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American parasites

By Charles Bloomer
web posted April 21, 2003

The recent effort to liberate Iraq has brought out the absolute worst in the hate-America crowd. Among the most bitter and vitriolic whiners are those that have benefited significantly from the cultural and economic freedom they enjoy by living in the United States. These are the people that use their freedom, their celebrity status, and their money to gain access to media coverage not available to the common person. I prefer to call these people American Parasites.

The list of complainers is too long to record here, but includes a Who's Who of the rich and famous with over-inflated egos (for a more complete list, I highly recommend Mona Charen's new book Useful Idiots). Most all believe that their celebrity and money equate to intelligence – that although they may not be smart people, they have played one on TV. And nearly without exception, these people know better what is good for America than the rest of the population or our elected leadership. A few examples should suffice.

Walter Cronkite is a millionaire talking head that made a lot of money reading the news to Americans. Since his retirement from television, Cronkite has used his undeserved reputation as "the most trusted man in America" to convince Americans that we would be better off if we gave up our antiquated notion of sovereignty and allowed ourselves to be ruled by the United Nations. Most recently, Cronkite opposed the US action to liberate Iraq, calling it a job for the UN. According to Cronkite, the "unilateral" action by the US led coalition was neither legitimate nor lawful since we did not have UN approval.

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are a pair that beat three of a kind. Both have made loud objections to the war in Iraq, and then complained because the rest of the country disagreed. Both have complained that the backlash prompted by their hate-America comments is a threat to their freedom of speech. Robbins is particularly incensed that the Baseball Hall of Fame chose not to show the movie "Bull Durham" this year as a protest to the anti-war, anti-American statements of Robbins and Sarandon.

In a speech to the National Press Club, Robbins even invoked the dreaded Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Robbins said, "A chill wind is blowing in this nation. A message is being sent through the White House and its allies in talk Radio and Clear Channel and Cooperstown. If you oppose this administration, there can and will be ramifications."

Exactly what "ramifications" is Robbins talking about? Has he been arrested for speaking his mind? Has the invisible American gestapo come knocking on his door in the dark of night? Obviously, he hasn't been executed summarily, or imprisoned, or incarcerated, or even questioned by government agents. Has Robbins been audited by the IRS? Or had false charges filed against him by White House operatives? Or been fired so that the White House occupants can free up "slots" for their own people?

The only ramifications directed at Robbins and Sarandon are the disgust of the vast majority of Americans who have freely chosen to avoid their movies.

Michael MooreMichael Moore, the overweight slob that passes himself off as a producer of documentaries, has also been loud and shrill in his hatred for America. He disgraced himself with an imbecilic tirade against the Bush administration during his acceptance of an Academy Award, for which he was resoundingly booed by many in the audience. (The Motion Picture Academy also disgraced itself by awarding Moore an Oscar for a patently fraudulent production.)

Moore has continued his criticism of the current administration, most recently at an appearance in Texas. Moore claims that the president went to war in Iraq to deflect the administration's domestic failures. "It's not about the weapons of mass destruction; it's about the weapons of mass distraction," Moore told his audience at the University of Texas.

At the same time, Moore lives his own fraud. His public persona is a pretense of being a regular, middle class, blue-collar guy. In reality, Moore lives in an Upper West Side New York apartment worth $1.25 million. Some "regular Joe"!

What these three examples have in common is their hatred for the very system that has allowed them to become rich and famous. From the luxury of their million dollar homes, or the back seats of their chauffeur-driven limousines, or the comfort of first-class seats or private planes, they attack and berate the free market and the freedom of Americans to make their own decisions.

At the same time, they endorse, support, and approve of tyrannical communist regimes such as Cuba and China. They encourage us to move our system closer and closer to models of socialism and communism that have never been successful, that have actually been murderous failures. With pathological cognitive dissonance, these people never consider what their own fate might have been had they lived in those repressive societies.

How many millionaire newsreaders are there in Cuba or North Korea? How many activist millionaire movie celebrities were there in Saddam Hussein's Iraq? What does Michael Moore suppose his fate would be if he produced a documentary critical of the government if he lived in China today? If Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon tried to express their opinions or exercise their freedom of speech in most countries of the world today, they would feel real ramifications (if they lived long enough).

American Parasites hate the system that has produced them. They hate America, even though we are the richest, freest country in the world and we have not hindered their ability to attain celebrity, fame, and fortune.

There are an estimated eight million illegal aliens in the United States today, and millions of others awaiting legal immigration authority. These people don't come here because it is a socialist paradise. They come here for the opportunity to make better lives for themselves and their families. Immigrants, legal and illegal, recognize and appreciate the American Dream. We erroneously refer to these immigrants as parasites.

The real American Parasites are those Americans who have used the system, taken advantage of American freedoms, become rich and famous, and then attacked, slandered and libeled that same America.

Charles Bloomer is a Senior Writer for Enter Stage Right. He can be contacted at clbloomer@enterstageright.com.

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