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The UN votes against human rights

By Tom DeWeese
web posted April 22, 2002

A year ago the United States lost its seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission. It had held that seat since the UN came into being in 1947. It was replaced by the Sudan, a nation best known for its war on Christian Sudanese and for its slave trade. In recent years, more than two million Sudanese have been killed out of a population of 35 million as its government used bombings and famine in its war on its own people.

In March, at its first meeting without US representation, Arab speakers devoted themselves to slandering and vilifying Israel. The Algerian representative called Israeli soldiers "the true disciples of Goebbels and Himmler." Six million Jews died because these two Nazis conspired with Hitler to exterminate them from the whole of Europe.

So it should come as no surprise that the UN Human Rights Commission has just passed yet another resolution and this time, it has endorsed the right of Palestinians to use human suicide murders in its quest to kill every Jew in Israel. In his Friday sermon on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, Imam Sheikh Ibrahim Madhi was broadcast saying "We are convinced of the (future) victory of Allah; we believe that one of these days we will enter Jerusalem as conquerors, enter Jaffa as conquerors, enter Haifa as conquerors, enter Ramle and Lod as conquerors."

Forty of the UN Commission's 52-nation members approved the resolution that contains 15 clauses condemning the right of Israelis to defend themselves against terror and conquest. Six of the nine members of the European Union voted in favor of the resolution. They were Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Britain and Germany rejected it while Italy abstained.

The resolution had been introduced by the Pakistani Ambassador, Manir Akram. It confers legitimacy on the Palestinian's 18-month-old war of terror against Israel that has taken the lives of 468 of its citizens, mostly civilians in marketplaces, in restaurants, and, during the Passover massacre, joining together to celebrate an holy day.

The total illegitimacy of the United Nations at this point should be obvious to anyone. It is not an instrument for peace in the world. It is the tool of the most morally corrupt nations on Earth and its quest to be the world's global government proceeds without any serious protest from the United States or our Congress.

This nation continues to pay its dues and continues to contribute to the many UN agencies that pursue policies contrary to the interest of peace or the welfare of mankind. The United Nations is a dagger poised to be thrust into the heart of this nation.

The recent establishment of the UN's International Criminal Court asserts its authority over the United States' Constitution. Its trade organizations demand we structure our trade policies and laws to meet their demands. It is seeking to impose global taxation on all nations. It continues to support the regimes of dictators like Iraq's Saddam Hussein, and in countless other ways, it works to undermine the only true power in the world for the expansion of freedom, America.

The time is long passed when the U.S. should have pulled out of the United Nations and stopped supporting this enemy of mankind. Perhaps the latest action of the so-called Human Rights Commission will open a few more eyes. If no action is taken by our Congress, Americans will be subject to indictment by its new Court and Americans will pay UN taxes. One can predict that every effort toward peace in the Middle East will be jeopardized and every hope of the implementation of human rights will be destroyed.

Tom DeWeese is the president of the American Policy Center, an activist think tank headquartered in Warrenton, VA. The Center maintains an Internet site at www.americanpolicy.com. (c) Tom DeWeese, 2002

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