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web posted April 26, 2004

Re: Scare America by James Ruhland (web posted April 19, 2004)

Nice article by Porphy.  In his usual thoughtful way,  Ruhland pins the tail on the donkey as to how Air America and the Democrat Party fail to ignite voters' imaginations in an expansive way.  That they resort to scare-mongering, racial divides, class warfare and ad hominem invective to win votes is as counter-productive and wrong-headed as the social and governance policies they seem to prefer and present so lamely.  Worse, they are not even successful at being scary-  most of us roll our eyes, while some special interests groups motivated by favors, not fear, queu up only for the hand-outs promised. 
Air America isn't funny, fun, fair, or informative-  rather like 90% of the network news America is already stuck with.  Why oh why is Gore trying to add yet another partisan news outlet to the party faithful airwaves?  Maybe his financiers will see just how 'scary' Franken's situation is...

One can hope!

Charlotte Muhl 

In reading James Ruhland's article on how Democrats seek to use fear in order to gain needed votes in our various national elections, it is galling to know that so many Americans fall prey to the lies of the political and religious left.

Take the issue of Social Security. All that any incumbent U.S. Senator or Representative has to do in order to gain re-election is spew a bunch of nonsense about how their opponent will either vote against any measure which will keep Social Security payments coming in to those who are retired; or, the incumbent will tell the citizens that their opponent wants cuts in Social Security; and the older voters flock to the polls and vote the same old schemers back into office for another two or six year term in the U.S. Congress. What foolishness!

Next, take the idea of politicians telling older voters that, by electing their opponent, the senior citizens will wind up dining on "cat food"? Ha! When you consider that current or long-term office-holders have sat down to steak or prime rib dinners with all the extras and side dishes, plus mouth-watering desserts, and have done so for years, if not decades; it is really two-faced to mention that the citizenry could have it worse while the politicians themselves, both incumbent and new office-seekers, have no conceivable fear of going hungry, at all!

If the founders of America could see this land today, the political hogwash, lies, and backstabbing; plus the outright foolishness of their descendents (by way of their ridiculous voting habits, based on self-serving greed, or outright and unreasonable fear for their own survival; rather than seeking the form of leadership which is best for the futures of their children, grandchildren, and later descendents) would make our forefathers cry bitter tears of shame and regret for having wasted their lives, their time, and their blood in seeking to form a free and independent nation where God, family, honor, and true love of both country, and the blessings of liberty are respected and cherished.

Does anyone in America today truly reverence these ideals our ancestors held as far more important and precious to them than even their very lives?

True freedom only comes at a great and terrible price, Would anyone in 21st century America honestly be willing to pay that cost?

William G. Smith
Lancaster, Pa.

web posted March 29, 2004

Re: The assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin

Israel's targeted killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin was as justified as would be America's targeted killing of Osama bin Laden.

Yassin, the founder and "spiritual leader" of a terrorist organization responsible for the murder and maiming of hundreds of innocents, got what he deserved.

That heads of state from London to Paris criticized Israel's action instead of applauding it reveals, once again, their utter moral bankruptcy--and their seemingly endless willingness to appease evil.

But as logic suggests and history demonstrates, appeasing evil only emboldens it, and those who fail to learn this lesson invariably become targets of evil themselves.

David Holcberg
Ayn Rand Institute



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