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What do you do when you need a hero but there is not one around?

By J.J. Jackson
web posted February 27, 2012

America needs heroes.  And we need them badly.  In the 1984 Bonnie Tyler, on the subject of needing a hero opined, "Where have all the good men gone?"  Sadly, there is not hero for America coming.  Not in 2012 anyway.  America will have to wait.  Even sadder than that though is that it may not be able to.

The Republican slate of contenders are desperately, and rightfully might I add, vying for the privilege of trying to unseat President Obama and his vile, failed ideology of class warfare, anti-Americanism and Marxism.  As the only other major party that has proven capable of fielding a candidate who can get more than a few percent nationally in a Presidential Election they are, like it or not, where anyone who is going to bring down Obama is going to come from.  But no matter how much the pundits tell us how "great" the choices are among the GOP field and how "happy" we should be with any of them as potential choices, the reality remains the same.  There is no, "white knight upon a fiery steed" among them to save us.

And this is not an issue of whether or not a candidate is "perfect" or not.  Only fools seek perfection.  It is merely an issue of who these men are.  And who are they?  They an assortment of liberals, barely right leaning moderates and one very, very dangerous crackpot.

Months ago I started to try at least inform people as to actual track records of their chosen candidate among the GOP field.  Most people were not, however, willing to take off their rose-colored glasses.  Some were.  But most people simply were not.  Arguments have ensued and people are obviously unwilling to see the warts on the nose of their chosen challenger to the President.  Of course, every one of the still standing GOP candidates for President is "better than Obama." That hollow argument seems to be the final one.  It comes up any time the facts get presented and the blind partisans, who now loathe me for staining the pristine veneer they have coated their candidate in, and is thrown out there to justify their stance.  But the paper weight on my desk would be a better President than Mr. Obama as would the empty soup can my co-worker threw in the trash after lunch today.  I certainly would not vote for either of those two items though if given the choice.

The car that is America is no longer careening towards the cliff.  It is now through the guardrail and hangs suspended in mid air waiting only for the force of gravity to overcome momentum and pull it down like the Wile E. Coyote after chasing the Road Runner.  Think I exaggerate?  Look at the facts.

America has a debt to GDP ratio of over one-hundred percent.  We have hundreds of judges on the bench without a care for the Constitution and who no one is willing to impeach for their ineptitude.  We have a level of government spending that, if brought back to reality as it should be, would strip a trillion dollars out of the economy and cause pain that would make the Great Recession look like a holiday at the beach.  We have a dependency class that stands around with its collective hand out demanding what they have been promised no matter how much, for what or for any care for whether or not those promises were sane.  We have a population of senior citizens who have been promised the moon and the stars while the government squandered their mandatory retirement contributions for its own benefits.  We have looters in the street who threaten to take what they believe should be theirs despite never having worked to obtain those things.  We have a crushing number of nonsensical laws that do everything they can to limit the freedom of the people; from telling us what type of light bulbs we must use to how many gallons of water our toilet must flush.  We have obvious voter fraud and intimidation that is shoveled under the rug and ignored because it benefits those in power.

Depressed yet?  Well, if you are looking for that hero among the remaining GOP candidates that would solve these problems, you should be.  Oh sure, they might make minor strides in correcting some minor parts of the problem.  They may nibble around the edges.  But the car, I might remind you, is already off the cliff.  None of them are fantastic enough to fly to the rescue and stop the pending crash like Superman might.  The inevitable crash is coming.  It is coming because even the solution to the problem at this point, which is to drastically cut spending, live within our means as a nation and cut out all the unconstitutional spending, will still cause us to fall to Earth.  Such an option would strip the out of the economy the trillion phony dollars being pumped into it every year.  Millions of people have staked their future on those fake dollars being borrowed from America's grandchildren.  They will never let that money go without it being pried from their cold, dead, greedy hands.

Now, I said that there was no hero to be found among the Republican candidates. But the truth is that there is somewhere else to look.  Too many put their faith in other people.  They lazily look to others to provide for them or solve problems.  It is a side effect of a trend that has taught that the State is superior to the People.

In fact, no member of the State can be a hero because those slovenly sorts are inherently inferior to the might and strength of the People at large.  It is why the Constitution starts with the words, "We the People" and not "We the State", "We the Bureaucrats" or "We the Politicians".  Even our founding fathers understood that Government does not save us.  Thus it is only possible for the People to save America; to rise up and be the collective hero that America needs.

The People must say that we will no longer tolerate corruption where government pays bribes to political campaign contributors and favorite sons.  The People must no longer accept a government that does whatever it wants, whenever it wants without regard for the rule of law.  The People must no longer allow the Representatives they elect to Congress to get away with being a modern day Judas simply because he or she throws a few pieces of silver back in their direction as payment for their fidelity.  The People must unify and demand that our system of elections be secured from fraud and deceit.  The People must drag our "leaders" kicking and screaming to the right course.

Only when the People become a united front against the government will the hero that America needs arise.  When the car crashes to the ground, the People must climb out of the wreckage and embrace freedom.  The question is do enough Americans have it in themselves to accomplish this daunting task?  I believe they do. I have not yet abandoned all hope.  It might only be a faint hope, but it still burns. ESR

J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the Pittsburgh Conservative Examiner for Examiner.com.  He is also the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at http://www.libertyreborn.com.





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