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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty One: Forget What I Wrote Last Week!

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 19, 2012

SavonarolaThis week's real title is "Pope Santorum meets President Savonarola in a Righteous Son's hell of good intentions!"

Which is worse?

A President Karl Marx or a President Savonarola? They both suck! They both love Big Government!!

Rick Santorum promises, along with having sold his soul to organized labor and a bigger government, a "broad war on pornography"! Remember America's last war on Alcohol?! God save us!

Did I say I wanted a Pope for President?! No, by God and by my traditional American heritage, no. The separation of Church and State obviously means nothing to Rick Santorum! Christ's parable of the Prodigal Son means nothing to so-called Catholic Rick Santorum!!

"Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's" does not mean rendering unto a President Savonarola!!!

Santorum is the kind of apostle that declares, "After you've rendered unto God and President Santorum what is God's and President Santorum's, there'll be nothing left for Caesar … or any other Catholic heretic!"

God save us from both Obama and Santorum!!!!

I'm looking for a President who represents the clear and indisputable need for a law against murder.  The last thing I want is a bully pulpit, mirror image of Obama and his infinitely exploding balloons of Big Government.

I am now inclined to "go with the Republican flow" and support the least dangerous of the bunch: Mitt Romney.

Why not Newt Gingrich? Newt's ego surpasses the size of his exceptional eloquence. The tragedy is that he's so full of himself that his ears are stuffed. He doesn't listen to his audience. No wonder his ratings have plummeted. He's a Presidential candidate, not a daily columnist!!

Romney does listen unfortunately to everybody!

That's far better, however, than not responding to anyone or anything except one's own, Messianic self-image.

Rick Santorum, God help us, is the Catholic Glenn Beck!

Or, even worse, a Catholic Janet Reno?!

As President he'll storm the halls of pornography in the same way Reno helped to burn down the Koresh Compound. The dead, in Santorum's case, will be pages torn out of an American's  individual freedom and every American's own individual responsibility for his own life.

Americans are not born to live Rick Savonarola Santorum's life!

Get out of our bedrooms, sir!!

You want something like that for the most powerful leader of the terminally threatened Free World??!!!

Mitt Romney is the candidate who is least threatening to American values.

That's not so much an endorsement as a metaphysical resignation.

Thomas Jefferson would have had a heart attack at the thought of a President Rick Santorum!

Santorum would "fundamentally transform the United States of America" as radically as Barack Obama has effectively been doing.

I'm an alcoholic who, because of Alcoholics Anonymous, has been sober for eight miraculous years. Thank God, and with not one ounce of gratitude to the Eighteenth Amendment prohibiting alcohol.

My battle with alcohol would never mean that I support a return to Prohibition. Individual freedom means individual responsibility. Such freedom within the heart of an American does not vote for a Pope Santorum to look down upon him while he struggles with his addiction. Particularly with a President's lethal potential to "Spank! Spank!"

Members of AA don't look down upon each other! All of them, including the alternating Group Leaders, have been through the same nightmare.

My greatest hero of the Twentieth Century is Sir Winston Churchill. He was a functioning alcoholic yet saved the Free World almost single handedly with his vision of individual freedom within the English-speaking world.

Churchill also, as a young man, defended the rights of prostitutes! Thirty years after that defense, in the memoires of his early years, he recalls his war with The Purity Campaign!

For Churchill the Purity Campaign's "intolerance," violated "the best traditions of British freedom" and the "inherent rights of British subjects." The Purity Campaign utterly ignored the inherent "dangers of State interference with the social habits of law abiding persons." By contrast to the Purity Campaign, Churchill concluded that the manifold "frailties" of human nature were most safely dealt with by "moderation" and "good humor."

Rick Santorum's Purity Campaign violates the best traditions of American freedom!

Rick Santorum's "War on Pornography" is just another hell of the 18th Amendment's "good intentions".

Here's my major distinction: Roe v Wade and legalized abortion does not defy merely Rick Santorum's Catholic good intentions. Roe v Wade defies not only the Golden Rule which does not read "Do unto gestating infants what you would not want done unto your own gestating infancy!" Legalized abortion, as did slavery, destroys the very meaning of not only "inalienable right to life" but the words "all men are created equal"! Those rights also belong to our American gestating infants!

Christ Himself would be labeling Rick Santorum a "Righteous Son" who did everything right and looked down his nose at his sin-ridden brother.

Christ came not as a Purity Campaigner but as a Savior. He didn't do it by holding high political office and brow-beating people into submission.

Christ came not for the self-righteous hypocrites but for sinners .

Christ came with a parable about the Prodigal Son who, after first trying out every corner of individual freedom he could, returned to his Father and begged forgiveness for not following his Father's advice. The Father took the Prodigal Son back into His Home and into his arms, with tears of joy in His Eyes!!!!!!

The Righteous Son, exactly like Rick Santorum, pouted over his Prodigal Brother's reinstatement within the Father's household.

Santorum is a would-be holy man without humility!

A healthy Vatican would eventually find him unacceptable as a Catholic priest!!

In that sense he would make a horrifying Catholic President of the United States!!!

A would-be President Savonarola will most likely pout like the New Testament's Righteous Son when even a brokered convention does not choose him for the Presidency. Rick Santorum doesn't even deserve the Vice-Presidency, given his pretentions of sainthood.

St. Rick Girolamo Savonarola!

From a Hot Air article concerning Rick Santorum's Big Government addictions:

An examination of his (Santorum's) scores in the NTU rating of Congress shows that Santorum compiled a very strong (Democrat's) record on taxes and spending in the first four years of each of his two Senate terms, then a sharp swing to below the Senate Republican average in the Congress before his reelection campaign.

In addition to Rick Santorum being a Catholic fanatic, do we possibly have a political hypocrite? And a Catholic demagogue?!

In the 2003-2004 session of Congress, Santorum sponsored or cosponsored 51 bills to increase spending, and failed to sponsor or co-sponsor even one spending cut proposal. In his last Congress (2005-2006), he had one of the biggest spending agendas of any Republican — sponsoring more spending increases than Republicans Lisa Murkowski, Lincoln Chafee and Thad Cochran or Democrats Herb Kohl, Evan Bayh and Ron Wyden.


Which do we want?

An abortion-loving Marxist whose Obamacare is only the beginning?

Or a Pro-Life, fanatically Papist President Santorum of perhaps even bigger and more invasive Government than that espoused by Vladimir Lenin?!

There's "pushing the envelope". Then there's coming from a singularly bizarre Vatican planet, a priest that appeared in Rome six hundred years ago and was ultimately burned at the stake by the very Pope he talked down to!

Apart from the missing hood, are there stunning similarities between Girolamo Savonarola and Rick Alamo Santorum? Santorum's not storming Texas! He's assaulting America and the meaning of individual freedom and individual responsibility. Santorum is going to be everybody's parent?! Exactly like Obama,  he'll be everybody's Godfather!

Yes, sir. If you become President of the United States, I will "disrespect" you in the same way you and I have both increasingly "disrespected" President Barack Obama.

Do you know why History repeats itself?

Because human personalities repeat themselves. I am certain that Karl Marx has returned to earth as the billionaire George Soros. I am now a little worried that Girolamo Savonarola might have returned to earth as Rick Santorum.

Both Soros and Santorum are back for revenge!

Obama's Godfather is George Soros.

Savonarola Santorum and an ostensibly Christian Godson of the atheist Karl Marx, Barack Obama, battling over which of them is going to run the biggest, most powerful nation on earth?!

Thank God I live in Canada! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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