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Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District: Anti-Semites ‘r’ us

By Greg Strange
web posted March 11, 2019

Let’s start with two words:  Ilhan Omar.

If you don’t follow the news, you might ask, “What the heck is an Ilhan Omar?”

If you do follow the news, and if you are on the political left, you might say, “Ah, yes, that is one of the two newly elected, fresh-faced Muslim women who, merely by their exalted presence, have graced the United States Congress with a much needed shot of religious and racial diversity!”

If you follow the news and you are not on the left – which is to say, your ability to think rationally has not been wrecked by political correctness and identity politics – then you may not be particularly impressed by this injection of diversity into the body politic.  That’s because, first of all, someone’s “diversity,” contrary to leftist thinking, has no intrinsic value.  Second, the only thing her diversity has added to the Congress and to our national life is her Islamic bigotry toward Jews.

Three times since her recent arrival to the “Swamp,” which was supposed to have been so refreshed by her very presence, she has been called out for blatantly anti-Semitic remarks.  Let’s see . . .  American support for Israel has been “all about the Benjamins.”  That’s all about, you know, Jews and money.  Another had to do with American supporters of Israel having some kind of questionable dual loyalty such that America doesn’t come first with them.  And then there was her old tweet in which she said that Israel had “hypnotized the world.”

Well, she’s nothing if not persistent.

So, for the better part of a week, Congressional Democrats had to engage in tortured rationalizations about Omar’s statements being due to her “naiveté,” or being misconstrued, or whatever, in order to try and downplay what we all know is anti-Semitism that in the Islamic world comes as naturally as breathing.  But you can bet your sweet Koran that those same Democrats will insist to their dying day that “Diversity is our strength!”

Omar, who is originally from the dysfunctional Muslim state of Somalia, was elected in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, now an apparently permanent Muslim district.  Keith Ellison, the former Muslim occupant for six terms, left his seat to run for state attorney general, which he won, despite credible accusations of physical abuse by his former girl friend.  In any case, it looks like Judeo-Christian values are pretty much finished in the 5th district for any foreseeable future.

But getting back to the hijab-wearing Ilhan Omar, let’s just be blunt.  Like so many of her Muslim brethren the world over, she is a fervent anti-Semite.  Like so many other Muslims from so many of the world’s other dysfunctional countries, she has an irrational obsession with the tiny country of Israel.  It must really stick in their craws that in the middle of a vast region of intolerant, backward, chaotic, poverty-stricken Islamic countries, the tiny Jewish state is able to thrive and prosper.

After all, Islam is supposed to be just the absolute living end and the last word on how people should live in this world.  So, what the heck?  How come all the Islamic countries, from one end to the other of North Africa and the Middle East, are, by Western standards, hellholes?  And how come the tiny “Zionist regime” (Iran’s favorite term for Israel), in the midst of all that surrounding failure, is a whopping, spectacular success?

Islam’s only answer, thus far, is that Israel’s success somehow came at the expense of all the Islamic countries.  Really?  How does that work?  Somehow, like Omar indicated in her tweet, tiny Israel must have “hypnotized” all those glorious Islamic countries, stole their mojos and cashed in big-time.

Look, you can’t reason with people who think this way, people who have, for all intents and purposes, been “hypnotized.”  No amount of reason or logic will likely alter the mindset of Ilhan Omar and her ilk.  She’s infected, like a zombie, doomed to spend her existence on earth staggering around, robbed of normal brain function, babbling about Israel and Jews.

And, of course, she’s not going to be seriously chastised by most Democrats.  That’s because she gets to fill in three boxes on the intersectional/diversity checklist: female, person of color, Muslim.  And anyway, diversity is our strength!  Just ask citizens of Minneapolis, for instance, how they like parts of their city being turned into something more akin to Mogadishu as turf wars are being fought by unassimilated gangs of Somali immigrants.  How lucky they are to be so enriched by such exotic diversity – and the ethnic cuisine is to die for!

In reality, the last thing America needs is for ungrateful bigots like Ilhan Omar to gain power by being elected to Congress.  If she had what it takes to be a real American, she would rip off that hijab, get down on her hands and knees and kiss the ground of the country that welcomed her with open arms, and then thank god she’s not in Somalia or some other Islamic hellhole.  Of course it won’t happen, but at the very least, shut the hell up about Israel! ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2019 Greg Strange.




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