  • The White House did not leak her not-so-secret name to Novak. The State Department did.
  • Libby leaked nothing. He had dates wrong in his testimony, off by days. This was the basis for charging him with "lying" to prosecutors and thereby, impeding the investigation into the leak that never happened.
  • Cheney asked for CIA investigation into foreign intelligence reports asserting Iraq's efforts to purchase nuclear materials "yellow cake" from several African outlets known for producing "yellow cake".
  • But Cheney did not assign the investigation to Wilson, of whom he had no knowledge and who was not a CIA employee or an experienced intelligence officer of any kind.
  • Valerie Plame did in fact recommend her non-CIA husband Wilson for the mission and Clinton CIA Director Tenet authorized the Wilson trip.
  • Wilson spent little time in Niger before returning home to give two very different accounts of his findings.
  • The first account the White House saw of the Wilson trip they read in Wilson's famed Wall Street Journal op-ed column in which Wilson claimed to find no evidence of any Iraqi efforts to purchase "yellow cake" from Africa and accused the Bush administration of inventing the intelligence on the subject.
  • This op-ed caused the Bush administration to immediate investigate who Wilson was and how a non-CIA employee got assigned to such an important intelligence matter and why they were learning the results of his trip in a public op-ed piece instead of from an official CIA report.
  • Then Wilson gave a very different account before congress in his official CIA report, which actually confirmed that Iraq appeared unsuccessful in their attempts to make the "yellow cake" purchases. This confirmed the foreign intelligence reports and justified the White House request for further investigation. It also lead the congressional committee to conclude that those foreign intel reports were true and accurate.
  • We learned that both Wilson and Plame are anti-war activists from way back. That they are both liberal Democrats and that they both despise the Bush administration and the war against international terrorism, especially in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the real Plame-Wilson scandal remains uninvestigated. The real questions have never been asked or answered and it appears that they never will be.

In the post 9/11 America, foreign intelligence reports of the Hussein Regime attempting to purchase "yellow cake" would have been a high priority national security matter for reasons obvious to even the average onlooker.

The CIA, FBI, DOD and NSA are full of highly trained and very experienced covert agents who have spent a lifetime perfecting their counter-intelligence skills and developing networks of international snitches. Yet not one of them was sent on what would have been one of the most important investigations of the day.

Instead, Wilson, with no counter-intelligence experience, no training and no investigative or CIA credentials at all, was sent on the most important covert mission of the day. He was not sent by the White House, or chosen by any counter-intelligence agency on the basis of his qualifications for the task at hand, but by his wife, Valerie Plame, who along with Wilson, were opposed to the Bush administration and their war on international terrorism.

Then, upon returning from Niger, Wilson did not report his findings back to CIA Director Tenet or the White House who asked for the investigation before first writing his Bush-bashing op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. After the op-ed, the Bush White House, the CIA and congress received Wilson's official report, which was at odds with his op-ed.

While the Plame-Wilson circus was drawing national media attention, several congressional Democrats were busy engaged in real leaking of highly classified national security operations at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, the NSA terror wiretaps, CIA terror interrogation efforts and covert DOD intelligence gathering programs aimed at preventing the next 9/11.

Sandy Berger was busy stuffing Top Secret national security files from the national archives in his shorts, a real crime for which he received a $10,000 slap on the wrist and a three year suspension of his security clearance, which he will have again in time for the '08 election.

Several key Democrats are guilty of real national security leaks and some of them sit on the committees still misdirecting attention from the real Plame-Wilson scandal by keeping press attention on the CIA agent leak that never happened.

As we know, the 9/11 Commission included several prior Clinton Administration officials with blood on their hands from 9/11. Jamie Gorelick for starters, who single handedly stopped FBI and CIA operations from tracking the Atta cell in New York City a year before 9/11 with her "wall of separation".

Other Democrats who helped the Clinton Administration dismantle the DOD and Intelligence community throughout the 90's, only to later accuse those communities of failing to stop 9/11 from their ivory congressional committee tower, while continuing to undermine the war on terror even today.

The average American is so caught up in Washington politics today, that they overlook the obvious questions that nobody is bothering to ask.

Watching C-SPAN has become equal to watching a Jerry Springer Show. What's going on in the halls of congress, especially these faux investigations from overly partisan oversight (and undermine) committees is about as real as a WWE wrestling match and about as intellectual as well.

The fact that so many American liberals sit back and applaud such nonsense tells you just how bad our public education system has been over the last generation and a half.

The insanity is overwhelming today and if somebody doesn't come along to set this nation back on an honest decent course soon, there will be nothing left of our blessed America worth saving.

Fact is Plame, Wilson, Rockefeller, Durbin, Kennedy, Kerry, Murtha, Berger and several others including the prosecutor who wasted precious time and money on Libby, should all be rotting in prison. But according to Democrats and their press, they are our nation's new patriots and heroes…

How sick is that? ESR

© 2007 J.B. Williams


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