The drivers of the Left (not just a clever pun)

By Tim Loughner
web posted March 1999

As I was driving the other night along state route 167, I got stuck behind the usual rigormarand of two cars pacing each other at a mere 45 mph in a 60 mph zone. This is typical in my state to get stuck behind people who insist on dragging their feet in the endless slough of interconnecting pavement between metro and suburbia.

Normally when I get in this position, I am pretty patient, but for some reason, this particular evening really jerked me into the anger mode. I tailgated for a while and eventually one of the two got out of my way so I could attempt to do the speed limit. It is not too much to ask, or is it?

I passed the cars with steam coming out of my ears and nostrils. My face glowed with a deep red and my fingers dug into the steering wheel. I am sure they wondered what my problem was.

The real problem I have is this: no one ever follows the rules of the road. Rather than staying in the right lane when driving and using the left lane to pass, we have Joe Blow in his big Chevy Nova attempting to pass Granny in her Oldsmobile but somehow forgetting to complete the maneuver. Now all I ever want to do is drive the speed limit. I am not a speeder, but I do like to drive the posted limit, not 15 mph under. Is it too much not ask? Yes.

The root of this problem can be turned into a political thesis if so desired. These people who insist on driving too slow are more than likely Liberals. How do I figure? Pure and simple Conservative logic!

When one thinks of a Liberal, what is the first thought that you think? My first thought is one simple word: me. The whole problem with Liberalism is that they truly, deep down, only care about themselves. They may put on this show for the world to see pretending that they love everyone and they want to save everyone, but in the end, who are they benefiting? Themselves. Do you see where I am going with this?

Let me dig a bit deeper. Liberals are those who look out for the "little guy." You know, the poor, the minority, the impoverished, etc... They like to 'fix' these 'problems' with the government, instituting a program here, throwing money there. But nothing ever really gets solved.

What actually happens is that this 'program' only goes to aid those who created it, the Liberals! Look at the welfare system. Most abuse occurs from those who feel that they don't have to work, namely the Left. When was the last time you have seen a die-hard Conservative or Libertarian not work for his or her money?

So why would anything be different on the freeway? The guy who insists on driving slow in the fast lane is thinking only of what is making him happy and not about how he is inconveniencing the dozens behind him.

Now granted, everyone has got to look out for their own best interests, but not at the expense of me! He is interfering with my ability to achieve greatness on the interurban fastlane. I want to drive like Jeff Gordon, but instead I am turning into an Archie Bunker. What drives the left to their utter stupidity and lack of common sense is beyond my comprehension, but one thing is certain, they are not running on all eight cylinders (more like 3 if they are driving a GeoMetro!).

I like my freeway like I like my government: do what you need to do then get out of my way!

Tim Loughner is the editor-in-chief of Right Magazine.

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