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No editorials in May

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

web posted May 15, 2000

Kudos to Roger Banks!

Banks was asked to appear on the television program Legal Notebook to discuss his article Animal Dogma which appeared in ESR recently. Congratulations Roger!

web posted May 1, 2000

The archive continues to come along

After overcoming some technical hurdles of my own making, serious work on the archives has begun. All the articles for 1996 have been converted to the new format and work on 1997 is well underway. Judging by the number of pages that have to be converted or modified, the archive will likely be completed sometime in June. Remember, while I'm doing this, I'm also working on ESR every week as well as a number of other related projects.

I may begin placing completed sections of the archive on the web before everything is complete but I haven't made a decision on that.

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