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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty: Rick Santorum and The Dead Man's Club

By Michael Moriarty

web posted March 12, 2012

This news is beyond "disturbing". It is beyond "shocking" actually.

To me the fact that Ohio's Catholics won't support Rick Santorum tells me everything about America. It reveals why the Obama Nation has proven so successful and why the only substantial opposition to world Communism, the Catholic Church, has been totally compromised by American Catholics.

Is the Catholic Church now totally helpless worldwide?

She is certainly crippled.


She repeatedly refused to excommunicate the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

That woman shamelessly faced the Pope, ignored his lecture on abortion and brought back her renewed but pro-abortion Catholicism to America.

Catholics are now free to abort their children anytime they wish and fear no reprisals from Rome. The Catholic Church cannot become a toothless giant before her own congregation.

Since "Rome" has resigned herself to such impotence, the consequence will be the human race's ultimate and complete capitulation to the euphemism known as a "Progressive New World Order".

I translate that as Marxist World Tyranny.

But then again I'm an old-fashioned American.

I'm not even an active Catholic but I do know that abortion is murder. That doesn't make me a Catholic. It makes me a sane human being.

Rick Santorum, though he often sounds naively idealistic, is the sanest candidate left in the Republican Primary race.

The all-too-worldly Newt Gingrich hasn't a chance because he's, well, all-too-worldly and too old actually. That will make him unelectable

Mitt Romney, a Bush Family favorite, is suspect in my eyes because he is, well, a Bush Family favorite.

The only one left who's honest enough and young enough to become a great President of the United States, during America's worst era since the pre-Civil War days, is Rick Santorum.


He's a devout Catholic when the one thing America needs right now is a devoutly anti-abortion President.

No, he's not going to be a Catholic President anywhere except perhaps in his own version of the Bully Pulpit. If Teddy Roosevelt could use a Bully Pulpit, so can President Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum is America's only chance left.

Without him America is lost.

Even the very likeable but repeatedly hypocritical author of Obamacare, Mitt Romney, hasn't, if you'll forgive the expression, the balls to hold the line against a Progressive Momentum that has swept every Presidential election since George Bush, Sr.

The Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama, 24 year-long, entirely Progressive tornado needs only four more years of life, with a second-term Obama or even a President Romney, to leave America so "fundamentally transformed" that the only description of the United States that could apply would be "Zombie Nation".

The living dead.

Oh, it may smile and shake your hand with utmost "political correctness" but America would be a dead man talking. Talking to make you join the Club of Dead Men.

Speaking of death, the Catholic Church is dead if it refuses to excommunicate pro-abortion Catholics.

No, not pro-contraception Catholics. Contraception is a venial sin when compared to post-conception abortion which is the murder of an already conceived human being.

Yes, the post-copulation pill can be considered homicidal.

Abortion is a cardinal sin which has been now publically forgiven by the Church ignoring pro-abortion, Catholic politicians in office.

Oh, the Vatican is "working behind the scenes?"

Yeah, right. I'll believe that when Nancy Pelosi admits she is a "useful idiot".

Perhaps the reactions to Obamacare and tax-funded abortions has brought new life back into American Catholicism.

I certainly hope so.

The Dead Man's Club tragically includes Progressive Catholics. Or "Useful idiots".

Politically correct Mitt Romney is the most vitally important "useful idiot" that the International Communist Party could have found as a Republican candidate.

He'll either embarrass us all during the Presidential debates with Obama. Or he'll be a President that simply repeats his Massachusetts Compromises with an increasingly Progressive America. In other words,  he'll sell the whole farm to keep up the appearance that he's an effective leader. Romney is a Progressive Republican committed to further construction of the Bush Doctrine.

That, of course, makes George Bush Sr. the grandest of "Useful Idiots" that the International Communist Party ever helped to replace Ronald Reagan with. Bush Sr. "threw", "tossed" his reelection to Bill Clinton when he said he didn't have "the vision thing".

Here George Sr. is virtually announcing the creation of a "New World Order".

"When we are successful – and we will be!" he says.

The "we" included, at that time, his greatest silent partner, Bill Clinton.

Mitt Romney is an Establishment propagator of the Bush Doctrine for a Progressive New World Order. It was a bipartisan end-run around the entire American population, that, because of the Bush Family, was also transformed into "useful idiots". What confirmed that for me? When George Bush Jr. looked into the eyes of Vladimir Putin and called him a "good man".

None of this is anything that Rick Santorum doesn't already know. However, he really can't admit that and remain "politically correct" enough to be elected.

I wish him God's speed and an eight-year home in the White House.

Without him, More of the Same becomes a national anthem for The Dead Man's Club.

The Dead Man's Club can only be resurrected now by a President Rick Santorum. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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