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Progressive death and debt II: The progressive pied pipers

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 20, 2009

Let us plunge all Americans personally, privately, corporately and governmentally into massive debt under the well-known tyranny of Communist China!

In less than 100 days, that is what U.S. President Barack Obama is not only doing but continues to do with his ten year budget that will increase our financial obligations to Communist China, explode them into virtually national suicide.

As for his promise of "no new taxes" for anyone earning less than $250,000 a year?

The proposed cap and trade tax, among what may prove to be an ocean of additional, possibly environmentally-inspired tariffs, will be passed directly on to all Americans in their monthly energy bills … an increasingly punitive tax on gas being one of them. The president already admits that the rates for electricity will be as punitive as his tax on coal-burning energy producers. In addition, the added expenses will, most likely, not be tax-deductible.

How stupid does he think the American people are?!

Or, on the contrary, will he be proven right and America's alarm clock, which awakens its common sense, will not go off?

Perhaps there will never be an end to Progressive death and debt … unless the "Tea Party Protests" of April 15 expand into a 24-hour-a-day, mass movement. God willing, these demonstrations will contain the tenacity and success of the 1960's, anti-Vietnam War protests.

It is one thing to bankrupt America. We Americans, like the CEO's and employees of GM, can survive a bankruptcy.

However, our indebtedness to Red China? If Americans learn to endure tyranny, they are no longer Americans.

What kind of "collateral" will the Obama administration give Beijing to assure the Communist dictators that their increasingly risky investment is safe?

There is little within the Obama administration's economic policies that hasn't become transparently a surrender to not only the rest of the world, the UN and trans-nationalism but, to an increasingly horrifying degree, the Obama policies are a blatant capitulation to Communist China.

We wait nervously for this administration's response to North Korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

No matter how sternly Hillary Clinton's State Department begs patience of us, the blustering to Pyongyang made by the Obama administration about the North Korean missile launch … well … please … your worst worries about America's willingness to defend itself against Communist expansion?

Our fears appear to be increasingly justified.

I've addressed the Progressive love affair with death as a solution in the first editorial of this series, particularly the growing support for Science's use of death as a solution to the Progressive Movement's increasingly strident warnings about overpopulation and the environment. The Progressive love of death is mirrored by that same far left's love of debt

Let us put American lives at the increasingly cold-blooded mercy of its scientists and this nation's economy at the mercy of Red China.

What put America into this trance?

America, by virtue of the popularity ratings for the President, is … well … stoned!!

Even after reading these two editorials, the majority of young Americans, those under forty years of age (that's young to me), would laugh … which means they would actually be applauding death and debt as primary solutions to eternally human problems?

Hmmm … some Americans, those who are as concerned as I am, feel that America deserves whatever tyranny this centuries-long Progressive Movement leads the nation into. The relative lack of protest among ordinary Americans over the Supreme Court's 36 year-old, Roe v. Wade decision indicates how insensitive Americans are to the homicidal nature of abortion … and similarly to the ominous implications of mindless spending and mountainous debt.

However, there's no doubt that out of all the Progressive, bipartisan geniuses who have sat in the Oval Office, from Teddy Roosevelt to William Clinton, President Obama is leaving them all in the dust.

He's the most charming and his tax budget plan for the next ten years will prove to be the longest nail in this Progressively designed coffin for our individual freedom. The bigger the herd you run in … the safer you will be … if you conform!

This naively entranced America, self-medicated into utter moral and economic blindness, has been virtually lifted onto an embalming table (America died, as I've said many times before, with the Roe v. Wade decision) by the profoundly calming and adoring refrains from the mainstream, insanely Progressive media.

What will wake America up?

Pain … only the pain of an inescapable tyranny, the agonies of imprisonment, these will put enough adrenalin into America that might … and I merely say might just open the nation's eyes to the obvious!

My deepest fears … from merely meeting an arm of the Clinton administration, Attorney General Janet Reno … went so profoundly into my soul that I left everything … everything! My job, my house, my marriage, my city … my entire country I left!

That was fourteen years ago. Little did I know then that the brazenly unconstitutional, Progressive Movement that gave birth to the Clintons was, in actual fact, a little over one hundred years old.

Now, looking back on 68 years of being an American … and then an American exile in Canada … I don't regret a thing, not even the prices I've paid for the liquid courage it took to make my escape. In fact, without Alcoholics Anonymous, I would not have been given the wisdom to see the reality of Progressive America's power-besotted escapism.

The victims of the greatest financial thief in history, Bernie Madoff, are the same Progressive patsies who helped to empower President Obama. Tragically, Progressive Washington is playing Bernie Madoff to the rest of America … and Americans, despite the obvious, have fallen for the same Progressive confidence game.

I will say a prayer for my country tonight and perhaps every night from now on. I will pray to God that America won't repeat the 20th Century mistakes of World War II Europe. Such a repetition of that continent's surrender to tyranny … hmmm … well, we've already wallowed in 89 years of legalized slavery and the shame of the Dredd Scott decision! What's 36 years of legalized abortion and Roe v. Wade?!

With America's face in the mud of such disastrous, Supreme Court decisions that will forever be indelibly headlined by history, will America and Americans ever realize that the price of freedom is not listening to false promises and the con games of political "careerists" but knowing with your blood and guts that your freedom depends entirely upon the depth of your individual responsibility … yes, the agonizingly lonely price everyone must pay for individual freedom?

Even the masterly Progressive Pied Pipers, such as William Clinton and Barack Obama, exact a bottomless retribution for the whips and scorns of their own, infinitely power-mad ambitions. The cliff that both the Clintons and the Obamas will lead America off of is something, I regret to say, that I may very well see my country fall from during my lifetime.

Now that I see Fox News unrelentingly dedicated to sounding an increasingly non-partisan wake-up call … and Americans, of all political persuasions growing angrier at both the Republicans and Democratic Parties, I am almost optimistic about my former homeland's future.

Next week?

The Leveled v. The Levelers! The American people v. the Progressive Movement's bipartisan "Board of Elite Escapists" … whose super-intelligentsia has destroyed America's simple, common sense.

Ya gotta hand it to 'em!

For over 100 years American Progressives have always known how to get even the most intelligent of Americans to drop their guard. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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