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Hoax is the excuse for mega tax increase

By John Bender
web posted April 27, 2009

Nobody should be surprised that Democrats wouldn't let a recognized expert on the earth's climate testify side by side with Al Gore on April 24 before the House Energy and Environment subcommittee.  Al Gore is an accomplished flimflam man but his pitch can't stand up when confronted with scientific fact.  That is why Al Gore consistently refuses to publicly debate anyone on the subject.  It is also why they refused to allow Lord Christopher Monckton to testify alongside Gore in their sham hearing.
Democrats are trying to push through a huge tax on the poor and middle class by scaring the gullible and the uninformed with the sci-fi fairytale about global warming.  They aren't about to let scientific fact get in the way of their tax scheme.

The dinosaur media ignores the steady stream of evidence, including a plethora of peer-reviewed studies and analyses that debunk the junk science being peddled by the alarmists and the fear mongers.  Instead, they act as spokesmen for the scam artists.

In at least one instance this is totally understandable.  General Electric owns NBC and MSNBC.  Under its current CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, GE invested heavily in "windmills and other clean energy equipment".  These investments have no chance of turning a profit without massive government subsidies.  It is in GE's financial interest to promote the global warming hoax and the massive energy tax.

It is also in Immelt's personal interest to get the taxpayer to bail out his bad business decisions.  He's already a very rich man, but bringing GE's profits and stock prices back would make him much richer.  It would also mitigate some of the embarrassment of his being named one of the five worst CEOs in America by Forbes Magazine for running GE into the ground after taking over from Jack Welch.

Obama named Immelt one of his top financial advisors even though he knew about Immelt's dismal performance as head of GE.  That appointment seems to be more a payback for Immelt turning NBC and MSNBC into shills for Obama and radical left wing causes rather that because of any financial or management skill Immelt has.

One of those far left causes is the energy tax being pushed by Obama and other radicals. NBC and MSNBC are promoting the hoax of global warming to scare the gullible into thinking the tax is needed.

 The energy tax will more than double the cost of heating and cooling American homes hitting the poor and middle class the hardest.  This insidious tax will also drive jobs out of the country as companies flee to more market oriented nations like Red China.  This will also adversely impact the working poor and the middle class.  So will the fact that this tax will raise the cost of food to levels previously unheard of in North America. 

The proposed energy tax will do nothing to stop global warming because there is no global warming except the normal warming and cooling cycles the earth has gone through since it was created.  Gore knows that serious scientists debunk his hoax and that the real scientific evidence exposes the hoaxers and their mythical data (to put it kindly) as seriously inaccurate.  That's why he refuses to debate.

Immelt knows that the vast majority of serious scientists debunk the hoaxers and the alarmists.  That's why his networks refuse to cover the real data.  He also knows that fair and honest coverage of the subject will expose the hoax so his networks only cover the scammers and hold them up as credible resources.

Like Gore, Immelt stands to profit handsomely if enough gullible people believe the myth and the energy tax passes.  Gore already leads a lavish lifestyle provided by his work promoting the hoax and as chief global warming fear monger.  But the big money will come when sleazy political hacks start handing out the energy tax money to those who helped scam the people. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer and past staff writer for Etherzone.com.


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