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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Two: America As The New Soviet Poland

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 26, 2012

My earlier thoughts in the past, comparing Barack Obama to Pierre Trudeau, were too mild a warning for Americans.

Obama's present ownership of the White House leaves Prime Minster Stephen Harper of Canada the only sane and reliable leader in the Once-Free World. That fact will also make him the most important Free World Leader.

Poor Angela Merkel of Germany, at one time a contender for great Free World leadership, is buried under the complexities of being a mere state in the make-believe Socialist United States of Europe, advertised as a great and novel idea called the European Union.

The European Union is the seductively euphemistic, continental version of a benign Soviet Union.

The Benign Soviet Union of Europe.

Ominously President Barack Obama, if he is reelected, could become the questionably benign Mao Zedong of another new euphemism called the Progressive New World Order.

The bare, bald truth of Progressive ambitions is a Marxist World Tyranny.

Listen to Fr. Sammie L. Malleta, Jr. here. He speaks on the Obama Nation's campaign against freedom of religion and the Catholic Church.

Why are we and the Catholic Church at the mercy of the threatening and "transformative" campaigns of the Obama Nation?

The know-it-all graduates of an intellectually megalomaniacal elite out of Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge are entrenching a New Word Order Oligarchy and its contemporary version of Voltaire's "enlightened despots". Voltaire knew prophetically that "enlightened despots" such as Robespierre would literally lead France to the suicidal hell of the French Revolution. Tragically such French Revolutionaries are now in both the White House and Congress. Ergo, America now has the fruit on that French Revolutionary Tree: a would-be Napoleon's "fundamental transformation of the United States" and the world.

George Soros and his minion, US President Barack Obama, have closed their Marxist fists around America and should this bizarrely empowered pair of Vladimir Putin's remain in power, the days of individual freedom and individual responsibility are numbered.

The Gods of a basically atheistic New World Order will clench their disgustingly "well-educated" and Sorosian wealthy mitts around the very foundations of freedom. They will indulge nothing but Man's hedonism and collect their payment out of your right or ability to make your own decisions. They and their "New World Order" will decide everything of any importance for you.

What, dear reader, did you think Roe v Wade was all about really? If the government gives its citizens the rights of infanticide, the cold-blooded butchering of innocent, fellow human beings, what rights would that government eventually expect in return? A cold-blooded government to mirror the cold-blooded nature of its citizens!

Roe v Wade's homicidal children of an inevitably homicidal State.

That is basically what Red China has been all about since Mao surpassed both Hitler and Stalin in cold-blooded murder by starvation. As I believe, however, both Red China and the International Communist Party do not want another Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot in major Communist power. The Socialist conditions of a benignly Soviet European Union are revolution enough to satisfy Red Chinese leadership. In addition, Chinese patience can patronize the likes of Radically Left Barack Obama but will Beijing let him lead either a violent revolution or a violence-filled Presidency?

I personally don't think so … but then again … if Obama is reelected … we shall see.

This link reveals what Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet Russia is forcing down its citizens' throats. There are English translations to this German broadcast if you press the cc button beneath the screen. My favorite moment is at the very end when the news broadcasters try to allay world fears by saying that "the European governments will probably hardline their policies toward Russia."

Then they both laugh at the absurdity of such an expectation!

As James Joyce might say, Germans may have lost their leadership role in the European Union but they haven't lost their minds.

Meanwhile, the absurdity of Putinized democracy is what Barack Obama will make out of his "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" into an Obama Nation.

This nightmare will begin a new definition of American citizenship. One that will seem more like a permanent enrollment in a state-controlled university than membership in a Free World. You will be endlessly imprisoned in an Obama "learning moment" that could, if he gets his way, remain the status quo to well beyond his own term in office.

The prospect of Obama's reelection will indeed fulfill the Obama promise. His declaration, which for myself personally became the Obama Warning, will literally destroy the greatest defender of individual freedom in the history of the World. America will, indeed, be "fundamentally transformed" to such an extent that the meaning of the United States, which has always been individual freedom and individual responsibility, will end as implacably as individual freedom ended in both the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin and in the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler.

Why do George Soros and Barack Obama think they can get away with their impending tyranny? Not only because this "fundamental transformation" of not just America but the whole world has been agreed upon by former Presidents George H. W. Bush, William Clinton and George Bush Jr. What the Bush and Clinton families have been creating is called The Progressive New World Order.

The Bush/Clinton/Bush twenty-year ownership of the White House had to inevitably lead to George Soros and the Obama Nation.

Why is the entire Progressive Cabal of the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obama's so certain they can shove the likes of Obamacare, Romneycare and tax-funded abortions down our throats?

Mao Zedong.

The success of Mao Zedong in Red China.

With Red China's inevitable domination of the world economy, the International Communist Party, with the now-contested reinstatement of Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet Russia, intends to insure the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama.

What I call a "Red Islam" is being put in place with this ongoing and possibly never-ending "Arab Spring".

The twenty-four year-long euphemism for the Obama Nation's ultimately Marxist "transformation" of America" is "Progressive".

The only substantive force left to fight a "Progressive" New World Order is the Catholic Church.

I am no longer a practicing Catholic. I am, however, an activist in all pro-life movements, the largest of which, of course, is the Catholic Church.

If the full truth be known, Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamic apologist with an inevitably homicidal Marxist intent.

What does that mean?

He, as Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler did, wishes to "fundamentally transform" not merely the United States of America but, indeed, the whole world and the entire human race.

With Obama in the White House, the opponent to such an insane ambition is obviously not what it used to be, the United States of America.

The Obama Nation and the International Communist Party's most threatening adversary remaining is the Catholic Church.

Then let us learn the lessons of Poland under the Soviet Union.

Let us recall the combined efforts of Poland and Pope John Paul.

America, if Obama is reelected, will have to join with the Catholic Church in the same way Poland joined Pope John Paul to eventually overturn Soviet tyranny.

If Obama is reelected, America will need the Catholic Church much more profoundly than the Catholic Church will need America.

As I ponder the similarities of America under Obama and then Poland under the Soviet Union, I realize how much more difficult it will be to eradicated a tyrannical Obama Nation in America than the Soviet oppression of Poland.


The Democrat Party's hold upon America as only one of two political options. Given the equally menacing presence of New World Order Progressives in the Republican Party's history, i.e. Henry Kissinger, there are not even two, clear alternatives in America. Mitt Romney, if elected, will prove to be Obama Lite.

Such longevity for what has basically been the Democrat Party's moves and pushes to transform America into a Marxist satellite is a much older and deeper part of the American fabric than the Soviet invasion of Poland meant to the Poles.

Poland avoided a Civil War when the Pope helped that nation kick the Soviets out of Warsaw.

America will not be able to avoid a Civil War.


Rampant American Marxism in both the Republican and Democrat Parties.

The Progressive Left and Progressive Right literally own more than half of Washington D.C., all of the mainstream media and most of the major American universities, including and particularly the Ivy League.

What can this all possibly mean for Canada?

The next four years will prove to be Canada's most defining moment in history.

America's closest neighbor and oldest friend, Canada, because of Stephen Harper and a conservative administration in Ottawa, will necessarily become one of the most vital centers of a Free World Resistance.

Canada really has no other choice.

Canada must replace America as the center of North American Freedom.

Ironically, Obama's refusal to buy Canadian oil has dropped Canada into a very vital negotiating position with its biggest and newest major consumer of Canadian oil and natural gas, Red China.

I may be wrong but I really don't think that Red China wants to support any side in a Second American Civil War. No matter who is elected President, Red China will still adhere to pre-Maoist, legendary Chinese patience. With the economic edge it increasingly has, Beijing will not need an American anarchy to prevail. That is actually the last thing they want: an American Second Civil War.

No nation, not even Red China, wants another Mao Zedong or Joseph Stalin. Vladimir Putin's increasingly fragile hold on Russia is a clear sign from the entire human race: "No More Stalin's! No More Mao's!"

What help Red China might give to an unwanted President of the United States such as Barack Obama or the highly contended leadership of Vladimir Putin of neo-Soviet Russia is questionable.

Stephen Harper's position as not only Red China's newest supplier of oil but a possible adviser in dealing with the inevitably explosive plight of America under an Obama second term?

My bet is that Barack Obama didn't so much overplay his hand with America as he has pushed the envelope too far with Beijing.

Then again, we shall see. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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