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web posted May 22, 2000

"Forget about the crimes, just look at the accidental gun rate." -- Bill Clinton in support of the Million Mom March. In 1999, fewer people died in gun-related accidents than in any year since 1913, even though the population -- and number of guns -- are now many times that of 1913.

"Again, for the sake of our children, I ask Congress to stop the delay." -- Bill Clinton urging Congress to rubber stamp his gun control programs

"The military isn't essentially a testing ground." -- Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig, responding to a question about gays in the military after a speech at the U.S. Naval Academy. Essentially?

"Virtually every argument for more gun control laws is either based on lies or is grossly misleading. ...[H]ard data show that, on net balance, gun control costs more lives than it saves." -- Thomas Sowell

"Only the terminally naive fail to see that the ultimate goal is to take the guns out of the hands of ordinary Americans. Every tragedy is turned into yet another opportunity to perform the twist and the double twist." -- Balint Vazsonyi

"Disarmed citizens encourage crime and violence. Armed citizens encourage criminals to find a safer line of work." -- Harry Browne

"So in the end, the Million Mom March turned out to be little more than a superhyped Democratic Party campaign rally. ... Bill and Hillary Clinton hosted the organizers at the White House. Mrs. Clinton and Tipper Gore campaigned personally among the obviously sympathetic crowd." -- New York Post

"Watching the effects of 30 years of the deliberate dumbing-down of a people is not a pretty sight. [America's conscience] has been co-opted by government propaganda." -- Joe Farah

"Clinton has brought us face to face with who we are and what we are. Simply put, we are witnessing the denouement of the sorry saga of the '60s, the drugs, the promiscuity, the vulgarity and the perversion." -- Linda Bowles

"[The Clintons] have left our political process distorted and misshapen; they have stopped good things from happening, and allowed bad things to occur; when caught they have covered-up and dissembled, which in turn has added a new level of sourness, cynicism and confusion to our politics and our culture." -- Peggy Noonan

"Clinton may not be the worst president America has had, but surely he is the worst person to be president." -- George Will

"As the former head of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev was widely hailed as the man who brought an end to the Cold War." -- Bryant Gumball and the media's continuing lie about Gorbachev

"The Million Mom March's rhetoric strikes a blow at the psychological solar plexus of the pro-gun movement, the alliance between pro-gun and anti-abortion sentiments. Reproductive control and lack of gun control are inseparable halves of what feminists once dubbed the 'male protection racket': If women have no control over their wombs, then they are helpless dependents in need of men's protection. But if women can make their own choices, they no longer need the paternal guardianship either. That is why gun ownership and anti-abortion advocacy go together: each props up the other." -- Susan Faludi. No, we don't know what she's talking about either

"We're both against the economic sanctions, the embargo. And I think there're so many great parts of that system--women and men doing the same jobs for the same pay. I'm very pro-socialism. But there's a lot of repression there." -- Amy Ray of the "Indigo Girls" duo on the great state of Cuba

" 'He's doing fine.' That's the political professionals' code for, 'Get paid in advance. This campaign is toast'." -- Rich Galen on how Gore's handlers are explaining his lag in virtually every poll

"That is the theme of the Million Mom March: 'I don't need a brain -- I've got a womb'." -- Ann Coulter

"Vladimir Putin was sworn in as Russia's event that raised the national spirit in Russia from morose to gloomy." -- Jon Stewart

"Apparently, Al Gore doesn't attract women in the polls. That is a big problem for him. But I'm thinking that after all we have been through, isn't that a positive thing?" -- David Letterman

"Hillary Clinton says that out of respect, she wishes reporters would stop asking Mayor Giuliani about his marriage problems. She stuck up for him. Meanwhile, Giuliani's wife said out of respect, she wishes Bill Clinton would stop calling her." -- Conan O'Brien

web posted May 15, 2000

"Jesse Jackson's value system is about as anathema to the basic core values of Silicon Valley as anybody's could be. We thrive on freedom and free markets, while he stands for decisions made by coercion and political power." -- Cypress Semiconductor chief executive T.J. Rodgers

"The facts of the case are not in dispute. The President lied under oath and obstructed justice, was held in contempt by a federal court judge, and did not appeal that decision, all of which run counter to the most basic rules required of those who hold law licenses and the nation's judicial system in their hands. I will characterize the President's defense of his law license as a flawed attempt to make a political argument out of a legal matter. As we have said from the beginning, truthfulness is not an aspirational goal for attorneys." -- Matthew Glavin of the Southeastern Legal Foundation on Bill Clinton's fight against disbarment for perjury by the Arkansas Committee on Professional Conduct

"There may be one day of hearings on the assault of the home.'s essentially over and time to move on." -- Sen. Mitch McConnell on why the chances of a Congressional inquiry into the Elian Gonzalez raid would likely not occur

"Why isn't anyone hanging around Bill Bradley's house in New Jersey to see whether he agrees with Gore on Social Security, Cuban parental rights, Taxes or, oh yes, Medicare? Who do we think is more simpatico: McCain to Bush? Or, Bradley to Gore?" -- Rich Galen on the media's efforts to trumpet what little rift remains between George Bush and John McCain after McCain's enthusiastic endorsement of Bush

"Today is really a historic day. For the first time throughout the history of the Russian State, high power is being transferred in the most democratic and simple way, by the will of the people -- legally and peacefully." -- Russian President Vladimir Putin in his inaugural speech

"A law can be both economic folly and constitutional." -- Antonin Scalia

"Must the mistakes of history be endlessly repeated? Granting PNTR to China will strengthen the hand of hard-liners, by telling the regime that America will never do anything meaningful to counter its aggression." -- Don Feder

Almost as thoroughly depressing as the sight of little Elian Gonzalez paraded around Georgetown by Democratic fund-raisers is the sight of Republicans in full flight from the Fourth Amendment, which bars 'unreasonable searches and seizures'." -- Washington Times

"What Mr. Clinton and his vice president plainly would like voters to conclude is that anyone who opposes hate-crimes legislation must be whole-heartedly in favor of hate crimes. This is like saying that anyone who rejects acupuncture as a treatment for cancer must be in favor of the disease." --Steve Chapman

"...[C]ompared with other Americans, journalists are more likely to live in upscale neighborhoods, have maids, own Mercedes and trade stocks, and less likely to go to church, do volunteer work or put down roots in a community. Journalists are over-represented in ZIP code areas where residents are twice as likely as other Americans to rent foreign movies, drink Chablis, own an espresso maker and read magazines such as Architectural Digest and Food & Wine." -- John Leo

"Ours may become the first civilization destroyed, not by the power of our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity." -- Thomas Sowell

"Increasingly, I wonder if there are any outrages that would be sufficiently ominous in their effects upon liberty and unequivocal in their moral perversity to awaken the American people to the tyrannical spirit that envelopes the Clinton White House." -- Alan Keyes

"Whenever there's a tragedy involving gun use, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the gun-control lobby and the news media seize it as another opportunity to exploit the emotions of uninformed American people for political gain." -- Walter E. Williams

"A nation dies culturally and spiritually first. Its money and its army are the last to go, but go they do once the light goes out in the nation's soul." -- Charley Reese

"Al Gore has dished out more whoppers than a drive-through at Burger King." -- RNC spokesman Mark Pfeifle

"Federal involvement in education started in 1965 as part of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, and you can make a pretty strong argument that the performance of city schools, especially in the poorest neighborhoods, headed straight down hill after that. Democratic liberalism has owned these schools for 30 years, and a reform effort now under way in the Senate suggests why the situation has been able to stay so bad for so long. A group of Senators have a bill up and running that would free states from a maze of federal red tape if in exchange for the federal funds the states delivered with improved test results in low-performing schools. Sounds like a sensible deal, but first we need gun control. The Senate's Democratic leadership is insisting that the bill also control sales at weekend gun shows and mandate that trigger locks be sold with all new handguns." -- Wall Street Journal

"Well, words do hurt people because they prevent compromise. And people have said unless we get compromise on this issue nothing will get done and people will continue to be killed on a daily basis. Even Gerald Ford weighed in on this debate recently, saying that the hard line of the NRA is a complete loser. Where do you find compromise? Where is the end going to come here, Mr. Heston?" -- NBC's Maria Shriver to NRA President Charlton Heston

"There is a sense of respect for other human beings there [in Cuba]. A respect you don't see [in the United States] in terms of labor relations." -- Attorney Joshua Rubinsky, who recently attended a "fact-finding" trip to Cuba sponsored by the far-left National Lawyers Guild

"People we met really believe that they have a system that has some very important principles and structures that protect people's rights, dignity and material needs." -- Attorney Gail Lopez-Henriquez, on the same trip

"On the Senate floor, Jesse Helms, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who is just as much a dictator as Castro...." -- Mary McGrory in the Washington Post comparing "dictators."

"I'm still working on my legacy." -- Bill Clinton

"There is no question in the minds of all these huge women's organizations that a Bush presidency would be a disaster for women, and our message was that the distinctions [between Gore and Bush] were not being distinctly drawn. We said: 'Let us help you reach the women of this country'." --NOW v.p. Kim Gandy on her advice to Gore

"If President Bush -- I mean, if Governor Bush -- gets elected...." -- Bill Clinton answering a question at a press conference

"Vladimir Putin was sworn in as president of Russia at a Kremlin ceremony. It's the first peaceful transfer of power in Russian history--if you don't count the time Josef Stalin died in his sleep." --Argus Hamilton

"Former presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter joined Clinton at the White House. Did you see the 3 of them, on the news, standing there. They looked like the K-Mart version of Mt. Rushmore." -- Jay Leno

web posted May 8, 2000

"The one consistent policy running through this [Clinton] administration is the love it has lavished on Marxists -- food aid for North Korea, diplomatic recognition of the Hanoi regime, chronic kowtowing to Beijing and now doing Castro's dirty work. How can the Clinton gang -- which carried the Viet Cong flag during anti-war demonstrations and decorated their dorm rooms with pictures of Che Guevara -- not feel contempt for people who insist, with every fiber of their being, that communism is mankind's mortal enemy?" -- Don Feder

"If you give me the chance, I will be a law-and-order president." -- Al Gore

"I'm not sure why the Constitution of the United States ... should be affected in any way by what foreign courts have to say about their constitutions." -- Former federal judge Robert Bork, on an opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer in a death-row case in which Breyer suggested that the United States should take its constitutional guidance from decisions by the Privy Council of Jamaica, the Supreme Courts of India, and the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe.

"In this case, the NAACP failed to offer any proof that the flying of the state flag deprived any citizen of a constitutionally protected right." -- Mississippi Justice Ed Pittman after ruling that the Confederate battle flag, does not violate the constitutional rights of black people. He continued, "The free-speech, the due-process, and the equal-protection arguments espoused by the NAACP would logically apply to the state-supported flying of a Confederate Battle flag."

"Every tax acts against our freedom," -- Andrei Illarionov, economic advisor to Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin

"Just as the federal government can't deny the benefit of taxpayer funds on the basis of race, it should not single out groups or individuals for discrimination based on their religion." -- Tom DeLay

"Instead of debating how much more money taxpayers should funnel into the Department of Education, or what combination of carrots and sticks might tempt government schools out of their lethargy, Congress should simply end federal involvement in education and return the department's budget to the American people in the form of a tax cut. ... [T]he department of education was born crying, lived complaining, and has been nothing if not disappointing. Congress should lay it to rest." -- Darcy A. Olsen, noting last week's 20th anniversary of the U.S. Department of Education

...[W]hat do we do with those sorry politicians who spend whole careers pandering to the media elite?"-- Pat Buchanan

"Facts are beautiful only to those with little to fear from them. For law-breakers and tyrants, they are unpleasant and irksome, a nuisance to be quashed at any price." -- Chris Weinkopf

"People with an investment in government power will torture logic like a medieval inquisitor rather than face the facts. ... There's a simple way to keep money out of politics: Keep politics out of our money."-- Sheldon Richman

"They told us that 'it takes a village to raise a child.' ...What they didn't tell us is that they also believe it takes heavily-armed U.S. government SWAT teams to administer child services." -- Oliver North

"It is the everlasting disgrace of the Clinton Administration that it has chosen to betray America's heritage as a beacon of freedom, and instead to act as the ally and agent of a police state in retrieving one of its prisoners."-- David Horowitz

"We should ask ourselves what kind of world view, what kind of governing philosophy, allows educated adults to deny an innocent boy freedom and call it justice. Elian Gonzalez deserves much better." -- Rep. Tom DeLay

"When you have a gutless Congress a lawless president can do pretty much what he chooses."-- Lyn Nofziger

"Nothing annoys a 'progressive' like refugees from Communism, who give the lie to the Great Socialist Dream." -- Joseph Sobran

"Like a snail crossing a sidewalk, the Clinton Administration leaves a lengthening trail of slime, this time on America's national honor." -- George Will

"Senator McCain said he was going to drop out of the presidential race. But he hasn't quite gotten around to it yet. He's still clutching the microphone and waiting for his close-up. And he's still scuffling with W., trying to out-macho, out-patriot and out-moralize the man who beat him." -- Maureen Dowd

"Over the weekend Al 'Yo-Soy-Un-Hombre-Sincero' Gore turned his attention from pandering to the Cuban-American community in Miami to pandering to the Latino community of Los Angeles. This, just before he attended a billion dollar soft-money fund raising event in that barrio of every-day-people, Beverly Hills." -- Rich Galen

"While Fidel widely criticized for a lot of things, there is no question that Castro feels a very deep and abiding connection to those Cubans who are still in Cuba. ...there's little doubt in my mind that Fidel Castro was sincere when he said, 'listen, we really want this child back here'." -- CBS anchor Dan Rather

"Cuban-Americans, Ms. Falk, have been quick to point fingers at Castro for exploiting the little boy. Are their actions any less reprehensible?" -- Bryant Gumball

"The one thing that most, that I've learned about Cubans in the many times that I have visited here in the last few years, is that it is mostly a nationalistic country, not primarily a communist country." -- NBC's Jim Avila

"I've been over it and over it and I don't know any other way we could have done it. Other people will have to decide whether I made the right decision. I look at those pictures [of Elián with his father], though, and feel very, very happy." -- Janet Reno on "Oprah."

"At our Easter family reunion...there were loud cheers and applause as we watched the first footage of [INS] agents storming into Lázaro González's house in Miami and escaping with the weeping Elián in a white van." -- Camille Paglia

"Al Gore visited a pharmacy, got some Advil. I guess all this flip flopping on the Elian issue hurt his back." -- Jay Leno

"CBS has exclusive rights for a four-part series on O.J. Simpson. And we have exclusive rights to his next murder. You remember O.J. Simpson, don't you? He's the one that got better treatment from tthe police than Elian Gonzalez." -- David Letterman

web posted May 1, 2000

"Fidel Castro has succeeded in imposing his will on the United States. In time we may learn precisely why and how, and what it portends for the future." -- Wall Street Journal

"The rule of law and the Constitution have been completely ignored and a police-state mentality dictated the actions by the Administration and carried out by Janet Reno. ... Custody cases are properly handled in a family court, with contesting sides present. After hearing the case a judge rules with the loser having the right to appeal." -- Rep. Ron Paul

"A loving father, who claims to be free from Castro's control, would have been in Florida with his son months ago. Once he finally arrived, he would have walked across broken glass to see his son for an hour. .. Elian's Miami relatives are losing in the court of public opinion, but they have passed Solomon's test with flying colors." -- National Review's Kate O'Beirne

"When the Soviet Empire crumbled, it appeared that even liberals finally realized that Reagan's view of Communism was shared by everyone who had lived under Communism. It shouldn't have taken the destruction of the Wall to prove that; the Wall itself was sufficient testimony. Communism is a system that has to lock people in, threatening them with death if they try to escape from its 'utopia'." -- Joseph Sobran

"This culture we live in, where kids are killing other kids, is about children who need guidance, supervision and leadership. I hope Democrats and the vice president will quit the gun-control rhetoric and focus on the real problem. We need leaders who will serve as role models -- not opportunistic politicians. Al Gore and his Democrat friends who grew up in Washington should know the gun laws where they were raised. Handguns have been illegal in Washington, D.C., since 1977. And children aren't allowed to own guns anywhere. What kind of increased gun control could he possibly have in mind that...would have stopped this [or any such crime] from occurring?" -- Rep J.C. Watts on Al Gore's contention that mandatory safety trigger locks were necessary because of a shooting at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

"Once again, the gun lobby and its allies in the leadership of Congress are standing in the way of real progress. We battle not just for the safety of our families, but for the soundness of our democracy." -- Bill Clinton

"Liberalism has always had a dark psychosis whereby guilt drives evil and evil drives guilt -- a morality of sadism which aborts innocent babies but spares murderers from execution, which frees violent criminals but disarms law-abiding citizens, which bombs a peaceful democratic nation on the other side of the world but dutifully returns runaway child-slaves to the terrorist despotism in our own backyard." -- Joe Schembrie

"If you were looking for a way to galvanize conservative opinion in this wouldn't even dare hope that the incumbent Democratic administration would be so stupid as to send in machine gun-toting federal agents to snatch a six-year-old shipwreck survivor in order to send him back to Cuba." -- Tod Lindberg

"What happened Saturday is very symbolic of what always happens when ultimate power is corrupted. It's also what happens when good men do nothing." -- Gary Aldrich

"The raid was ... a denigration of the rule of law and an elevation of the rule of terror.... The winner in all this, of course, is Fidel Castro, who has...displayed to the world that the U.S. government behaves just like his." -- Jacob G. Hornberger

"Contrary to Justice Department claims that the Florida relatives defied the law, the highest federal court to hear the case last Wednesday roundly rejected Attorney General Janet Reno's arguments." -- Robert Novak

"Clinton has finally convinced me of the case for gun control to this extent: While he and Reno are in charge, no federal agent should be allowed to carry firearms." -- Don Feder

"Communism Still Looms as Evil to Miami Cubans." -- New York Times Headline

"Some suggested over the weekend that it's wrong to expect Elian Gonzalez to live in a place that tolerates no dissent or freedom of political expression. They were talking about Miami." -- NBC's Katie Couric

"Miami is a community with very little tolerance for those who might disagree." -- ABC's John Quinones

"To be a poor child in Cuba may in many instances be better than being a poor child in Miami and I'm not going to condemn their lifestyle so gratuitously." -- Newsweek's Eleanor Clift

"The raid on the two-bedroom house was almost worth it if only to watch Jesse Jackson, on Tony Snow's Sunday show, defending an armed pre-dawn raid by the U.S. government on a minority household." -- Rich Galen

"A lot of people tell me ..., 'Clinton has really created a wonderful economy.' I say, no, he should not get the credit. I give the credit to Monica Lewinsky, because she kept him so busy that he was not able to mess up our economy." -- Walter Williams

"Wouldn't it be nice to live in the safest town in America?" -- Ignatius Piazza, founder of Front Sight, Nev., the nation's first "gun-resort" community

"Last night, in Washington, George W. Bush set a new all time political fundraising record. He raised 21.3 million dollars at one dinner. ... And just to rub it in to Al Gore, you know what they ate? Spotted Owl." -- Jay Leno

"George W. Bush was asked if he thought Al Gore would give Bill Clinton a presidential pardon. But said that Clinton would not seek a pardon and Bush takes Clinton at his word. Is that ironic? The only person left in the country that still believes Clinton and it's the Republican candidate. Even Hillary is saying, 'Hey what are you smoking?'" -- Jay Leno

"Elian Gonzalez in now with his father in the Washington, D.C., area and I'm thinking what a year this kid has had. When he gets back to Cuba he's going to be behind. He will have missed a lot. For example, he will have missed an entire semester of Commie brainwashing. He'll have to make that up somehow." -- David Letterman

"We have the photographic equivalent of the stained dress." -- Cal Thomas on the now famous picture of an INS agent with his submachine gun pointed at Elian Gonzalez

web posted April 24, 2000

"There's no such thing as animal rights, you f*****g retards." -- Tony Watkins, a senior finance major at George Washington University, to IMF/World Bank protestors chanting about animal rights

"I believe that it was the right thing to do." -- Bill Clinton on the seizure of Elian Gonzalez by armed agents

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