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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Six: Ghosts of The Russian Tea Room

By Michael Moriarty
web posted April 23, 2012

There is smug.

Then there is, of course, Charlie Rose.

Charles "Peete" (sic) Rose from my once beloved corner of Manhattan, a regular at my own and grandest but former watering hole, The Russian Tea Room, evokes that den of VIP's and its oh-so-plugged-in bonhomie.

Alberto Sughi paintingOn my Canadian television set I am watching Rose and the best-selling novelist John Grisham batting around major league baseball scores and statistics. All that is missing is George Will to make this table a bipartisan, New World Order Trinity of Intellect for, say, Alberto Sughi to sketch.


Nothing that morose.

But something of that isolation. The distances between the actors, trying oh-so-hard to speak in a baseball code that only they can understand.

The club!

And the Clubhouse!!

John Grisham, with a decidedly Mississippi spin to his very Fulbright and Clintonian Arkansas heritage, dismisses Washington D. C. and today's politics. Basically he concludes that "nothing gets done."

With the same conceit about Congressional impotence, visions of another, former denizen of the Russian Tea Room, Woody Allen, utters a few fervent words about the need for an American dictatorship.

Meanwhile, we must have Bill Maher, holding court at his own table, reminding us of how stupid most Americans are.

Then, of course, the comedian, Chris Rock, standing at The Increasingly Russian Tea Room's bar to remind us that Obama's second term will be, as the old joke goes, "the end of the nice guy".

Finally, as counter-current to The Russian Tea Room's oh-so-inside tidal wave, Ted Nugent, passing by on 57th Street in a limousine, possibly on a phone to the National Rifle Association, predicting his own assassination or imprisonment upon Obama's second chance to expand his increasingly dictatorial powers.

Hmmm …

Meanwhile I'm breathtakingly grateful as an American to be living in Canada.

What "pressures" a second term President Obama might drop upon an increasingly firm conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper?

Well … that depends upon how visible the inevitable Second Civil War of America is.

What?! An American Civil War?!

Yes, the American Tea Party will "not go gentle" into that Presidentially mandated "Good Night".The entire world is sitting upon an American powder keg!

Obama as FDRYes.

That about covers it.

Once in power, President Obama will want a Civil War and he will continue to "push the envelope" till he gets it.

Time Magazine's initial comparison of Barack Obama to a second Abraham Lincoln and now its tribute to Obama as a Third Millennium FDR?

We apparently have an inevitable "Pearl Harbor" of some sort and World War III to look forward to.

Obama's America, however, his Obama Nation, exponentially larger and more diverse than either 1940's Japan or Germany, cannot engage in a World War III without having first faced its own Second Civil War at home.

He's both the Clinton Third Way's Reichsführer and occupied France's Marshal Pétain … both at the same time.


As Woody Allen and Friends have indicated: America needs a dictator with an American cover!


The "Progressive New World Order"!

Mao ornamentWhat "Progressive" really stands for is increasingly clear. Obama's admitted admiration for Karl Marx and his Obama Nation's undeniable admiration for Mao Zedong, plus the Clinton family's increasingly Pétainist veneer to American foreign policy leaves us with the American version of World War II's occupied France.

Add the recent and increasingly vocal "Progressive" Catholics and their New World Order presence within Pope Benedict XVI's clergy and his Vatican. "Progressive" Catholics all the way up, I'm sure, to members of the College of Cardinals.

It is all rather like the Progressives – Vice-President Biden and Former Speaker of the House Pelosi –  still claiming they are devout Catholics. Still lining up for Communion with a Pro-Choice sandwich-board hanging from their shoulders.

Obama's war with the Catholic Church, even if he is not reelected, inevitably means a World War.

"He doesn't think so!"

Of course he does!

He's FDR!!

We all know how FDR knew he would join Winston Churchill in his war with Nazi Germany, right? He just had to wait for America and Americans to get angry enough! Till then it was Lend Lease, right?!

"Rather like Obama's helping hand to the Arab Spring?"

Not merely the Arab Spring but with Obama's increased "flexibility" to accommodate Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet Russia!

The biggest problem with these mixed metaphors is that Obama hates Churchill!

Loathes him!!

And both the Arab Spring and the neo-Soviet Union are not the equivalent of a British Empire!!!

In President's eyes, however, neo-Soviet Russia and The Arab Spring are the megalomaniacal equivalent of the Obama Nation's World Empire!!!

Let's see how truly supportive President Obama is of Israel.

The main question now is which will happen first? Israel's bombing of Iran's nuclear fortresses? Or Justice Kennedy's decision on whether or not the Supreme Court's majority is for or against Obamacare?

The Supreme Court voted for Dred Scott and legalized slavery in 1857. Within three years, America was at Civil War.

The Supreme Court voted for Roe v Wade and legalized abortion in 1973. It is now 39 years later and America seems increasingly divided over abortion.

Is legalized murder as vile a thing as legalized slavery?

I think so.

It took 89 years for America's experiment with slavery to incite a domestic nightmare that took the lives of 600,000 Americans, both Yankee and Confederate.

I don't think legalized abortion will take that long to provoke mass violence. Obama and the "Progressive" New World Order knows that and wants that violence to  happen.

Lincoln is said to have tipped the Confederate South into attacking Fort Sumter by his intention of stopping the spread of slavery into the American West.

What do you possibly think must inevitably happen when Obama tips Catholic Hospitals into obeying a Rogue Religion called Obamacare?!

No, it's not quite Janet Reno attacking the Koresh Compound with tanks and possible flame-throwers … yet! The body count, however, if the Supreme Court acts as it always has in such decisions? It could far surpass the 80 dead at Waco and the three lost at Ruby Ridge.

If Justice Kennedy upholds Obamacare as that Court also upheld legalized slavery with Dred Scott and legalized abortion with Roe v Wade? What will be the inevitable result, in an American democracy, of such French Revolutionary behavior by the "enlightened despots" of a "community-organizing" Supreme Court ?

Does the Progressive New World Order really believe that Barack Obama is their Lincoln and defending legalized murder is the equivalent of Lincoln's war against legalized slavery?

Does Time Magazine really believe that its earlier and astounding puff-piece inferences that Obama is a new Lincoln can be forgotten? When Time now compares Obama to World War II's Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Does Time Magazine's own "Progressive" agenda think Americans are as "stupid" as Bill Maher says they are?  That Americans have accepted Roe v Wade as the "liberating equivalent" of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation?!

If so, there will be more than Ghosts of The Russian Tea Room floating around Manhattan's increasingly beleaguered island.

There will be the likely inevitability that we might all … all of us … be ghosts within the next four years.

World War III.


An American Civil War over abortion will inevitably incite a Catholic Civil War. That means an inevitable World War.

Call it "Civil".

Or call it what the word Catholic means! Universal!! Universal War.

No matter how wealthy, or how powerful, or how triumphant the likes of George Soros thinks his very Marxist and Islamic New World Order may prove to be? Not even George Soros can pick a fight with the entire Universe … without losing.

The Universe, as far as "Rome" is concerned, has said that human life is sacred. Sacred from the moment of conception.

Neither the Obama Nation nor its inevitable allies in both Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet Russia and Beijing's Communist China can defeat the Universe! Nor its Universal Laws!

Human life is sacred.

Mess with it at risk of eternal damnation. Damned not by a God. Damned to eternity by History!

If the Soviet Union couldn't hold on to Poland because of Pope John Paul II? How long do you think the likes of George Soros, Obama and Putin can hold onto the United States of America? ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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