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What comes before a fall?

By Dr. Robert Owens
web posted April 27, 2009

That the slow-motion revolution non-partisan serial "bail-out" is more about government control and central-planning than about keeping the economy afloat becomes m ore apparent every day.  When some of banks who were extorted into accepting bailout funds by the Republican statists saw the magnitude of control the central-planners at Treasury want to exert they saw the error of their ways. When they sought to return the money the Democrat statists refused to accept.  If it's all about maintaining financial institutions for the good of the economy what could be a better example of banks ready to stand on their own then ones seeking to repay tax-payers money?  The government is showing their colors, they're more concerned with controlling the financial institutions and the economy than they are with saving them.

Capitalism and the individual freedom it requires is under assault by a pi-partisan clique of statists who're determined to ignore the advice of the former communist slaves from Russia and Eastern Europe who warn us we shouldn't voluntarily place the links of collectivist chains upon the wrists of America. 

Where are we right now in this process of selling our birthright for a bowl of bailouts?  How far have we wandered from the path won by the sacrifices of the Revolution and mapped out by the Framers?  Recently one of the main characters in the statist grab for power Senator Chuck Schumer of New York made some revealing statements.  Senator Schumer is the senior Senator from the State of New York.  Since 2006, he's been the Vice Chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus making him the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate. 

Recently on the Rachel Maddow show Senator Schumer showed his utter disdain and disregard for the Republicans in Congress and for any Americans who believe in our country as we have known it when he said, "The world has changed.  The old Reagan philosophy which served them well politically from 1980 to about 2004 and 2006 is over.  But the hard right which still believes when the federal government moves, chop off its hands, still believes that, you know,"  here Schumer pauses to give a big patronizing smile and makes exaggerated air quotes as he continues, "traditional values kind of arguments and strong foreign policy, all that is over.  So they have nothing other than to say no."  This may be a shock to Mr. Schumer but when the question is "Is it all right if we abandon traditional values and adopt a weak foreign policy?"  the answer from millions of Americans is "NO!"

And how does Senator Schumer interpret President's sincerity as he seeks to move his program through Congress?  "I think President Obama has a pretty smart strategy.  He is going to talk bipartisanship to the American people.  But realizes until the Republican grassroots pushes their people over, if that ever happens, we are not going get change in the House or Senate.  So the answer is 60 votes."  To these revolutionary collectivists seeking to change the traditional course of America the answer is to "talk bipartisanship" and work for enough votes to ram through anything without the need for any Republican support at all.

But until the statists manage to get a few more votes in the Senate the lunging left have another strategy as pointed out by Maddow "Why not use the Budget Reconciliation rules for more legislation even though that is not precedent?"

The smiling Schumer agrees "I think that is the direction we are going to move in.  I would support that.  … we are going to give Senator Baucus, Senator Conrad a chance to pass health care legislation with 60 votes.  But it would be my view that if they can't do that by a certain time, August, we then move to reconciliation where we need 51 and it will be hard enough to pass national health care with 51 votes."  In other words if the rules of the Senate get in the way go around them and do whatever you have to do to ram this radical collectivist agenda through.

While the weakness the statists obviously perceive on the traditional side might seem depressing I believe this type of in-your-face public acknowledgment by Senator Schumer of their collectivist goals, his clear revelation of the calculated duplicity of the President, and the willingness to impose their will upon the nation by bending the rules of Congress betrays a sense of arrogance that's staggering to behold.  So sure are they of their ability to fundamentally change America from a Republic of free citizens into a centrally-planned collectivist democracy dedicated to spreading the wealth around they no longer feel the need to hide their agenda or their tactics behind their usual mask of politically-correct rhetoric.

Perhaps this is what comes before a fall? ESR

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, Religion, and Leadership for Southside Virginia Community CollegeContact Dr. Owens. © 2009 Robert R. Owens


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