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The Liberty Activists

Though Enter Stage Right is officially a conservative journal, it must be said that we are sympathetic to like minded individuals and groups -- those who strive for personal liberty. It is a ideological point that seems to have largely disappeared from the mainstream conservative movement. For those who still fight against collectivism, this month's Libertarian minded site will be a boon.

The Liberty Activist is an impressive site filled with a huge variety of information and links to assist people to "identify or create local liberty issues, publicize issues, and organize around the issues using 'classic organizing techniques'".

In addition to a large collection of resources, the site also runs a banner exchange for web sites devoted to liberty, and periodically hands out its Liberty Activists Site of the Day award (which in the interest of declaring a potential conflict, Enter Stage Right was awarded in July 1997).

The only real quibble that I have with the site is the rather busy nature of its web pages. The index page, for example, had a hefty 21 images when this review was written. Though the pages loaded quickly enough, it still gave the effect of a slow loading site (though GeoCities itself is likely to blame for that).

That said, the site is an excellent resource for those interested in fighting for personal liberties and well worth visiting for conservatives who remember that their parties once argued for freedom.

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