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The great professor and the great experiment

By Robert Rohlfing
web posted March 9, 2009

Classroom discussion and classroom hypothesis, this is the general tone that we are witnessing with the way that this administration seems to go about running this government. The thing is though it is not any longer an experiment that causes no harm; these are real lives and real fortunes at stake.

Professor Barack Obama seems to be running this government as an experiment, try a little of this try a little of that and be involved in all aspects all at once with no real clear direction for any of them. When he seems to have a direction it is in the model of socialism and that system has so many flaws in it and it will never work in a society such as ours where freedom of the individual and the innate deep rooted philosophy of personal achievement and personal wealth exist in all. It was once said by President Ronald Reagan that government is not the solution but the problem and we are starting to witness first hand that warning with the way that this government from the administration to those in Congress has moved us in the direction that government will be the sole provider and the sole guiding light in our daily lives.

We can look at examples of this philosophy that is now being generated through the halls of congress and through the administration with all of the hidden legislation thrown in to all these spending bills that have recently come to pass and are on the table now and in the near future. So much is hidden from the public that if truly exposed the vast majority would outright refuse to embrace and that is the plan with the way that so much of the damaging proposals and legislation that affects our daily way of life is and will be passed without having the possibility to be reviewed by the public.

I could go line by line and point out all of the flaws that we see occurring, I could point out that the impact with the way this administration and Congress continually propagates and moves to put into effect harmful legislation that directly effects our economy, but many who read this are already fully aware of all of these things and I won't waste the time nit picking them at this time. What I would like to do is bring you back to a time in your lives when you were in school and your Professor or Teacher set up a lesson of cause and effect, we all remember those lessons I do hope, because it helped us in our daily lives making decisions as adults. We all remember a very simple lesson that states that for every action there is a reaction and that there are consequences for every action but it does seem that those in charge at the moment have forgotten these simple lessons.

What we see right now is the same theory happening on a much larger scale and the effects are directly impacted in all of our daily lives, Professor Obama has decided that he wants to expand the classroom theories that have moved through the halls of academia over the last sixty years by the far left onto the national and world stage, and you and I are to be the test subjects.

It is no real wonder that the youth vote primarily sided with Professor Obama in this last election, after all many of those in their Twenties, Thirties, and even their early Forties that have attended "higher education" institutions have been inundated with these theories and philosophy through the direct influence and mandated teachings that they experienced in the classrooms of likeminded "educators" and curriculum that was taught to them.  It is no secret that these "educators "are of the Liberal mindset nor is it a surprise that they have been calling for and working through the classroom setting the agenda we are now starting to witness be implemented on the general public.

The problem with all of this is that so much of learned and documented History is being ignored and in doing so we will be bound to repeat the mistakes made in the past. As with anyone that thinks that they can improve upon those mistakes you witness the experiment stage where the same baselines need to be established so that you have a starting point to mix in your input to try and improve upon the problems that occurred with the original effect. The big problem with this is that our lives are those baselines and our futures are what are going to be effected, we are not test subjects to be mixed and molded.

On the subject of our economy and the way that some of those from academia came to believe that if central control and government influence with direct mandate and dictatorial powers will be the direction that in the end will lead to economic growth and wealth to be re distributed to all. This is a direct hypothesis that has been tried so many times in the past from Communism, to Fascism, to Socialism and for the most part has failed throughout history but has been reborn as the new and latest model to be followed and I understand that many cannot even recognize that this is exactly what is occurring but with a closer examination you can see all of the signs.

What is left out by the professors and by the head professor is that with this call for communalism and socialism that they have embarked upon is that a deep transformation and "Change" in your freedoms and Independence will need to be sacrificed along the way, as will your long held freedom to prosper and free enterprise of success or failure will now be dictated over you by those that are conducting the experiment of a life time at your expense, it all works well in the controlled environment of academia but once introduced as it has on the world stage of reality we have already witnessed some of the deep failures and effects in such a short time that one needs to question just how destructive this experiment will in the long run impact upon us the test subjects, and just how and if we will ever fully recover from this theory that has moved from the classroom to realities of life.

We all need to ask ourselves is this what we mandated with the last election, is this experiment to test out failed theories of academia and the so called "hope" that a new professor will finally improve upon some of the failed hypothesis and deadly experimentations of the past at the cost of all of our liberty?

Yes the professor is in the classroom but this time the test subject is you and I and we need to decide just how far we will allow the experiment to run before it causes so much harm that it destroys all that we have ever known and ever strived for in life, we would be fools to not voice our discontent and to allow ourselves to be silenced to just all that is trying to be brought down around us but we do have those that would want to silence you just as they did when you were in those classrooms and you questioned and pointed out the false teachings of the professor, this time around you are not just going to get a bad grade but this time you will allow a once great nation to fail with your silence and failure to point out that the professor is wrong and all the "educators" around him are likewise wrong.  Don't allow yourself to be silent this time because the causes and effects have so much more at stake than a simple grade. ESR

Robert Rohlfing is the proprietor of The Drumbeat of Liberty blog. This is his first contribution to Enter Stage Right. © 2009 Robert Rohlfing


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