Clinton a cult leader?

By Michael E. Kreca
web posted March 1999

Bill Clinton is a cult leader. Like The Unification Church's Rev. Moon or the People's Temple's Jim Jones.

What else can accurately explain to the adoration so many have for a leader who is so obviously and appallingly criminal, abusive, vengeful, depraved and power-hungry?

Cult leaders very easily deceive many folks who lack a clear sense of self. The USA's socioeconomic and legislative history in the last few decades seems to have as its key principle that individuals can do nothing for themselves and need a huge, expensive government program, law or entitlement to help them get by from day to day. Hence, a significant number of people brought up in the past 35 to 40 years have been indoctrinated, overtly or subconsciously, with this sense of "dependency."

When Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin died in March 1953, many had thought the Soviet people breathed a massive sigh of relief. Not so. Even after years of Stalin's ruthless purges, savage political oppression, endless state terror, total war and horrible privation, many people were saddened their "Great Father Stalin" was finally gone. A number of attendees at his funeral were actually trampled to death.

Thousands of mourners present wept aloud saying, "Our great father is dead, what do we do now?"

The king is dead. Long live the king. So to speak.

Clinton's biggest defenders, like those Soviet mourners and his Red sympathizers overseas, are those who are of a generally leftist orientation. Leftists' habitual fixation on centralized collectivist government and obsessive focus on if not intense identification with the problems and presumed needs of those deemed "disadvantaged" in some way reflect their own deeply rooted beliefs in their own inadequacy and inferiority. And they believe the same of those "disadvantaged" persons for whom they reflexively claim to have so much "compassion."

They want government to lead them and everyone else because they believe they cannot live their own lives, or be truly self-reliant or personally accountable for anything in any way.

Presto! Perfect suckers for a Slick Willie, a Great Father Clinton.

And, to the great father's satisfaction, one is born every minute.

Leftists and their sympathizers cannot or will not separate the President as the person from the Office of the Presidency. To them, they are one and the same.

Dictatorships are like that too. They are also called "personality cults."

That is exactly why Clinton gets so much fawning adoration although he has repeatedly shown such colossal contempt for the average American (like most leftists). The most recent was his snotty Buffalo speech in January in which he arrogantly intoned that average Americans are too stupid to spend or invest their money "right" and must have government do so instead. Bill Clinton's chameleon-like performances appeal most to those with low self-esteem, unresolved dependency needs, nagging personal insecurities, high levels of ignorance or just plain stupidity. Thus, his populist, class-warfare rhetoric, despite the absence of meaningful content or little connection with daily reality, usually does also.

Witness the reactions of seemingly thoughtful, intelligent people who support Clinton. They suddenly suspend their reasoning faculties when Clinton's name is spoken. They use words like "love," "caring," and "so what" and "he has done so many good things," almost like children fascinated with an flashy but rigged carnival game they cannot win no matter how often they play. Ironically, these people are the very same ones who can't understand why so many Germans blindly followed a former German Army lance corporal of Austrian extraction surnamed Schicklgruber.

A further irony is that Clinton probably needs his followers even more than his followers need him, emotionally that is. They have the ideal codependent relationship--he gets the adoration and power he needs to survive, they get the appearance of security, "belonging," and comfort they need to function.

I just hope that the congregation of the Church of Clintonology isn't too shocked or outraged if and when it comes time to "prove its undying love and loyalty" via pistol, poison or spiked grape Kool-Aid.

Michael E. Kreca lives in San Diego and has been a financial reporter for Business Week, Knight-Ridder and the Financial Times of London. He can be reached at

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