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web posted April 1998

Civil Liberties

Do conservatives remember when their movement supported civil rights?

It's true, we once did. Writer, Libertarian, and possibly New York City’s East Village only National Firearms Association member J.D. Tucille wants to make sure that everyone is equipped in the fight for their civil rights.

I'd be naive if I listed Civil Liberties as this month's Site of the Month without a word of warning to conservatives. Judging by the email that ESR receives, a majority of you are traditional conservatives, ones unlikely to support something like the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes (Let's not forget that uber-traditional National Review has some interesting notions on the war on drugs). If notions such as that offends you to the point that you do not want to check this site out, that's fine, but there are resources listed on this site which would appeal to and are important any conservative. Links to information about encryption policy, gun rights, privacy, and search and seizure are things that conservatives do have a responsibility to learn more about, and this site has the information you're looking for. How many sites did you see on the Internet defending gun rights one week after the Jonesboro massacre? How many conservative web sites?

If conservatives are willing to overlook the elements of this web site that they might find diametrically opposed to their world view, they'll find a quality web site which will give them even more tools in the fight against expansionist governments. Civil Rights is a worthy stop for those interested in the struggle for more individual liberty. Arm yourself with information!

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