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So ESR can't be accused of misrepresentation, I'll say at the outset that this month's Site of the Month is a libertarian web site. While I know that libertarians often give many conservatives fits of apoxy over issues like drug legalization or abortion, I've always been of the opinion that we can learn a lot from them. The libertarian movement is still marked by a youthful feel to it and because they are competing with so many other ideologies for the airtime that mainstream parties receive by default, they have to be more creative and zealous to their message out.

BureaucrashBureaucrash is one of those more creative ways. Taking tips from their ideological opponents, the people behind the web site have made it their mission to use activism to try and end the "youth culture's romance with bureaucratic government." To do that, they urge visitors to organize themselves into small cells -- or operate individually if necessary -- to protest bureaucracy and the state. If it sounds familiar, just remember your university days -- the left uses the same strategy. The size of your organization doesn't matter, but how effective it is.

Once you've done that, you can use the web site to plan your campaigns. Bureaucrash offers a number of campaigns to get started and the resources necessary to get your message out. While some of the campaigns may not appeal to more traditional conservatives, the methodology is sound. As reported in the pages of this journal recently, a recent protest by Organic Consumers Association in Washington, D.C. at a Starbucks was met with a counterprotest by youth affiliated with CounterProtest.Net. You also saw these libertarians protest at the Republican Convention last year in opposition to Unity 2000, the leftists responsible for the Seattle protests and you'll see them counterprotest the anti-freedom left at the Summit of the Americas meeting in Quebec City on April 19 - 21.

It's an idea whose time has come. Although the Clinton era ushered in an era of more activist Republicans who weren't afraid to protest, they generally don't seem to have a long-term plan to combat the state. Bureaucrash provides a successful model for the right to take to the streets. And why not join a Bureaucrash protest? You'll find libertarians are passionate people who know how to have fun in the cause for freedom.

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