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web posted March 26, 2007

Re: Leaky Democrats bury real Plame case by J.B. Williams (March 19, 2007)

Fortunately most of the country is starting to turn off the right wing wack job noise machine such as the likes of you. Do you guys ever tire yourself out with all your wedge issue, hate rhetoric, and disingenuous propaganda crap? No on'e is listening except your wingnut choir. This administration has multiple scandals going on right now and if you guys want to play "hear no evil, see no evil" go right ahead. We'll continue the party without you, It's starting to be fun again.

We're going to run these silly bastards out of office!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt your fantasyland comments. I'm sure someone in the choir is listening......

Have a nice day.

Glen Holt

Re: The political theatre continues

In reference to the most recent “plea” by President Bush for Democrats to move beyond politics and take bipartisan action on the firings of the federal prosecutors and the supplemental budget request for the war:

The President has accused the Democrats of wasting time, picking fights with the White House, playing partisan politics, provoking an unnecessary confrontation and political theater.  The President not known for his bipartisan attempts, has wasted America’s time and lost 3200 precious American lives over four years in nll-conceived and poorly executed war in Iraq.  This President demands that the solutions be on his terms only.  The accusations being laid at the feet of the Democrats could as easily be laid at the feet of the Republican controlled Congress for twelve years or this administration for the past six years.  Mr. Bush is again playing politics with issues of truth, misrepresentations, and life and death.  His PR attempts are at best the worst political theater.

Dr. Saul B. Wilen
CEO, International Horizons Unlimited
P.O. Box 40578
San Antonio, Texas 78229

web posted March 19, 2007

Re: Astonishing visuals define 300 by Lady Liberty (March 12, 2007)

The review of "300" was entertaining, but manly men in leather Speedos bellowing "freedom" have only slight relationship to true democracy -- and it is merely because they lived in the neighborhood. Those boy-loving Athenians developed democracy. The Spartans seem to have hated them for it, considering that after Salamis they sided with the Persians to take down Athens.

That being said, there's a lot about Sparta that some people would find attractive.

First, Sparta wasn't a democracy, it was a totalitarian state with a very active secret police (this according to Plutarch). A hereditary caste ran the state, and most people were not part of the elite. There wasn't any upward mobility. Most Spartans were slaves. Spartans did not use money; it was outlawed along with many professions considered useless -- such as the arts.

Families did not raise children; the state raised them, after weeding out the weakling and needy infants, which were left to the elements and wildlife in the hills.

C. Debris

web posted March 12, 2007

Re: The Ann Coulter bulwark against totalitarian PC by Bernard Chapin (February 5, 2007)

I am a 58 year old heterosexual man. In all my years and travels, I have never heard "faggot" used as "a bundle of sticks". It is a demeaning and derogatory definition of a homosexual man. If you or Bernard Chapin think otherwise, you have been sniffing to much glue – and I don't mean horse's hooves.

Kristen Hicks

Re: Forcing global warming nightmares on children by Tom DeWeese (February 5, 2007)

I just read an article called "Forcing Global Warming Nightmares on Children", by Tom DeWeese. In this article, Tom talks about a letter received from an elementary school student about global warming. I agree with Tom that this letter was not written by the student. However, global warming is a very important issue. Tom called the education of global warming to children in classrooms as a "vile, one-sided, brain-numbing education machine". In his second paragraph, Tom said that there is no conclusive evidence of man having created global warming. It turns out, there is.

On January 2nd, 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report scientifically proving that global warming is occurring and is 90% caused by humans. The IPCC is "a working group of some 3,000 delegates from 113 countries" (Biello). Adam Steiner, the executive director of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) said, "The focus of attention will now shift from whether climate change is linked to human activity and whether the science is sufficient to what on earth [we are] going to do about it." Also in the article's response e-mail was information stating that volcanoes contribute to warming more than humans. A volcanic eruption actually causes natural cooling due to the restricted amount of sunlight because of the ash.

The response e-mail in the article was very well formed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and free thought and speech is a very good thing. However, all I ask is that these "hot" issues be researched fully before stating them as fact. The information in the article was well researched, but there were some inconsistencies with the information in the article with what is actually true. Thank you for your time, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Dion Kucera



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