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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Eight: "Exploit until aborted!"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 27, 2012

Presently there is no possibility of a Concordat over abortion between President Obama and Pope Benedict XVI.

One doubts if the American Chief Executive has directly approached the Pope on this issue … yet. Perhaps the Pope's lecture to Nancy Pelosi on abortion has made the Vatican's position too clear for the President to waste any time trying to deal with the matter peacefully.

According to this article on Obamacare by Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the President no longer seems interested in peace.

The United States Preventative Services  Task Force?!

If Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States" redefines the United States, this title for the USPSTF could easily and more appropriately apply to a Political Action Committee. What is this "Task Force", now under Obama, really "Preventing"?

Is it there to "Prevent" all opposition to the Obama Nation?

If such an objective for the USPSTF can be proved, it's an impeachable offense.

The recent struggle over Catholic hospitals is as much a product of the President's Progressively militant impatience with the Pope as it is with a White House inner struggle.

What is The Tea Party to President Obama when he has always been prepared to take on the entire Catholic Church?

With Progressive Republicans like the Bush Family throwing both the 1992 election and the 2008 election to the Democrats, what substantive opposition is there left to stop The Worldwide Left?

I also have no doubt that the President's wife, a veteran of Chicago's public hospital system, has a great deal to do with the Obama Nation's belligerent, down-the-Catholic throat advocacy of tax-funded abortion.

Obama promised us his own "fundamental transformation" and is instituting it with revolutionary fervor. The recent uproar over mandated birth-control services in Catholic hospitals, however, is growing with counter-revolutionary depth.

The "religious left" as described by the New York Times, however, is singing another hymn. The Religious Left sings a disturbingly calm hallelujah to this struggle in the Church, in the public square but also in the White House itself. This article is from a blog called The Deacon's Bench. Deacon of the Catholic Church, Greg Kandra has chosen to simply deliver The New York Times' point of view, letting his readers comment.

The Times' article is clearly an "insider's" view of the Obama efforts to corral all Catholic hospitals into the Obamacare mandates.

What is disturbing about The Deacon's Bench?

What is a Catholic publication doing, printing The New York Times verbatim without editorial comment at all? Without, if you are to take the column's title seriously, a "judgment" from the very "bench" holding this debate?

The blog's subtitle is "Where a Roman Catholic deacon ponders the world."

Are we not to hear the fruits of this deacon's ponderings? Not if he is, as his biography indicates, a 26 year MSM maven.

Or, as Pat Hickey reminded us of Tom Roeser's increasingly  legendary J'accuse, a "Vichy Catholic".

However, "Just the facts, Ma'am!" says Deacon Jack Webb.

I spent four High School Years not only with the Jesuits, from 1955-59, but well over ten years in a marriage with a Catholic woman whose brother was a Jesuit priest. This Catholic Era of mine, from 1955 to 1994, clearly encompassed the Church's still unending flirtation with "Liberation Theology" in South America and now again in the White House.

Nothing so contains the remnants of Liberation Theology as this article from the New York Times posted without comment by Deacon Kandra.

In it, Sister Keehan, "seen", according to the Times, "as the religious left", had been apparently, even as a supporter of President Obama's health care law, pushed too far. Despite the outrage in a few comments about this article on The Deacon's Bench, those comments that applaud Sister Keehan reveal the intensely shifting moral paradigms within the American Catholic congregation, laity and clergy.

Given my knee-jerk reactions to Barack Obama's entire Presidency – I wouldn't trust President Obama with my retired golf clubs, let alone the future of the Western World – I see this inevitable divide between the President and The Vatican as not only a rerun of 1930's Europe but possibly a further inspiration to rumors of the Pope's possible assassination.

My article for The Chicago Daily Observer, titled American Family Values, cites plenty of fascist reminders going on in the Obama Nation. Now comes this echo of need for some kind of Concordat between President Obama and The Vatican.

Concordat, in my view,is the title for Papal appeasement of Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer had a Concordat with Pope Pius XI and XII, and, among other things, it clearly paved the way for Catholics to serve honorably in Hitler's idea of a "Citizen's Army".

These recent "health" rulings by the White House and within its Obamacare mandates have now thrown a major wedge between Rome and The Reign of the Obama Nation.

Some form of Concordat between Obama and The Vatican must be reached before the November election or our freely elected bully in the White House, Barack Obama, may retire with Jimmy Carter as just one more disastrously one-term, know-it-all President of the United States.

I doubt if we will be that fortunate. The only substantive opposition to Obama, Rick Santorum, may very well be committing political suicide with his "social conservatism" that actually sounds like a Catholic indictment of Protestant and "Progressive" Catholic corruption.

The President can hardly serve over 310 million Americans as a Spanish Inquisitor.

Reagan was a "social conservative" but he didn't beat America over the head with his holier-than-thou spiritual life.

From Commentary:

Another (Rick Santorum) has said he would use the presidential bully pulpit to speak out against the dangers of contraception and its role in the moral decline of America ("One of the things that I will talk about that no president has talked about before is I think the dangers of contraception in this country, the sexual liberty idea and many in the Christian faith have said, you know contraception is OK. It's not OK because it's a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.")

Or there is the other, highly potential possibility for successful voting fraud by the Democrats as a "tit-for-tat" to Bush 43's reelection.

If Obama wins reelection in the same way that George Bush Jr. did, there'll be more than Florida's votes to re-count.

On the other hand, the Canadian journalist David Warren of The Ottawa Citizen has filed this brief but incisive portrait of Rick Santorum and what he actually means to the 2012 Presidential election.

But Santorum is a nearly perfect anti-Obama. He is articulate without being even slightly charismatic, personally and directly well-informed, transparently honest, and humble in character, yet intensely competitive. He has breadth of interest and attention, confidently balancing foreign and domestic priorities. He eschews gimmick proposals. His record and rhetoric alike bespeak consistency to values which are, or were, normative on this continent.

He has never actually run anything big, a serious flaw that was shared by Barack Obama when he came to the Oval Office. Yet, unlike Obama, he has a history of seeking the best available result, instead of skulking with agendas and abstractions. He is a political player and deal-maker, not the sort of ideologue who empowers "czars."

Yet, my sense is that Santorum's remarkable virtues cannot be appreciated in the present electoral cycle, because passions have been so much engaged. And this is quite germane to the mess the U.S. is in: politics in the fog of Culture War.

David Warren's final paragraph about Rick Santorum's "remarkable virtues" signals the other, politically suicidal penchant for "self-righteousness". Even Christ warned the whole world not to "cast the first stone".

Marco Rubio would undoubtedly be the more winning Republican candidate but he's not running until 2016.

That may very well prove too late.

Four more years of the Obama Nation and a full-blown Obamacare Agenda will lock a decidedly Marxist New World Order into place. The United States of America will have become a spin-off and appendage to Red China and neo-Soviet Russia.

What was the straw that is breaking the Catholic backbone?

Its "religious Left" dating all the way back to the Liberation Theology of the Sixties.

Santorum appears to be the Catholic candidate of a decidedly Religious Right that is not only running against Obama but against his own Religion's Left as well.

I wish him God's speed and a Lindbergh-like flight to victory. In other words, the miracle it will take to overcome the Obama Nation.

I'm a lapsed Catholic because I've spent too many years in the entertainment industry to be devout about anything except the Declaration of Independence.

However, if it takes a devout Catholic to undo the damage done by Roe v Wade and its consequences such as the Obama Nation, I pray that Rick Santorum is a two term, Catholic President of the United States. It will take at least eight years to bring America home to the Declaration of Independence and a human being's "inalienable right to life".

American Catholicism has been thumbing its nose at the Vatican for over five decades. American Catholicism has wedded itself to the Democrat Party with more commitment than most of its own marriages.

If the Popes in that era have been unable to end Catholicism's own "Liberation Theology", how does Rick Santorum expect to win an election on a platform that not even the Catholic Church can run on and win the loyalty of its own congregation?

On the other hand, lukewarm and amenable Republicans such as Mitt Romney cannot possibly balance out the Radically Left accomplishments of Barack Obama. Not even the feisty Chris Christie's endorsement of Romney and his patronizing criticism of Rick Santorum can add enough heft to the Romney campaign. Romney's not only a sitting duck for Obama, the see-sawing Republican Moderate, were he to win the Presidency, could not and would never overcome even the damage Obama will have done in four years. Romney's own "government solutions" make that fantasy an impossibility.

On the other hand, Romney's "win" in Arizona puts him back on top. He and Ron Paul seemed to have ganged up on Santorum.

Why do I believe that Rick Santorum must win despite the increasing improbability that he will?

That is exactly what miracles and God's intervention are made of.

Doing the seemingly impossible.

Last I heard, that's what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about.

"This is the world, Moriarty! Christ came here and left!!"

He not only left but He also left the Holy Spirit with us.

"Yer sounding more like Rick Santorum everyday!"

My Lord will be happy to hear that.

America no longer needs to look for a third party. The third party has been the Obama Nation since George Soros and Oprah Winfrey entered the American presidential machine. No matter who wins the 2012 election, we haven't heard the last of the Obama Nation.

With Romney as President, America will again be put to sleep by Bush/Clinton/Bush/Romney appeasement.

While America sleeps, the Obama Nation creeps.

Since Roe v Wade, America has not only been asleep for 39 years, she may have been incurably infected by Progressives and terminally corrupted. A Progressive anything, including Mitt Romney's Progressive Republican Party, means America's shrinking importance in a Progressive New World Order.

The only "Progress" the Progressives are making is toward a world tyranny.

You can bet the Obama Nation will be there to put the final nail in America's coffin. "Fundamental transformation", remember? Death is about as fundamental a transformation as you can find for America. Progressive Christians and Progressive Catholics will be at the funeral, covering their smiles with fluttering hands of joy.

They will then be led off to a special memorial service for "useful idiots". Nothing is more "useful" to the International Communist Party than an American hypocrite. What is the Communist Party Policy for American hypocrites?

"Exploit until aborted!" ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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