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ChiCom Joe and the China Virus

By Mark Alexander
web posted March 29, 2021

In the days following his inauguration, the waxy automaton Joe Biden issued a flood of executive orders and presidential actions. Among them was a "Memorandum Condemning and Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and Intolerance Against Asian Americans," which effectively banned the use of the term "China virus."

"China virus" was President Donald Trump's label for the disastrous COVID-19 contagion, because it originated in ... CHINA. Biden's directive stipulates that the federal government shouldn't advance "xenophobic sentiments by" noting "the geographic location of its origin." Moreover, Biden claims, "Such statements ... have contributed to increasing rates of bullying, harassment, and hate crimes" against Americans of Asian origin. Biden and Kamala Harris were quick to claim an attack in Atlanta was motivated by racial animosity toward Asians. But this is a false narrative — or, to put it less delicately, a bald-faced lie.

With all due respect to Biden's faux political sentiments, last year I coined a much more fitting name for the China virus — the "ChiCom Virus." The origin and cover-up of the pandemic should not be laid on the backs of the Chinese people, but instead on the Chinese Communist regime under the dictatorial rule of strongman Xi Jinping. After all, he and his communist cadres colluded with the World Health Organization to hide the origin and outbreak of the deadly virus.

As you will note from our comprehensive ChiCom Virus chronology, the most complete timeline on the Web, it was on 22 January 2020 that Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) first warned that Xi's CCP regime was engaged in a systematic cover-up of the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Cotton: "Once again, a deadly virus is emanating from China. Hundreds have fallen ill in Asia and at least one confirmed case has reached the United States. It's imperative that the CCP be fully transparent and share information so we can stop this disease from spreading. ... In the past, the CCP has lied, falsified statistics, and suppressed information about outbreaks in order to cover for its own incompetence." Clearly, Sen. Cotton, who was roundly criticized for exposing this travesty, is owed a debt of gratitude for sounding an early alarm. He also noted, "We know that just a few miles away from that food market [where the disease was first contracted] is China's only biosafety Level 4 super laboratory, which researches human infectious diseases."

His assessment clearly influenced the Trump administration's decision to issue the travel ban and institute its White House Pandemic Task Force — links to which Biden has removed as he is now endeavoring to take credit for the Trump administration's unprecedented vaccine development and distribution.

On 31 January 2020, the day President Trump issued his China travel ban, his actions were met with a chorus of objections from Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and the rest of the Democrat Party agitators, who were too busy promoting their phony impeachment charade to pay attention to the emerging pandemic.

Biden protested, "This is no time for Donald Trump's record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia — and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science." Biden repeated his vicious accusations on the travel ban for the next two months.

For her part, Pelosi condemned the travel restrictions and other measures, calling for her fellow Demos to pass the "No Ban Act" to prevent Trump from imposing what she said were "biased and bigoted restrictions." Pelosi declared, "The Trump administration's expansion of its un-American travel ban is a threat to our security, our values and the Rule of Law." (Yes, laugh out loud any time a Democrat references Rule of Law or their oath and obligation "to support and defend" it.) There were 219 House Democrat cosponsors of the No Ban Act. On 13 March, Pelosi quietly withdrew this politically correct and grossly irresponsible legislation.

Also on 31 January, well ahead of the Demos' Leftmedia parrotsThe Patriot Post alerted you: "Officially, the communist Chinese government claims about 220 deaths and 10,000 infections. Our sources indicate that the actual rates of infection and deaths in China are much higher, and, in fact, official reports may only represent 5-7% of the actual dead and infected." We warned this could be as devastating as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which, by the way, likely also originated in China, not Spain.

In retrospect, that fatality estimate was most assuredly understated, as the Chinese death toll may be 100-1,000 times the "official death counts," which, as of this date 14 months later, the ChiComs still insist only totals 4,636. That's 4,636 deaths in a nation of 1.4 billion mostly impoverished people who are in poor health, versus 541,000 U.S. deaths in a nation of 328 million and the best healthcare system in the world.

Of course, whatever the real number of Chinese fatalities, Xi's commissars have no compunction about killing their own citizens if it serves the purpose of the state. But the Biden administration and mainstream media still take the Red Chinese bait hook, line, and sinker.

Sen. Cotton sent letters to the secretaries of State, HHS, and DHS, warning "no amount of screening [at entry points] will identify a contagious-but-asymptomatic person afflicted with the coronavirus." A day later he warned in Senate testimony that COVID-19 was going to be "the biggest and the most important story in the world." He noted, "I commend the president greatly for ultimately making the right decision contrary to what the so-called experts were telling him."

The experts at The Washington Post were quick to condemn Sen. Cotton for "repeating a coronavirus conspiracy theory that was already debunked." But it had not been debunked — far from it.

In response, Cotton doubled down in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, reiterating: "Beijing has claimed that the virus originated in a Wuhan 'wet market,' where wild animals were sold. But evidence to counter this theory emerged in January. Chinese researchers reported in the Lancet [medical journal] Jan. 24 that the first known cases had no contact with the market, and Chinese state media acknowledged the finding. There's no evidence the market sold bats or pangolins, the animals from which the virus is thought to have jumped to humans. And the bat species that carries it isn't found within 100 miles of Wuhan."

Cotton noted further: "Wuhan has two labs where we know bats and humans interacted. One is the Institute of Virology, eight miles from the wet market; the other is the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, barely 300 yards from the market. Both labs collect live animals to study viruses. Their researchers travel to caves across China to capture bats for this purpose. Chinese state media released a mini-documentary in mid-December following a team of Wuhan CDC researchers collecting viruses from bats in caves. The researchers fretted openly about the risk of infection."

As Sen. Cotton shined a bright light on China's P4 labs in Wuhan, Xi's politburo began aggressively spreading disinformation about the outbreak, insisting the SARS-CoV-2 virus was a U.S. military bioweapon that the Americans had planted in Wuhan.

By May, Sen. Cotton had taken on the leading role of exposing ChiCom dictator Xi's agenda to conceal the outbreak, declaring: "There's no question that Xi Jinping and senior officials in the Chinese Communist Party were pressuring the WHO all the way back to December to undersell the risk of this virus. They knew in China early on, probably as early as the early days of December, and that this virus was both highly contagious in humans and very deadly for certain people. Yet they wanted to save face. In addition to saving face, they wanted once they realized this virus was going to cripple their own economy, that it did not remain limited to China."

In September of last year, Cotton called for a reckoning with the ChiCom government, insisting China should pay for its lethal and catastrophic cover-up, first seeking to end China's "most favored nation" trade status. At the same time, Biden was bizarrely blaming Trump for "all the people" who died from COVID-19: "If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive. All the people — I'm not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data."

Actually, even the leftist "fact-checkers" strongly condemned Biden's assertion as false, with The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler declaring, "Actually, Biden is making this up."

Vice President and White House Coronavirus Task Force leader Mike Pence made clear the implications of China's conspiracy to conceal the outbreak: "What appears evident now is that long before the world learned in December that China was dealing with this ... the outbreak was real in China." More to the point, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, declared, "Without commenting on any classified information, this much is painfully obvious: The Chinese Communist Party has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie about coronavirus to protect the regime."

So, how to punish China?

Prior to the November 2020 election, then-President Trump declared that the ChiComs will be held accountable "when they lose things like the manufacturing capacity that we've outsourced to them or when other democratic governments around the world respond to their people who know that China is responsible for this virus."

But as we argued then, there was a more direct way to send China the bill.

As President Trump and Congress were returning to the deepening well of national debt for trillions of dollars in relief payments, recall that at the end of 2019, when China was still concealing the pandemic it had seeded worldwide, it held $1.07 trillion in U.S. debt. That's almost 16% of the $6.7 trillion in treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by other countries.

As Trump has declared, "China is responsible for this virus." And one way or another, China must pay.

We suggested that one way to seek some remuneration for China's liability would be to send Xi Jinping the bill for the death and destruction caused by his regime's abject and willful negligence by way of a "default option" on debt held by China as a liability offset for the debt our nation is now incurring as a result of China's willful deception. We suggested seizing Chinese assets in the U.S., including its equity holdings in U.S. companies, and to settle the debt, Trump and Congress should authorize the U.S. Treasury to print $1.07 trillion in "trade dollar notes" as repayment. Xi can keep those notes in reserve to use as toilet paper during the next pandemic.

During his four years in office, President Trump became the most aggressive policy adversary of China among all U.S. presidents. But that was then. This is now.

After reaffirming U.S. support for China's puppet WHO, ChiCom Joe's foreign policy appeasers met with Xi's envoys to discuss the future of relations between the two nations. Of course, Biden has been compromised by the ChiComs and his "negotiators" proved no match for our nation's fiercest geopolitical foe.

Noticeably absent from the contentious discussions was any mention of the 800-pound gorilla in the room — China's unleashing of the pandemic on the world, the outcome of which was the devastation of the economies of its primary global competitors.

With Trump gone, speculation about the lab-based origin of the ChiCom Virus is now gaining traction. Even the Washington Post editorial board begrudgingly insists the "possibility" of a cover-up "must not be ignored."

Meanwhile, President Post Turtle is claiming full credit for the stunning success of the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed vaccine development and delivery, as his equally demented side kick, Anthony Fauci, continues to drive the U.S. economy into ruin.

That notwithstanding, we owe a priceless debt of gratitude to three individuals for charting a path out of the pandemic. No, Joe Biden is not one of them.

First would be a heroic Wuhan whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang. Li, as you recall, died of the virus (according to Red Chinese officials), but not before boldly ringing the alarm about COVID-19 when the ChiComs were still concealing the outbreak.

Second would be the aforementioned Sen. Tom Cotton, who stood firm and largely alone in exposing Xi Jinping's cover-up.

Third would be Donald Trump for his early leadership to stop the spread of this unprecedented pandemic, as well as his leadership in the development of a vaccine in record time. Both achievements meant far fewer deaths than would otherwise have occurred.

China was the genesis of the pandemic, but we're grateful that Li, Cotton, and Trump led the way for our exodus.

Will there be a global repudiation of China when the dust settles on the graves and economies of the free world? I doubt it.

However, if the Chinese want to make amends, they can start by inviting Uyghurs to escort Xi Jinping to Tiananmen Square — and subject him to the same torturous genocidal fate he decreed against them.

We must never forget — never forget — that Xi and his communist regime are responsible for the Year of the ChiCom Virus, resulting in the deaths of millions worldwide. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.




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