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Reagan 2000: Federalism and the New Republicans

Ronald Reagan is running in 2000...or at least his ideals are.

Reagan 2000 is at once a homage to America's 40th president and a call for the conservatives of today to rise up and carry the Reagan banner as "individual, family and community rights and responsibilities in acts of self-governance, as set forth by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence and codified in its subordinate guidance, our Republic's Constitution, the original intent of which is specified in the Federalist Papers."

The web site offers a fine library of basic Reaganism consisting of photos, some of his more famous speeches and retorts to attacks on the record of his presidency. For those few who need an introduction to the man, Reagan 2000 gives one a perspective using Reagan's own words and ideas.

The site's main purpose, however, is to promote its New Federalist Platform -- a modest attempt to define the conservative platform "for the next century." To do that, it's creators -- who happen to be behind e-mail newsletter The Federalist -- have looked to the past to the original ideas which helped create the American nation. They are the same ideals which Reagan himself promoted and most conservatives give lip service to today. Whether its realistic to hope that America can move away from its dance with tyranny is a question that you would be best to answer after reading the platform, but as Reagan famously asked, "The job is ours and the job must be done. If not by us, who? If not now, when?"

According to Reagan 2000, yours is the job and today is now.

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