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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Nine: Andrew Breitbart's Glory

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 5, 2012

Andrew BreitbartAnyone with any conservative credentials at all in America must have an Andrew Breitbart chapter in his or her life. I spoke with Andrew Breitbart at length only once and that was by telephone when Andrew was replacing Dennis Miller. Listening again to the interview in the wake of Andrew's death, I realize how, in mid-interview, came my tribute to the Catholic Church.

I was yet to learn how Andrew had, rather like Bill Maher, been a committed atheist. The brevity of my radio interview with Andrew seemed inevitable in light of our very differing views on God's possible existence.

It should also have warned me of my eventual departure from both Big Hollywood and Big Peace.

Mainly, however, the reason for the incompatibility between myself and Breitbart Publications was, at least in my mind, my own unrelenting attacks upon George Soros as the Obama Nation's "Puppeteer". George Soros, within the hell he is intent upon dragging the world into, could have outspent Andrew Breitbart 10 to 1. Andrew, in one brief phone conversation, did mention his vulnerability to such economic power as that of George Soros.

Andrew, however, despite the assaults upon my credibility by George Soros' Media Matters, stuck with me until a year ago when the editorial staff of Big Hollywood had suddenly changed. That replacement editor and I did not get along. I don't know if that man is still editing Big Hollywood but at this point I no longer care.

It was refreshing to see an ostensibly Progressive law professor of Harvard, Alan Dershowitz,  also becoming fed up with George Soros' Media Matters.

I tried contacting Andrew Breitbart during the "differences of opinion" and did so in the precise manner that Andrew had requested. He did not return my e-mail.

As a result of Andrew's silence and my repeatedly rejected articles, I left Big Hollywood and Big Peace.

With that said, I'm quite honored to have been a sort of former "employee" of Mr. Breitbart. Except for the editorial staff, I'm fairly certain that all of us who have written for Andrew's publishing empire did and still do so without compensation.

Braving the "cannon's mouth" for Andrew Breitbart was a great joy!

His leadership reminds me of the film Glory and the Breitbart-like plight of Col. Robert G. Shaw leading the first company of black soldiers in the Civil War. Pitting film buffs and Hollywood has-beens such as myself against the Progressively Liberal Left of the Hollywood Establishment still seems the same brave but failing effort that actually explodes off the screen in Ed Zwick's masterpiece, Glory. God-willing the Tea Party will eventually prove as victorious as Lincoln's Rainbow Union troops.

There is a similarly prejudicial split within the GOP that existed in Lincoln's northern forces when blacks entered the Union's military. That split is most clearly visible in the Romney/Santorum battle.

Santorum is challenging what amounts to a Two Family Ownership of American Politics. The 20 year long domination of the White House by the shared admiration between the Bush and the Clinton families is no accident. The Bush endorsement of Romneyis most revealing. Early in the race, Romney can be easily identified as an in-house member of the Progressive New World Order.


What do the two dynasties of the Bushes and the Clintons both agree upon?

The Progressive New World Order!

Mitt Romney and the BushesThis cozy photo belies Mitt Romney's "surprise", yea, possibly political loss at being endorsed by a flamingly New World Order family.  Romney's "Romneycare" credentials earned in Massachusetts are hardly erased by approval from the conservative "Lite" likes of George H. W. Bush.

I expect Bill Clinton still considers himself the "Progressive Baptist" that he described himself as in his autobiography.

Bush and Clinton were both on the ground floor of the entire, Progressive New World Order phenomenon.

As for the ongoing Primaries, Rick Santorum, a Catholic, cannot possibly be a member of the Progressive New World Order Club. That New World Order Fraternity either evades or lies about its agenda's commitment to legalized abortion and Roe v Wade. Therefore I have no choice but to endorse Rick Santorum.

Has or will the Breitbart publications endorse a Republican candidate at all?

Will that endorsement be the one which Andrew Breitbart would have wanted?

The entire American conservative movement is rocking in the wake of Andrew Breitbart's death.

Who will take his place?

No one really took the place of William Buckley Jr. until the growing popularity of radio's Rush Limbaugh.

No one (certainly not Fox News) has really replaced Glenn Beck on major television. How Beck's own efforts to establish his own network are faring is still an open question.

Now with Andrew Breitbart's passionately personal crusade so crippled by his death,  where and what will conservative integrity lapse into?

Mitt Romney's Progressive imitation of the Bush family's formula for a New World Order?

The only conservative voices I can wholly trust now are those of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Steyn. They are the only opinions that remain unfailingly consistent and devoid of the now virulent spread of political hypocrisy and journalistic hair-splitting among the Washington Conservative Establishment.

Despite  the Santorum team's un-conscionable pandering to Michigan Democrats, I see him as the only possible salvation from America's plummet into Bipartisan Progressive Hell.

Who Andrew Breitbart may have endorsed for the 2012 election, I have no idea. I suspect Rick Santorum's devout Catholicism might have put Andrew off. If my own lapsed Catholicism was a mild thorn in Andrew's hopes for me, I suspect Rick Santorum's devout Catholicism might have seemed a rapier through Andrew's heart.

Andrew's fellow atheist Bill Maher labels all spiritual faith: "Religulous!"

Translated, that newly minted word more than infers that "Religion is ridiculous!"

Now that the Red veil of Progressivism is disguising an increasingly Communist-dominated, New World Order, one can honestly say that atheism has now become its own, firmly established world religion.

No, the millions of deaths under Stalin and Mao are neither "religulous" nor "ridiculous".

They're just downright evil.

One thing Andrew Breitbart and I could agree upon was the inherent evil within the whole meaning of a Progressive New World Order.

As for Andrew's shockingly early death and tragically short life, it is said that he had a heart problem and given his excitability one can assume the risk of heart attack was high.

However, Andrew had so many mortal enemies in not only the Progressive camp but among so-called conservatives as well that suspicions about his death are inevitable.  I hardly think an autopsy is out of the question. I think an autopsy is a necessity to quell justifiable suspicions and to fully explain his shockingly early death.

Finally, one thing Andrew Breitbart and I could agree upon was the potential tyranny within the aggressive promotion of a Progressive New World Order. With the growing threats to American individual freedom and the "fundamental transformation" and bastardizing of America's original identity by the Obama Nation, we desperately needed and still need the likes of Andrew Breitbart. It was my privilege to have been part of his horrifyingly short but vitally important and indisputably courageous American life. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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