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The progressively privileged versus would-be human beings

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 16, 2009

Once a civilization no longer recognizes the sacredness of gestating human life and engages in what it considers legalized abortion, that culture is no longer as "civilized" as it pretends to be. In fact, a nation's behavior, particularly its government's conduct, from the moment following a Supreme Court's decision to legalize abortion, becomes increasingly greedy and dictatorial.


A population's license to murder eventually becomes its own government's right as well.

As individual Americans abort their "unseen" children, their government could very well feel justified trying to "invisibly" and retroactively abort those citizens whom they consider "unnecessary" or, as many young people consider sufficient grounds for abortion, whom they have deemed to be "inconvenient".

Will "pro-choice" Americans even see a problem in that? These days, many "pro-choice" exponents seem more than willing to take away the freedom of "choice" from Catholic doctors and Catholic hospitals that refuse to perform abortions.

The most all-encompassing objective for the Progressive Movement's Global Initiative appears to be an acceleration of Darwinian and Marxist principles within the Free World Community.

Oh, I know there's a highly publicized Clinton Global Initiative to find a cure for AIDS, but Mrs. Clinton's use of a teenage prostitute in her biography, an actual photo of this young girl in the Philippines … and the implication … that perhaps this pathetic human being might have been better off aborted by her obviously penniless parents … that is certainly one way to defeat at least the spread of AIDS.

It all goes together so nicely. Doesn't it? The logic, I mean. All of which comes down to a belief in death as the best solution to a large range of problems from poverty and over-population to the nine-month inconvenience of pregnancy.

This logic makes me think of Ortega y Gasset's famous maxim: "The opposite of truth is not untruth but reason."

With President Obama's Federales prepared to ostracize Catholic doctors and to deny Federal aid to Catholic hospitals if they don't perform abortions … hmmm … sounds like one of the President's favorite role models, Don Corleone of The Godfather and "making an offer no one can refuse."

Are all the Americans besotted with Obamania aware of the other side to this Progressive Double-edged Sword?

Why do they feel so confident that they will qualify as salvageable human beings when all of us can eventually be hospitalized and "allowed to die" for some increasingly complicated or scientifically obfuscated reason?

Abortion and euthanasia – the practice of both growing exponentially - are not only death to the newly conceived and the elderly, they are undeniable death to America's "inalienable right to life" as well.

Have you ever considered how profound the impact upon the American character that such a surrender to death has been? Accepting death as the quickest and best solution to the problems of life?

Have you also considered how such a national policy of homicidal disregard for human life might contribute to the irresponsibility and corruption found recently in the economic marketplace?

If life is now increasingly a survival of the fittest, the most cunning and the most ruthless, then why should our present, economic nightmare be a surprise?

Is it any wonder that the most successful conglomerate under these conditions, the "Pack At The Top" is entirely Progressive?

Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are the true leaders of the Progressive Pack. All the Progressive Leaders needed to "cinch the deal", to consolidate full power, was another Bill Clinton with Third World credentials.

However, neither former President Clinton nor President Obama nor the virulently Progressive Democratic Party would have reached the White House if America itself, if the majority of American citizens hadn't surrendered to the homicidal legalities of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision in 1973.

Until that Third Millennium version of the Dredd Scott decision legalizing slavery, until Roe v Wade is overturned, America will never climb out of the hole it's in. Never escape the potentially bottomless pit of not only prolonged, economic depression but an endless war with Islamic enemies and endlessly changing "rules of the game" with the fittest, most cunning and ruthless of Communist Competitors, Red China.

Needless to say, because of the Progressive Movement and its legalization of abortion, the Western World now knows the very "Change" which President Obama promised. This Progressive hegemony in America has literally changed the rules of the game. The rules are no longer Judeo-Christian. The Progressive leaders make the rules look Judeo-Christian by parading themselves as Protestants and Catholics.

Fortunately for us and because of Pope Benedict XVI and the Church's stand against abortion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice-President Joseph Biden, both self-proclaimed Catholics, have been exposed as… well … out of line with Catholic teaching. No, they have not been publically refused communion … but we all know by now that they've been naughty. In a face-to-face meeting with Nancy Pelosi, the Pope has gone "on the record" about the absolute opposition of the Church to abortion.

The Progressive version of Catholicism, however, is not half as revealing about Progressive Catholics as their astounding certainty that abortion does not defy Church Law.

The reason for that is: Progressives never break the law.

They simply rewrite the law.

That is the "Change" which President Obama has promised us so repeatedly.

Furthermore, in a Progressive World, there's going to be a price to pay for not going along with 'changing the rules".

Obviously if the Biden/Pelosi attitude is correct, there will be new rules of the game for the Vatican as there have been new rules for America since the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision.

Under the Progressive rules, Americans are not created equal and Catholic communion will soon be available for everybody!

It's obviously a Progressive quid pro quo. If you've been made to feel unequal to Progressives, go to church! The Progressives will have ordered all churches to give the comfort of communion to everyone.

The Progressives declare, "Abortion is not murder!"

You see, better than even changing the rules of the game is to change the meaning of a word. Abortion is not murder because the American Supreme Court says that gestating infants are not yet human beings.

In Nazi Germany, Jews and Gypsies were not considered human beings either.

As I've said, America, rather like all of World War II Europe, will not stop its "Fall" until Roe v Wade is overturned.

Roe v Wade basically contains an all too familiar belief that some human beings are … well … just not human beings … yet! This, of course, allows Progressively Privileged human beings to … well, yes … killotherwould-be human beings.

Until all human beings are would-be Progressives … there will be would-be human beings.

Therefore, there will be abortion … must be abortion … retroactive and otherwise. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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