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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Three: Homeschooling Bill Maher

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 2, 2012

America is something that both Bill Maher and President Barack Obama wish to "fundamentally transform".

Here is Bill Maher lecturing America about the nepotistic  and "Religulous" dangers of homeschooling.

If all of America is our home and, with the present speed of communications, our schoolroom, then Bill Maher knows very well that his tutorials to the children of Rick Santorum are "reaching home" regardless of the Santorum homeschooling.

Unfortunately for Bill Maher, Rick Santorum knows that as well. He's certain that his 12 year-old-son can out-debate Bill Maher on that subject, or any other Biblical matter that's relevant.

Nothing is more an American version of homeschooling than the present election year and the Republican Primaries. 2012 is clearly the very playground in which Bill Maher can set up his own, one way correspondence course for the uninformed.

Or, as he calls them, "the Stupid"! He pronounces that word with a capital "S".

Bill Maher has a comedian's bully pulpit and, of course, gets paid by the laugh, not by the clarity of his own reasoning. Comedy works off of the absurdities of life, the greatest of which, in Maher's opinion, is religion.

"Religion is Religulous!"

By God and His Bible, Maher is provided with a bottomless ocean of comic material, out of which he lectures his audience. Those listeners, hopefully for Maher's sake, are fully informed of most Biblical basics or they won't understand enough to laugh.

Maher says "half the country" take the Adam and Eve story literally.

Well, there's the first Maher sacrifice of truth for the sake of his overall message which is, in his own words, "most Americans are stupid!" Therefore it isn't hard to slip false statistics by a nation, at least half of which, the conservative and Un-Progressive half, are "stupid".

How Maher ends up with an American audience that thinks they themselves are not-so-stupid is possible proof that, indeed, "Most Americans are stupid and can always be had by the comedic likes of Bill Maher!"

However, they don't go to Maher to be educated.

They sit and adore him because he makes them laugh!

His first big laugh in the roast of the Santorum Family comes first when he uses the "F" word during what is basically a Bible Lesson.

This is what I call Bill Maher's "Cut the shit" shock formula for sure laughs.

Then there's a small giggle over the phrase "virus of reason".

Okay, the melodrama is set, a la film noir: The very French anti-hero is "the virus of reason".

Maher's Modern Monster is The American Stupid Person, the most "religulous" of them being Rick Santorum and Family.

Maher's grandest victory in this brief clip, comes with applause for this line: "The mind is a terrible thing to open!"

As a classic Shakespearean "Fool" or comedian that serves the contemporary American version of King Lear, now known of as The Entire Progressive New World Order, Maher has the inevitably tragic task of making his monarchs laugh while they embrace the worst of their own children.

The Progressive American results of the Bush/Clinton/Bush Volley Ball Game with and in the White House, have proven to be the entire Obama Nation.

In other words, the Obama Nation is symbolically King Lear's evil offspring, Goneril and Regan, Lear's daughters, plus Lear's evil son-in-law, Cornwall.


What a wicked trio of children!! Then, of course, there's Edmund!!! He's almost the cunning worst of The Whole Bad Bunch.

What we have then is not only a pre-Christian but pre-Roman version of the Marxist, Mao-loving and fundamentally atheistic Obama Nation?!

What an equally evil conglomeration of not very honest, not very nice, not-at-all forgiving, secretly embittered, abortion-loving Obaminations!!

Why does Bill Maher play the Fool for them?!

Why does he actually have hope for them?!

Marxists – regardless if they, like the Marxists Clinton and Obama, say they are Christian – are all inevitably atheists! As Marxists they really have no other choice. If they believe in Christ, they're still a little bit "stupid", but, with enough exposure to the Court Jester, Bill Maher, they'll get over it!!

The Clinton/Obama connections to Marxism comforts Maher. He's a comedian who's really not an ideologue or fanatic about anything except atheism.

The FoolAtheism is what this Fool, Bill Maher, foolishly thinks is his grandest gift to America's stupidest citizens! Ultimately it is Maher's grandest offering to all of Mankind! A gift even more wonderful than the laughs he's so brilliantly provoking!!

Bill Maher, like the Fool in King Lear, is now irrevocably tied to the Progressive New World Order's hip!

He is, indeed, their most famous court jester. In Soviet Russia it is known as a "Yurodivy". Dimitri Shostakovich played the "Yurodivy" or Holy Fool to the King Lear of Joseph Stalin.

Here are Michael Tilson Thomas' brilliant lectures on the dangers of playing the Yurodivy or Holy Fool to the likes of a King Lear named Joseph Stalin.

Shostakovich may or may not have been Christian. We are not sure of just how "Holy" his "Foolery" had been.

Bill Maher and the essence of Progressivism and its New World Order however?!

The Atheists' Club!

Oh, we have people like Vice President Joe Biden and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi claiming to be Progressive Catholics. They're not playing the Fool either. They're certain, as Progressives, that the Catholic future will include a pro-choice, pro-abortion Pope and Vatican! They have Bill Maher laughing at them and cracking secret jokes about their sitting-duck hypocrisy behind their backs because, well, as all great fans of King Lear know, the Fool was smarter than the King and his Court.

So will Bill Maher get the last laugh?

Not if he's facing what the Fool in King Lear faces: a nightmare that culminates in the words: "My fool is dead!"

Revisionary critics love feuding about whom Lear is referring to as "Fool". Is it the King's Court Jester or is it the only good human being in Lear's family, his dead daughter, the divinely perfect Cordelia?

A flawless daughter sacrificed on the unmistakable Foolishness of her father, the King? An old and utterly insane fool, rather like the financial father of Barack Obama, George Soros?

Or is it the fact that the same actor in Shakespeare's time played both Cordelia and the Fool?

If my metaphors are on target, then Bill Maher does indeed have the goodness of a great comic talent coupled with a suicidal loyalty to his entire court of atheists!

Maher as both the Fool and Cordelia?

"Here endeth The First Lesson!"

The homeschooling for Bill Maher.

The Second Lesson is inevitably offered to The Fool's very own King Lear, the possibly tragic or pathetic know-it-all, a la Voltaire's "enlightened despots", the billionaire George Soros. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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