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From these infirm foundations: Part I

By Diane Alden
web posted May 21, 2001

People ask: "what is wrong with America? How have we managed to come so far down the road to our present decadent and corrupt state of affairs? They want to know what we as a nation can do about it?

There are plenty of answers to those questions. But for this article a good place to start may be to discuss the impact that major foundations have on our basic liberties. Granted there are foundations on the right. However, their significance pales in comparison to the impact of collectivist-utopian-statist older Northeast foundations' influence on national and international public policy.

These gargantuan foundations such as Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Hewlett-Packard, and more recently Pew Charitable Trusts, promote the one world fits all agenda which they are seeking to implement. How they are doing that is where the problem arises. But the result of course will be a constricted and less freedom for Americans and individuals around the world. It seems that the older foundations are largely responsible for destabilizing, dumbing down, and Balkanizing our society.

They have been responsible for funding every goof ball educational and societal notion that has come down the pike for the last 100 years. They fund educational policies which don't work and promote efforts which make our children less able to cope in a free society. They in fact help create a dependent and more confused citizenry. Even LBJ's "War on Poverty," had a basis in the work of foundation intellectuals. But as Daniel Patrick Monyihan and others have noted that "war" did more to ruin the black family than any other single thing that happened in the late 20th century. However, rarely does a foundation admit responsibility for failures. They merrily move on to the next bad idea they choose to support with million dollar grants.

Foundations have always believed they were on the cutting edge of societal change. But in fact that change has for the most part done nothing but ruin the society it was supposed to help. By paying for every kind of fad and unproven theory, every perversion of the arts, every move towards the loss of private property through radical environmentalism, they corrupt the American system. Foundations are at the root of what is wrong with American education and their notions are part and parcel of the dumbing down of our society. Foundations, for their own purposes, are also behind the campaign finance reform movement. They have interconnected links with the United Nations whose agenda is antithetical to the best interests of the United States. Foundation agendas and that of the UN are almost identical to one another. However, the worst of the ideas coming out of both entities is the growing fascist tendency to promote the culture of death in the United States and worldwide.

This should be most worrisome to Americans. The major foundations have funded all eugenics, birth control, abortion, and now the euthanasia movement. If John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford or Andrew Carnegie or Pew understood what has happened with the money they accumulated and the causes it supports, I am almost positive they would have put a sunset clause into when, how, and how long their foundations would last.

At present there are some 40,000 foundations. Most of them have been instituted recently. Our tax system has created the need to establish these foundations so that the wealthy may keep some control over their own money. For the most part they support worthwhile humanitarian, community and yes even journalistic endeavors. But some of them, especially the older Northeast establishment foundations, seek to fund efforts that have given us a dumber society with fewer freedoms and more government control over our lives. They have helped to destroy the ethical and moral and religious base upon which the United States was founded.

Individual Americans give more than foundations to worthwhile causes. About $135 billion dollars annually are contributed to various charities most of that goes to support churches and synagogues. Around $26 to $36 billion come from foundations and corporate donations. The major foundations give around 2 percent to faith or church related community organizations. After all it is their money and they can do with it as they wish, but the fact is some of their donations go to causes and organizations that are in fact unraveling America. They fund efforts to promote ideas, policies and programs which are positively Hitlerian.

Foundations have been promoting and paying for efforts in population control, eugenics and euthanasia for decades. In recent years those efforts at forming society through restructuring the population have become monumental and fierce in size and scope. This effort has affected all levels of national and international government and society. It has led to taxpayer funds being used to pay for abortion and other controversial public policies. It has also led to the skewing and tampering with the stability of societies around the world. For instance, many Indian families have been able to abort undesired children based on the sex of the child. That has caused some Indian villages to have so few girls that they have to seek them from the outside for marriage to the boys they seem to prefer. Foundation and UN funding of birth control, abortion activities, and recreating society through implementing elite policies have played a large part how we play God. The effects are often horrible.

China's one-child-per-family policy is in effect promoted by the UN. Many US foundations fund efforts to extend that policy worldwide. They turn a blind eye to the results that population control freaks have wrought in certain areas of the world. As Russia, Japan and Western Europe have discovered abortion and birth control efforts have led to a birth dearth and an aging population. Some countries in Western Europe and of course Russia are in economic decline because of it.

Foundations and the environmental movement they support don't seem to have a high regard for people. Even when science and individuals attempt to feed or help promote the well being of mankind. Under pressure from environmental groups, major foundations ended the funding of plant geneticist Norman Borlaug to increase food production in Africa. Borlaug was largely responsible for India and Indonesia being able to feed their own people. His efforts increased crop production, which resulted in less land being used for food production on the Indian sub-continent. This in turn led to the need for fewer forests to be cut down in order to clear land for crops. You would think that would make foundations and the UN happy. Think again. His efforts in Africa were scuttled when the major foundations yanked his funding. The article relating the entire article by journalist Gregg Easterbrook may be found in 1996, January edition of the Atlantic Monthly.

The elite model for humanity which major foundations and their intellectual brain trust provides will shape mankind and society into their image of perfection. Many of these efforts are counter to traditional activities of churches and charitable organizations involved in helping people to become whole individuals and society a better place to live.

Foundations in fact were and are the financial base for the eugenics movement in the U.S. Eugenics is the study of breeding and is related to improving the races. But its abuse has also led to horrors such as those of Nazi Germany. Foundations supported efforts for trying to improve the breed in the US as well. Between 1907 and 1963 eugenics and its proponents were able to sterilize 60,000 "undesirables." The growth of that faddish movement in the 20s and 30s resulted in the Holocaust.

The Rockefeller Foundation began supporting population control and eugenics before World War I. One of the first major donations made by the Carnegie Institute of Washington went to provide seed funding for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Station for Experimental Evolution, for many years the nation's most influential eugenics research center.

The fact is that eugenics and its attendant culling and shaping of humanity is back on track. As eugenics and foundation expert Wesley J. Smith says in Philanthropy Magazine, February, 2001: "But now, nearly a century after eugenics' heyday, a new social movement is spreading among members of the elite professions of law, medicine, government, and the academy... private philanthropy is generating much of the steam behind the movement's forward momentum."

Wesley J. Smith authored "Forced Exit: The Slippery Slope From Assisted Suicide to Legalized Murder and Culture of Death: The Destruction of Medical Ethics in America."

The Culture of Death

Dr. Peter Singer

Dr. Peter Singer is a bioethicist. He was able to come to the United States from Australia because of philanthropic support. He is one of the leading proponents of eugenics and his papers and learned articles are accepted at the most prestigious universities and conferences. He teaches at Princeton. So far so good. However, his views would startle even a hard core abortion and birth control fanatic. As Wesley Smith says in his article, "Philanthropic giving to Princeton paid for Dr. Singer's transformation. The Center for Human Values was established with money donated by Lawrence Rockefeller, and the Ira W. DeCamp Foundation endowed the chair bearing its name.

How could his views be so awful? In a society that barely blinks at partial birth abortion, how could this egghead be a problem? Singer is a problem merely because the elite and foundations take him seriously. Singer is one of the world's leading proponents for legalizing infanticide. In his book "Rethinking Life and Death," he draws an explicit moral equivalency between ending the life of a baby and, say, that of a sardine, writing, "Since neither a newborn infant nor a fish is a person the wrongness of killing such beings is not as great as the wrongness of killing a person."

Singer thinks that infants can and should be killed if that is what the family wishes. He has proposed that parents should be allowed to kill their infants up to 28 days after birth. Recently, he advocated allowing parents to kill their child up to a year after birth. When he appears in Germany or Austria the people there have the good sense to denounce his proposals as positively Hitlerian. Yet he lectures and teaches at one of America's most prestigious universities and he got here because a couple of philanthropists funded him.

It might be wise for Americans to remember that during the Holocaust a conservative estimate of infanticide and murdering disabled adults was around 250,000. Thus, men like Dr. Josef Mengele were able to kill and experiment at will because eugenics was accepted as "science" and as a way of shaping the population to some fanatic's notions of racial purity. How different are we in the U.S. when we take Peter Singer and put him in a university setting to influence America's future intellectuals? Universities won't allow David Horowitz to speak on campus about reparations for blacks but they support a man who wants to secure a "right" to kill undesirable infants. Universities are primarily funded by foundations.

The fact that some of America's premier foundations offer the funding for these various horrors is indicative of why foundations may need to be disbanded or at the very least have their tax status yanked by congress.

The good that larger foundations, like Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie have done over the years seems to be outweighed by the evil. If that were not the case our society would not be in the dire straight it is today. One problem is that we have not had a major investigation of the establishment foundations for decades. The tragedy is even when we did have them Congress did nothing about the recommendations. That would indicate they are so powerful they can stop any efforts to find out what their money is supporting and how establishment foundations continually fund ideas and programs, which are unhinging this nation. It could explain why they are behind campaign finance reform. What better way to shut critics up than to control who is elected to office?

As campaign finance reform will make it difficult for non-incumbents to raise money. Thus, the foundations and the elite will continue to have men and women in office they can control. People who have shown they will go along to get along. As long as the elite controls our politicians they will not do what is best by the Constitution or the American people. The campaign finance reform movement is nothing more than an effort to control all the variables that might create a desperately needed change to the entire political system. Foundations play no small part in maintaining elite control of our institutions.


Before and during the war in Germany, the elite, corporations and intellectuals gave the seed money to promote the ideas at the root of National Socialism -- such a eugenics, nature worship, and perfecting the race. They turned their backs on the horror as it grew because they never believed for a minute it would ever touch them. Apparently, some American foundations and philanthropists believe that the things they fund will not ever impact on them or their descendants.

Or maybe they are such true believers, considering themselves visionaries and "progressives" that they don't really care. Either way the foundations are out of control. Our tax system is one of the major reasons for this state of affairs. If Congress does not figure it out pretty soon they will in essence be responsible for the destruction of the United States. After all it is Congress which is charged with how money is raised and where it is spent. Since the 16th Amendment to the Constitution they have done a lousy job. Since the 16th Amendment the power of money as well as its subsets like tax exempt foundations, have controlled the destiny of the United States of America.

[This is a 4 part series. Next time I will go into how and why the major foundations involvement in euthanasia and dumbing down education, as well discuss past investigations of foundation activities. Plus Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros and their efforts to shape and control mankind. In effect how big money impacts life and death in the United States.]

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