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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Five: The Devil's "Learning Moment"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 16, 2012

How do you "homeschool" a latter day villain of Shakespeare's mountainous tragedy, King Lear? You don't. You play doomsday's Greek Chorus to Barack Obama's ominously Brechtian version of America's and, in particular, Chicago's increasingly Marxist Democrats of America.

Jungle of Cities by the Communist writer, Bertolt Brecht, is set in Chicago.

Arturo Ui, a dramatic metaphor for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, also by Brecht, is again set in Chicago!

No matter who is the villain in these plays which Brecht set in Illinois, the entire cast ends up being gangsters of one kind or another. Or for terminology which President Obama would greatly prefer, the drama is about warring "Godfathers".

That the President's Godfather heroes actually shoot and kill other Godfathers is, well, Life Chicago Style! It bestows upon us the fruits of the ultimate Cosa Nostra.

The Cosa Nostra of all Cosa Nostra's!


By now, self-proclaimed "Godfather" Barack Obama already has more than a few "notches" on his Godfather's gat.

The character of Edmund in King Lear seduces both of Lear's evil daughters. Edmund then, after much further mayhem, calls for the death of Lear and Cordelia. Edmund's villainy is, however, matched by Regan's husband, Cornwall, who personally blinds Edmund's own father, Gloucester. Then Edmund's and Cornwall's cold-bloodedness is outdone by Goneril who, out of jealousy, poisons her own sister, Regan!


How can I lay such melodramatic and horrifying nightmares at the feet of what I declare are the contemporary counterparts to Shakespeare's King Lear?  The likes of Soros, Obama and neo-Soviet Russia's Vladimir Putin? This link is not a bad introduction to the nightmare. The missing "link" within this link, of course, is George Soros' vital role in the creation of The Putin System. Was it America that produced this profoundly important revelation of Putin's neo-Soviet Russia?


It was Canadian Broadcasting's The Passionate Eye!

The Putin System is now being applied to America as The Obama System. Both "Systems" nurtured by George King Lear Soros!

The butchering, body-laden, 100 year old and repetitive, slaughterhouse history of the International Communist Party.

A mere glance at the fate of Leon Trotsky at the hands of Stalinist assassins and the similar fates of the Red Army's officer corps at the mercy of Stalin's Great Purge?!

These begin this unsurpassable, Communist chapter within History's Grand Guignol!

Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward, causing 30 million Chinese deaths by starvation and the inevitable outbreak of cannibalism.

That is the history out of which Barack Obama's Marxism and dreams of a "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" were born.

I'm not even including the deaths by the initial Communist revolutions in both Russia and China. America had its own revolution and its own Civil War defeating slavery.

No, this is Marxism while Stalin and Mao were sitting in power!

However, none of this is news to Marxist President of the United States, Barack Obama.

America's Obama Nation has, in its first Presidential year, hung Mao's likeness on a White House Christmas Tree!

Hmmm … Maoist Christianity?!

Barack Obama not only doesn't care about what amounts to Communist-inspired Sino-Soviet Holocausts, he applauds and persistently, brazenly and unconstitutionally insures, with his Obamacare and increasingly Marxist control of America, the 1.6 million American deaths per year by abortion!

From Lenin to Stalin to Mao to neo-Soviet Russia's Putin to Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America, are we viewing Shakespearean villainy afoot here or not?

I'm not teaching Barack Obama anything that he doesn't already know and obviously considers utterly irrelevant in the face of his own Sorosian, megalomaniacal dream of a Worldwide Marxist Utopia.

Edmund in King Lear is empowered by Lear's daughters, Goneril and Regan, who, in turn, had been empowered by King Lear himself.

If the contemporary Lear is George Soros, the evil daughters are George's Marxist Sons: Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.
Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin
The Children of King Soros: Chicago's and Moscow's Leopold and Loeb

Please read Death of a Dissident if you are not familiar with how profoundly George Soros helped Vladimir Putin into power.

From Putin and Obama in high office and the Soros Empire's, Lear-like money and influence, what might we expect? An increasingly Marxist and ruthlessly clenched fist around all of what is left of Western Civilization.

As mercenaries, however, how loyal to George Soros must these Marxist Movers and Shakers really be?

Once Obama has his all important, second four years to lock-in both Obamacare and the inevitable Obama-energy "Learning Moment"? Yes, the final clench of the Marxist fist around the entire American population, its economy, its energy and its individual freedom?

What becomes of the King Lear within George Soros?

"Get out of the way, old man!"

Or, as Obama asks Dimitri Medvedev to tell Barack's philosophic twin brother, Vladimir Putin, "After the election, I (we) will have more flexibility." Italics mine.

In Putin and Obama we have a world-encompassing, Marxist Leopold and Loeb.

For Marxists, Good and Evil were entirely and terminally replaced by "dialectical materialism".

"Dialectical materialism" is now Harvard rhetoric for "Make 'em an offer they can't refuse!"

Obama, a Harvard-trained Edmund and increasingly hate-filled son of America, will join hands with neo-Soviet Russia's Vladimir Putin to "fundamentally transform" not only the United States of America but all of Western Civilization, including the Catholic Church.


Putin and Obama are both inextricably riding the back of a tired old horse I call Stalin's Soviet Stallion.

Doesn't that or wouldn't such a presence inject into this Leopold and Loeb team a strong strain of Stalin's very own paranoia? Won't both our mega-sized Leopold and Loeb become equally infected with such "Stalinoia"?

Of course!

Who or what in the International Communist Party knows that sick-little-outcome best? Red China.

They all lived under Maoanoia!

"Arm's length" is an understatement for how Beijing will eventually deal with the sons of George Soros' King Lear, the Goneril and Regan of a "fundamentally transformed" Progressively Communist New World Order!

The virtual Leopold and Loeb, Marxist ego a deux within this markedly Soviet takeover of the Free World: Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama?!

They are both immeasurably and, I must say, unspeakably indebted to their King Lear, George Soros.

Papa Soros, as a child in Hungary, was apparently saved from the evils of Nazism by the evils of Stalinism.

Hmm …

Barack Obama was saved from what that American Yurodivy or Shakespearean Fool, Bill Maher, calls American "Stupidity", by the Marxist "enlightenment" of his father.

Vladimir Putin, a graduate of the KGB and Moscow's Lubyanka schoolroom, faced no major conflict-of-interest in his entire life. He's a Communist. Plain and simple.

These three make up the Unholy Trinity of a Biblically prophesied Armageddon!

And Bill Maher?

He actually worships this Unholy Trinity because no matter what those three say in public, Maher knows, in the end, they all are inevitably atheists and must be on his side.


They're Marxists!

A God-fearing Marxist is a contradiction-in-terms.

Since "Progressive" is a New World Order euphemism for "Marxist", the labels "Progressive Christian" or "Progressive Catholic", so proudly sported by the high-and-mighty likes of Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, are either treasonously oxymoronic or formulas for terminally deliberate hypocrisy.

Either way, the "Progressive New World Order", under the leadership of Soros, Obama and Putin, will, after a worse hell than it has already promised us, will eventually be seen by History as an anti-Semitic/Stalinist/Maoist relapse into a Nazi-like nightmare that Bill Clinton initially called The Third Way and the Bush Family has labeled as The New World Order.

With the Devil's last time at bat, the "side" will not only be "retired", as they say, it will have permanently immunized the human race against even tasting the Devil's beer, let alone Lucifer's Progressive Hotdogs.

The Progressives call The New World Order "Progress".

"The fruit on the Tree of Knowledge!"

No wonder God and His Bible warned us about it. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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