Passing shadows

By Joe Schembrie
web posted May 1, 2000

Looking at that picture of Elian and The Fascist, you wonder what's happened to America. Then you wonder, "What next?"

The establishment media, the Clinton Administration, and Fidel Castro together formed a vast left-wing conspiracy arrayed against a tiny immigrant family. The people who rescued Elian from shark-infested waters, nursing and nourishing him for five months, have been demonized as exploiters, abusers, brainwashers - even kidnappers. In the end, they experienced tear-gas and rifles, and an INS agent screaming, "I'll f***ing shoot you!"

Worst of all is the uncaring public that says, by fifty-nine percent, that such a raid was justified. Considering the much higher hate-propaganda against Trent Lott, would the polls register disapproval if 'finger-off-trigger' storm troopers seized the Senate floor?

Paranoia and depression from losing too many PR battles with the Clinton Administration will prompt many to think: Yes, they would get away with that, too.

But let's not get carried away by the adrenaline surge that comes from deep pessimism. The record of the last two decades has seen a billion slaves freed from communism's dungeon. The Left is hemorrhaging, big time. This one point in their favor doesn't change that.

Even the biased polls show leftist decline. In 1993, when the bodies of the Branch Davidians burned, polls gave the Clinton Administration a 73 percent approval rating. The Elian Raid was non-lethal, and yet the Administration received only 59 percent support. Given today's climate of distrust toward the Clinton regime, another Waco would probably do them in.

Moreover, the 59 percent figure refers only to approval of the necessity of the action. Over the handling of the action, a strong plurality (49 percent vs. 39) disapproves.

Clinton's public support is built upon a rickety foundation of easily-shattered lies. Over the weekend, I spoke with a woman who is one of the Fifty-Nine Percent, and mentioned that the Miami relatives had always said that if the father personally came to their house, they would not resist if he took Elian way. She did not even know that - and once informed, she immediately began to doubt everything the Establishment Media had said about the issue.

The Elian Raid will not be Clinton's undoing, but as far as Clinton's undoing is concerned, the Constitution will take care of that next January. Let's put the paranoia back on the shelf: he can't impose martial law, because he'd need the military's help - and the military hates his guts. So, what with the short time he has remaining, this will be the high point of his reign: menacing a six-year-old.

And it really is all downhill from here - not just for Clinton, but for the whole authoritarian leftist enterprise that haunts America today.

Clinton himself, of course, must soon leave office and become pathetically unimportant. Al Gore will lose the election - and continue to be pathetically unimportant. Janet Reno will be both pathetically unimportant and someday (just guessing here, but she seems the type) found in possession of illegal firearms.

Liberal media influence will keep shrinking. Liberals will learn that sarcastically snapping, "Big guns are scary!" doesn't excuse waving an automatic rifle at a small child. More callously insensitive remarks like that, and it'll be their turn to suffer endless comparisons with the Nazis.

And what of Elian, the sacrificial lamb of Leftism's last hurrah?

We shouldn't fear that his mind will be destroyed by the government 'home' that they'll be sending him to in lieu of a real family life. With the possible exception of Senator John McCain, I've never known a case where intensive communist brainwashing has actually worked. If anything, Elian will grow up hating communism more than ever.

Meanwhile, Castro is seventy-three, and after chain-smoking all those cigars, he's due to croak any day now. Even before he completes algor mortis, Cuban communism will be spent. So Elian will grow up in a free Cuba. Or perhaps his father will move to Miami - and resume asylum hearings.

But yeah, for now, it's depressing to look at that picture of Elian and The Fascist and realize that It Did Happen Here. But that's about as far as it goes - for the overall historical trend still portrays Leftism in retreat. Twenty-five years ago, whole nations were falling to communism. Seven years ago, Clinton could kill eighty people and emerge a hero. Today, the Left can't even snatch a single child in honor of Lenin's Birthday without incurring worldwide uproar.

Leftist Big Creeps like Clinton and Castro are on the wrong side of history. They are political dinosaurs who blot freedom's sun today but in history's perspective are little more than passing shadows. The dawn of a new century will fade them away. And, as the saga of Elian reminds us, their extinction can't come soon enough.

Joe Schembrie is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right.

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