Elian and Rule of Law

By Joe Schembrie
web posted April 10, 2000

If Rule of Law means killing unborn babies and letting serial rapists go free, can it be such a good thing? Now that it's railroading a six-year old boy back to a communist hellhole, I've got to ask -- what's so great about Rule of Law?

Speaking on the Elian Gonzalez case, the magisterial Ted Koppel, host of ABC's Nightline, has decreed, "Legally, there's really no question he should go back to his father. Whether it's family law or immigration law, it's not even a close call . . . we are a nation of laws."

He's saying that whether for good or evil in the short run, we gain in the long term by having a society where Rule of Law is respected. That's the Civics 101 Theory. But here in the real world . . . what has Rule of Law done for us lately?

Where was Rule of Law when President Clinton got away with perjury and abuse of power? Where did it go when he bombed a country for weeks without a congressionally approved declaration of war? Whatever happened to Rule of Law when Clinton accepted illegal campaign donations from China -- or when he went well over federal spending limits in his 1996 presidential re-election campaign?

Where is Rule of Law in the Filegate case? Hillary Clinton obviously was the mastermind, and there are 900 illegally obtained FBI files sitting at her feet - and still the so-called Independent Counsel can't connect the dots!

Oh, I get it. American Rule of Law is too chicken to go after the Administration - but it can bully a six-year-old. Yeah, that'll protect our freedoms!

Tell me, once Elian is back in communist chains, will liberals continue this newfound appreciation for Rule of Law? Will they recognize that soft money campaign contributions are protected by the First Amendment, and gun ownership is protected by the Second? Or will they go back to prattling about how the Constitution is a 'living document' - but if so, why can't the Constitution 'live' right now to help a little boy?

No, once Elian is back in the cage, liberals will send Rule of Law back into hibernation - if for no other reason so that they can continue to sue tobacco and gun companies for the lawful manufacture of legal products.

For a liberal, what's Rule of Law anyway? It's accusing innocent people of child abuse on the scantiest of evidence - but letting real rapists go free on the flimsiest of technicalities. For a liberal, Rule of Law is when students sell cocaine and shoot fellow students on school grounds - while principals suspend the kids who bring aspirin and nail clippers. For a liberal, Rule of Law is a simple mantra: Punish the Innocent, and Let the Wicked Go Free.

And isn't that exactly what's going on with Elian and Castro? Castro is a corrupt murderer, but is above the law. Elian is guilty of no crime, but must become Castro's slave.

For a liberal, Rule of Law really means Breaking the Law. Contrary to what Mr. Koppel says, returning Elian to a communist regime violates every UN protocol protecting the rights of children. The Clinton Administration's actions are in direct violation of established legal precedence, which assigns matters of child custody to state judges and courts - not to the convicted perjurer and sexual-harrasser in the Oval Office.

The FBI can't properly process background checks for gun purchasers, yet the federal government can dispatch swarms of US marshals to ensure that a six-year-old becomes incarcerated in a country worse than any American prison. This isn't Rule of Law -- Rule of Law would enforce the law rather than repudiate and ignore it. Surely there is an agenda here - and a morally perverse one at that.

Maybe in their own twisted minds, liberals want Elian returned to Castro because they can't deal with the enormity of evil under communism, which they once excused and even embraced. So - let's just short-circuit the courts and hop-march that brat back to Cuba, the sooner the better, so that we won't be troubled any longer by guilt!

Liberalism has always had a dark psychosis whereby guilt drives evil and evil drives guilt - a morality of sadism which aborts innocent babies but spares murderers from execution, which frees violent criminals but disarms law-abiding citizens, which bombs a peaceful democratic nation on the other side of the world but dutifully returns runaway child-slaves to the terrorist despotism in our own backyard.

If the words 'Rule of Law' have become merely a hypocritical catchphrase to justify such perversity, then we need to contemplate, as did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, whether we must obey a higher law.

Or, maybe, our laws will work just fine - once we vote the psychopaths out of office.

Joe Schembrie is a senior writer for Enter Stage Right.

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