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The running of the blood

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 18, 2005

When an atheist says he or she can love, then such atheism is already more than halfway to belief in an almighty God.

Since no man or woman ever lived, breathed, loved and sacrificed for love more completely than Jesus of Nazareth, some of us cannot possibly remain atheists. He so repeatedly reminded us that it wasn't His will but that of His Father. With His ultimate gift of the Crucifixion, He obviously loved a Power even greater than Himself.

However, for atheists, I presume, love is only a small and inconvenient part of the clearly delineated progress of science and its recent god called Society. The "Enlightened" of 18th century France declared God not only dead, but the powerful Church of Rome a purveyor of self-deluding opiates like the Virgin Mary. This is when I examine what the proponents of the Socialist idea of Liberty and the People really loved and still love.

Robespierre as shown by his death mask
Robespierre as shown by his death mask

The "children of the Revolution" invoked their "day of Glory" at the Barricades of 1789 and in the running blood of their Christian King and nobility through the 1790s. With the fanatic Maximilien Robespierre at the helm to preview the ultimate arrival of Stalin and his purges, a disturbing number of Robespierre's fellow comrades-in-arms -- like Camille Desmoulins, Louis St. Just, Georges Jacques Danton and the artist Jacques-Louis David -- were sentenced to the guillotine. This is the pulsing throb of the "Worker," the "People," the "Revolution," the triumph of mob mentality, the direction of which is always driven by the most criminally insane member who just happened to be what the American admirer of Lenin, Edmund Wilson, described with awe as the "intellectual man of action."

Why does the socialist world so hate America? The American Reality of the People is odious when compared to the French paradigm of the Worker's Revolution. This massive upsurge of French Revolutionary fervor is so easily provoked and so persuasive a weapon in the arsenal of careerists that even faint American Christians in search of power and fame will drop their Bibles to hop on the Napoleonic Merry-Go-Round.

In light of that troubling fact, we will begin with a progressive Christian Democrat, William Jefferson Clinton, and then move back through the rogues' gallery of "Revolutionary" Leadership.

Former President and soon-to-be Secretary General of the United Nations William Clinton was mentored by three guiding "Internationalists": Reverend W.O. Vaught (a "progressive" Southern Baptist minister), Senator William Fulbright, Jr. (labeled an "internationalist" by his autobiographer -- Bill Clinton himself) and the Eastern Seaboard's most effective disciple of Robespierre -- legendary critic Edmund Wilson. One can hardly question the intelligence credentials of Fulbright and Wilson. However, Dr. Vaught, judging by Clinton's reports on that pastor's avuncular advice, is the most patently insupportable, broken-field runner through the Bible I have ever read. To put it briefly, he claimed that the Bible had nothing to say against capital punishment. I think Christ might have had something to say about that from the Cross.

Rev. Vaught then claims there is no statement in the Bible against abortion. Interesting. King Herod's baby-killing is all over four versions of Christ's life and, well, Pastor Vaught, as well as being a "Progressive-Internationalist," must also have been a Creationist. Therefore, if it doesn't literally say that the prophets and Messiah speak out against abortion, as versus the murder of full-term babies -- what the distinction in the viability of unborn versus born is, I find hard to unveil. But I'm sure the Roe v. Wade court would put it under trimester scrutiny and find Dr. Vaught's evaluation quite acceptable -- if, in the end, the 10 Commandments do not say, "Thou shalt not perform capital punishment on either human beings or gestating infants," then, I guess, for the sake of the good pastor's opinion and millions of female votes, our very own President Tom Sawyer can, with good conscience, nurture the only thing he ever truly loved. No, it's not God, nor even his fellow worshiper's God of Society. It's not even one of his mentors. It is and always will be his Career.

Career is the only God this Napoleon and his Desirée have ever worshipped, ever since they realized that Karl Marx's Dialectical Materialism was the formula to help them rule the world. They certainly weren't wrong. With Hilary Clinton about to step up to the Presidential Campaign Soap Box and Bill Clinton more than ready to don the Imperial Robes of the largest empire ever known to man -- that of the worldwide Socialist Federations of the United Nations -- the ultimate goal, first dreamed of by all the Enlightened Despots of the French Revolution, will soon be reached.

Only one giant landmass must still be swallowed up: the Capitalist Republic of the United States. "Une pièce de gâteau," the Democratic Party might smugly toss off at a Renaissance Weekend.

With that, we will jump to the Empire of Red China. A declaration of martial law is the only difference between a Socialist Federation like Canada and full Communism like that of the former Soviet Union.

Since the starvation of 30 million Chinese under Mao's Great Leap Forward and the deaths of millions of Russians under Leninism, the entire International Communist Party realizes that when you kill God, you leave a whale of a power vacuum to fill. Too often, tyranno-maniacs like Stalin, Pol Pot, Tito, Milosevic, Castro, Kim Jong Il show up for the job. So, now it's a bipartite rule, the Tweedledums and Tweedledees of China and the European Union and the Franco-German Jack and Gerry Show. The recent refusal of Paris and Berlin to include any mention of the 5,000-year-old Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian Civilization in the Constitution of the European Union was "somewhat disturbing" to quote the Democratic Party's great black hope -- Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

However, the Presidents and their Prime Ministers must bow down before the singular Napoleonic mandate of William Jefferson Clinton. So the list of would-be Secretary Generals of the United Nations is growing quite steadily. Oh, the head that wears the Crown! And William Clinton still says he's Christian. The last Catholic to wear the office of American President lost most of his head in Dallas.

However, like Bill Clinton says in his autobiography, "Politics is a contact sport." That one of his campaign meetings for his second run for Governor of Arkansas sounded more like a meeting of Latin America's Revolutionary Shining Path is perhaps "a tad too inflammatory," as Democrat Kent Conrad might describe it. It's just the heat of the battle, you know, rather like the power Dr. Vaught could taste as he helped guide his disciple to the Oval Office and the Napoleonic robes.

So, after hearing that atheists or Progressive Christians can love, I must ask what, by the fruit on their tree, do they really love.

The answer is: their careers.

In the Kremlin, we now have Vladimir Putin (a graduate of the KGB and the only one left in this fraternity to think that Stalinism still works). Putin's predecessor in the Politburo was the amusing Boris Yeltsin, who came off like Wallace Beery while drinking Shirley Temples.

Their inspiration dates all the way back to Maximilian Robespierre, who, after cutting off the head of a Christian King, was, in France's post-regicidal traumatic stress, also guillotined -- and rather badly at that: the first drop of the blade sliced off his jaw; another attempt was required to decapitate him completely.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic lies the American contingent of Socialist Career-lovers. Unfortunately, compared to Bill and Hilary Clinton, they really are rank amateurs. At least Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president who introduced the Socialist panacea to the United States, had "old money," which the Radical Chic of American literati have always admired, to bolster his credentials. Traditional elitists and federalists like Alexander Hamilton paved FDR's way to the Oval Office.

So, in my own humble opinion as a momentarily reformed drunk from Detroit, I see no American politician on a par with the giants of Euro-Russian history, except for William Jefferson Clinton, who remains Socialism's greatest and most successful careerist. That this gentleman's Christian credentials are hypocritical is an understatement. However, a new category of the circles of hell must be added to Dante's design in The Divine Comedy. The lowest a soul can go in the Inferno is hypocrisy. I believe careerism outdoes hypocrisy. Why? I will tell you in a future editorial entitled The American Eric Dorf. (Dorf was the Nazi careerist I portrayed in Holocaust.)

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.


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