National sovereignty: the next target of Clinton's "Politics of Personal Destruction"

"Woe to any brotherhood and unity imposed by force of law." -- Serb proverb

By Michael E. Kreca
web posted April 1999

The Empire of Japan unprovokedly and unilaterally bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, US sovereign territory, in 1941, an act of war that made that Sunday, December 7th truly a "Day of Infamy" in the USA if not the world.

And Day of Infamy II premiered March 23, 1999 when Bill Clinton and his evil Eurotwin Tony Blair, hiding behind NATO, unprovokedly and unilaterally began bombing a sovereign nation (and a Christian one too, during Lent and very close to Easter) that has invaded no one, much less a NATO member. All in a region that saw the eruption of World War I nearly 85 years before--also when "foreign powers" intervened.

Worse, for the first time in NATO's fifty-year history, the alliance is taking offensive actions in direct violation of its own charter and of international law. NATO's acronym can now be defined as "Newest Aggressive Terrorist Organization." Clinton's 1999 "Operation Allied Force," meet Hitler's 1941 "Operation Punishment." Both had bombing Belgrade in common.

The whole NATO charade (other than helping keep news of Clinton's treasonous satellite sellout to Red China off the front pages) is Bubba's insurance policy that when things go terribly wrong in the Balkans (as they most assuredly will) he can do what he has always done best throughout his life. That is, escape all personal responsibility by blaming someone or something else and then walk away laughing after some phony, lip-biting, on-camera "I'm sorry."

Watch the barrage of finger-pointing and denials begin, especially if and when lots of flag-covered aluminum caskets start showing up at Dover AFB in Delaware, with the corpses of men and women who needlessly fell in a civil war in a nation that most Americans can't even find on a map. (Sound familiar?)

I wonder what those roasted-alive Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas and the hapless 18 Army Rangers in Somalia who were killed and disfigured thought about "sometimes having to use force to keep things under control." Especially in regional conflicts with no bearing on US national security with our intervention in such serving only the selfish, power-mad interests of our despicable Arkanfuehrer. Why no troops to Sierra Leone, to the Sudan, to Burma, to Tibet? Where was the media-fed rage over the slaughter in Rwanda and Chechnaya and Turkish Kurdistan and of rural villagers in southern Mexico? Should we have unilaterally tossed tons of Tomahawks at those countries too? We did at an aspirin plant in the Sudan, but only to help Clintigula stave off another sex scandal that eventually got him impeached.

Where was the administration's "inclusive humanitarianism" when ethnic Serbs were brutally and summarily expelled from their ancestral homes in Croatia by the Croats and Bosnian Muslims in 1994-95? Where was "concern for the children" when ethnic Serbs in Bosnia (fresh from being made homeless in Croatia) were carpet bombed and artillery barraged to death by our glorious "defensive alliance?" I imagine if our our digitized, real-time satellite-borne yellow journalism (so much like its predecessor, the Hearst newspapers' fiendish 1898 "war fever" against Spain) and spin proffered by scabrous creeps like Turner, Rivera, Brokaw, Jennings and Rather is just grist for the mill of the latest White House opinion poll, and that some of the world's "ethnic refugees" are more important (or fashionable) than others.

Are we a constitutional Republic in which our first President warned about permanent entangling alliances and mindless interference in the affairs of other nations and how our stance was a shining example and inspiration to the world?

Or are we the late Roman Empire, a collection of complacent, gluttonous, materialistic, smug, self-righteous, aggressive boors who always "know better" for everyone else in the world and are all too willing to "demonstrate" that at the push of a button?

Sadly, I am being forced to admit the latter is more and more becoming distressingly true and there will be a terrible price paid by our country for that state of affairs.

Roman legions, finely equipped and well trained, occupying most of Europe and parts of the Mideast and North Africa at the time of Rome's zenith of power, eventually met a ragtag "low-tech" collection of “barbarians” in the forests of western Germany led by a man named Arminius. The Romans, despite overwhelming superiority, were brutally slaughtered en masse. Rome, despite its martial might, never was able to conquer the lands east of the Rhine. And that defeat was the first clear indicator of Rome's long and gradual decline.

We are foolishly (and illegally) intervening in a nation (which was a staunch ally of the US and Britain and France in both World Wars) that has a long and well-deserved reputation for fighting long, fiercely and tenaciously and defeating much larger adversaries, and badly. Napoleon Bonaparte tried and failed. Austria tried and failed. Germany tried twice and failed. Stalin never even bothered trying, even after Marshal Tito broke with Moscow in 1948, a similar act, that, two decades later, got Czechoslovakia steamrolled by Soviet tanks.

The present occupants of the White House and 10 Downing St. are turning Slobodan Milosevich into a Balkan Fidel Castro and giving the terrorist, drug dealing, Osama-bin-Laden-backed Moslem/Maoist KLA a solid operating base in Europe with all of the problems that will ensue from such. And if Milosevich and certain of his confederates should stand trial for war crimes, than also should Croat President Franjo Tudjman, Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izbegotovich and the leaders of the KLA.

Clinton's and Blair's laser-guided "love fest" is at bottom about savagely and aggressively crushing a fiercely independent, well-armed people with a rich ancient Orthodox Christian culture and absolutely no desire to be a slaves of anyone, be the putative masters Germans, Austrians, French, Russians, Americans, or worst of all, the "get along or else" UN and its loan sharking minions, the World Bank and the IMF. You can be sure the latter two have their hearts set on grabbing control of Serbia's large coal, lignite and aluminum ore reserves, and wanting to turn that small nation into another disarmed, helpless "loan junkie," trading its priceless natural resources, and its people and their self-respect, at bargain basement prices, for endless streams of low-interest, easy repayment term "fixes."

All for "world peace" and the "safety of our children." Despicable.

The Serbs aren't a dead White House adviser, a state beauty queen, the Whitewater Development Corp., Ken Starr or the former head of the White House Travel Office. Bully Billy, knowing it or not, is up against a real deadly adversary this time.

And we ignore this at our dire peril.

Michael E. Kreca lives in San Diego and has been a financial reporter for Business Week, Knight-Ridder and the Financial Times of London. He can be reached at

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