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Atomic Iran
How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians
By Jerome R. Corsi
WND Books
HC, 300 pgs. US$26.95
ISBN: 1-5818-2458-0

The danger from the east

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted April 11, 2005

Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American PoliticiansIn this global "war on terror" with its morphing panoply of circumstances, we always need to be prioritizing and zeroing in on the most significant threat of the moment. Survival is paramount. That's precisely why we, as Americans, need to closely scrutinize Iran's nuclear ambitions at this juncture. In his new book, Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians, author Jerome Corsi tells us all about the clever, yet downright diabolical, Mullahs of Iran, the ruling class of clerics that are now among the key players within the radical Islam movement. In short, the Mullahs are awful fanatics. This tome could just as well have been subtitled, "Everything you always wanted to know about the evil Iranian mullahs and their quest for nukes, but were afraid to ask."

There's no denying that the information conveyed by Mr.Corsi is very disconcerting, particularly because it's quite evident that the Mullahs are planning to perpetrate nuclear strikes on civilian populations. The author was clearly on a nuclear fact-finding mission when he wrote this book. The mullahs have made no bones about it: They despise America and Israel and seek to annihilate both nations. Moreover, Iran is an international powerhouse pursuant to its role as the premier state-sponsor of terrorism. In short, the mullahs and their terrorist proxies are thoroughly intertwined and well capable of acting in concert. And it's not much of a leap to think that the mullahs are prepared to utilize terrorists to help carry out nuclear attacks, in an effort to maintain "plausible deniability" for Iran.

Are New York's days numbered? Maybe, according to Corsi who believes that New York City and Washington DC are at the top of Iran's nuclear hit list. Why nuclear warfare? Well the Mad Mullahs and their terrorist cohorts would opt for the most deadly weapon, "one that could truly bring the civilized world to its knees in the space of one day." And Corsi further explains "a good reason that the mullahs and al-Qaeda might decide to work together is that the mullahs are about to have plenty of enriched uranium and al-Qaeda has the operational network to deliver a bomb." Hezbollah and Hamas will probably be part of the gig as well. If reports are accurate, Hezbollah and Hamas – which are already closely tied with Iran - now have operatives in place in the US. These and other well established terror organizations are all integral to the worldwide web of terror, and they've all been "bin Ladenized", aiding in global jihad. As to a New York hit, Corsi says, "assume that the weapon is a 150-kiloton HEU gun-type bomb… all terrorists on the weapons delivery mission are vaporized as the weapon detonates." According to Corsi, ultimately, "the radiation effects will sweep across New Jersey for dozens of miles, with some seriously affected by radiation sickness as far away as 100 miles from ground zero." It would be fair to say that the sword of Damocles hangs above the New York metropolitan region.

Well what can be done to stave off possible Iranian nuclear attacks? Our overall plan involves both short term objectives and long term goals. In the short term, either America or Israel, or both acting in tandem, will have to bomb pivotal nuclear sites in Iran. Probably, Israel will do the actual bombing - more about that later. The long term goal, which arguably could take years, is to facilitate "regime change" in Iran, with a view toward generating democratic reforms and greater freedoms for all Iranians. The author underscored that the radical mullahs and their terrorist surrogates are "hijacking Islam" and certainly don't represent the views of most Iranians (a very young population indeed) who would like nothing better than to see the mullahs ousted. Corsi stated: "hopefully this book will support what is developing as a movement of individuals and groups within America and around the world who want to see freedom in Iran. If we are to preserve freedom in America, we must also be committed to supporting the cause of freedom in Iran. The goal of this book is to bring down the Mad Mullahs currently ruling Iran."

No doubt about it, the political Left often extends a very strange simpatico toward Islamic extremists. In Atomic Iran, the author examined the Pro-Mullah Democrats and Pro-Mullah Lobbies, with one chapter entitled "Kerry-Edwards '04 Endorses the Mullahs." Imagine if the Democrats had won? Thank heavens America dodged that bullet! If the US had elected the Kerry-Edwards team to high office, it would have been tantamount to sleeping with the enemy. Corsi stated: "The Kerry-Edwards campaign went all the way, advocating not only that Iran be given nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes, but also full economic and diplomatic recognition by the United States, plus an entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO)." The author continued: "The Kerry-Edwards theme on Iran was hard to distinguish from Chamberlain's approach to Hitler…Hitler was misunderstood; we weren't sympathetic enough. Kerry's approach to the Iranian problem was predicated on the assumption that within Iran was a responsible ruling group that could be trusted to make and keep agreements." In an interesting turn of events, the mullahs actually stated that they preferred President Bush and the Republicans over the Democratic team. But then again, the mullahs seem to pride themselves on unpredictable behaviors and statements.

That said, there never was any legitimate evidence that this tyrannical regime could be trusted. The mullahs have consistently proven themselves to be fanatical and irrational. It's truly amazing that about 48 percent of the electorate voted for these Leftist dolts, Kerry and Edwards, who blatantly reject the lessons of history and have no real grasp of human nature. Didn't anyone ever tell them that it's a waste of time to placate a bunch of murderous thugs! It doesn't work. The mullahs are gaming the west; they're playing us for idiots. And, what's even more disturbing is the fact that the Iranians are so obvious in their manipulations. Just look at how they've massaged the European socialists in current negotiations. This entire kabuki dance is so sleazy. In an April 10, 2005 article by Reuters, it states: "Iran will not abandon uranium enrichment, despite its negotiations with the European Union on its nuclear program, a senior official said on Sunday… Iran, which insists its atomic ambitions are entirely peaceful, has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment while the talks with the EU continue but insists the freeze is temporary."

Should we be surprised? The Iranians are engaging in a bit of double-talk. On one hand, they will soon resume uranium enrichment despite the protests of the west. On the other hand, their behaviors should be construed as totally acceptable since their motives are ostensibly good and their ambitions are "entirely peaceful." But wait a second! The reason for the negotiations was to make the Iranian regime halt all uranium enrichment, which is clearly part and parcel of producing nuclear weaponry. This is cockeyed. Here's the ultimate Iranian stance: They're going to engage in uranium enrichment as they see fit, and we'll just have to trust them because they're acting in good faith. Yes, their intentions are good, and that's what is important. So there.

The bottom line is this: The Israelis are not going to put up with this nonsense when their lives are at stake, and neither are the Americans for that matter. In a section of the book designated as "Why Israel Strikes First", Corsi stated: "Israel has sworn ‘never again'…Thought through from Israel's perspective, Iran must never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. Iran has made its intentions abundantly clear. Any stoppage to enriching uranium will only be temporary. Iran has announced to the world that the Mullahs will have atomic bombs. The only question is when." In a subsequent section entitled "How Israel Strikes First", Corsi noted: "One should assume that Israeli and US military planners have already worked out dozens of scenarios of possible military strikes against Iran…Israel would undoubtedly concentrate on hitting five or six of the sites. Clearly, the Soviet-built reactor at Bushehr is a logical target, as would be the heavy water reactor facilities at Arak. One additional target might be the underground uranium enrichment facility at Natanz. While a strike limited to a defined number of targets would not eradicate Iran's nuclear capabilities, eliminating several key sites would represent a major setback." And, of course, America and Israel want to delay Iran's production of nuclear weaponry, if possible. This is another case that necessitates Bush's policy of preemption.

Overall, I found the book Atomic Iran to be interesting and insightful, rife with a tremendous amount of information. I would recommend it without reservation.

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.

Buy Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians at Amazon.com for only $26.95


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