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Billionaires aren't so smart about everything

By Greg Strange
web posted March 2, 2020

Only in the Age of Foolishness (our current age) would you see a headline like the following:  “Billionaires could leave Earth behind for space colony as climate collapses.”

This comically preposterous headline, which sounds like something from some stinkaroo sci-fi flick, begs a very serious question – and no, not one about the climate or the technological feasibility of a space colony.  Those pale in comparison to the more trenchant question, which is . . .

If an incredibly wealthy person really believes that the climate is in danger of “collapse,” and collapsing so bad that the only way to survive is by leaving the planet, how is it possible that such a person could ever have been smart enough to make a billion dollars in the first place?

Or to put it more succinctly:  How can obviously smart people be so stupid?

That is the question of our time – and it’s a doozy.  Because never in the history of humanity has there been such a paradoxical dichotomy on such a grand scale.  Never have there been so many well-educated people with access to virtually all knowledge and information, and yet, the modern – or maybe we should stipulate “postmodern” – world is utterly swamped in unprecedented foolishness.

We see it everywhere around us.  The incessant climate claptrap that has us doomed if we don’t give up fossil fuels, which would, oh by the way, destroy the world’s economy; the never-ending love affair with socialism, the most failed, not to mention murderous, economic system in history; the LGBTQ and transgender madness which denies immutable biological science while encouraging sexual depravity; the supposed virtuousness of open borders and endless immigration from the Third World, which can only lead to the overrunning and destruction of the country as we know it; criminal justice reform and doing away with bail, the only result of which will be to unleash more crime and mayhem on the public.

And don’t forget – free college, free healthcare, free everything!

All of these obvious idiocies, and much more, are being promoted by the most well-educated people in human history!  Hello!?  How is this possible?  How can universities full of brilliant people (in terms of IQ) believe in things that are so foolish and destructive?

It may not be possible to definitively prove as causal, but one thing is certain: in the absence of Judeo-Christian religion and values, human foolishness and depravity absolutely flourish, like bacteria in a Petri dish.  And make no mistake; we are already, for all intents and purposes, a post-Judeo-Christian society and the left wants to stamp out even the remnants if at all possible.  Why?  Because Judeo-Christianity is one of the only remaining checks on sexual depravity, most forms of which they are hell-bent on normalizing.

But it’s not just sexual matters; it’s all matters, everything under the sun.  That’s because for the average leftist, indignation, combined with ingratitude, is an unalterable state of mind and everything that came before he/she/it popped into the world was stifling, oppressive, racist, homophobic, outdated, wrong and just generally sucked.  So naturally, when things are that messed up, the only solution is to chuck it all and start over from scratch.  And universities full of brilliant people with Ph.D.’s galore are generally down with that.

So it’s pretty easy to see that without the strong foundation of morality, wisdom, gratitude and moderation provided by Judeo-Christianity, leftism takes root and foolishness runs amuck.  The complexity of human life and the insatiability of human desire afford endless impulses and opportunities to basically ruin any and everything.  Add to that the hubris of our supposed intellectual superiors – most of whom recognize no transcendent intelligence greater than their own – and there is no depth to which we cannot sink.

And thus, “Billionaires could leave Earth behind for space colony as climate collapses.”

Our civilization is in deep trouble alright, but not because of the climate.  It’s because there are so many people who actually think it’s because of the climate.  And we all know that the reason leftists have glommed onto climate change is because it’s the greatest available excuse for imposing some kind of green socialism on the world, which would destroy widespread prosperity and turn the entire world into, basically, Cuba.

Now that would be a good reason to leave Earth behind for a space colony.  Despite the fact that American leftists love to fawn over the socialist island paradise (the literacy rate is spectacular!), nobody’s packing up and moving there.  And if Cuba becomes basically everywhere, it’s “Adios, Planet Earth” for anybody with enough bucks to vamoose. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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