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A little reality is a good thing

By Paul M. Weyrich
web posted May 24, 2004

Should we be shielding our children from this?
Should we be shielding our children from this?

In San Diego, a couple of teachers have been suspended for showing the pictures of American Nick Berg being killed by his Muslim captors in Iraq. Oh, the outrage that our delicate high schoolers would be subjected to reality.

Far from suspending these teachers, we should give them medals (maybe the ones John Kerry threw away). They have done their students a big favor. They have introduced these soon-to-be-adults to the notion that it is a dangerous world out there.

Kids from this generation are hooked on video games that are so vile, so violent -- even Satanic -- that military experts worry that young people are deadened to the real effect of killing. With the restart button all the killing in a video game can be undone. Those same figures mowed down by virtual AK 47's come back to life.

Not true in real life. Nick Berg, although he pleaded for his life, was dead, dead, dead. His captors, like the murderers of John the Baptist, had his decapitated head to prove it.

One of the students who heard the audio and saw still pictures, which didn't show the worst of it, said he had no idea such things like this went on in the real world. It is time he learned.

For decades now in many of our school systems, students have been shielded from reality, while a false utopian society was pushed in social studies classes, which feature all of the liberal constructs. Ah yes, the wonderful UN guiding us to enlightened world government where, to paraphrase a just-arrested drunk, "We can all just get along."

The notion that there is a worldwide effort to eradicate Christians and Jews is utter nonsense, concocted by the same feverish minds who dreamed up the worldwide Communist conspiracy. Where are all those documents from Russia that detail the conspiracy? We don't want to deal with ancient irrelevant history.

Guns are to be hated because guns, not people, kill. War is caused by the United States because we steal the world's resources. War can be avoided because the UN is ready, willing and able to bring peace forever more.

There is no need to worry. There is no effort to kill Americans for who we are. Right. Still, just in case we might be tempted to demonstrate our "learned male aggressiveness" and want to defend ourselves, guns should be confiscated...especially in this country, of course. No need to confiscate them elsewhere. After all, if we would just ratify the Kyoto treaty and scrap our capitalist free enterprise system, we would no longer be stealing the world's resources so no one would want to kill us any more.

Besides, it doesn't matter. We are all going to die from global warming anyway. Heard of Omaha Beach? Not that place of fame during World War II. No, this is in Omaha, Nebraska where the oceans will at last surround a narrow strip of land. Maybe, just maybe, we could save ourselves if we just adopted Socialism and turned over all governance to those beloved peace-oriented diplomats at the UN.

Peace is so comforting. Just ask those in a nearby cemetery. Freedom is so messy...so unpredictable. You can't always plan the outcome. Besides there are risks involved with freedom and risks are unacceptable in a utopian society. The one value we maintain is equality. Not equality of opportunity, but equality of result. In a Socialist world, risks are unnecessary because without freedom there is no need for such outmoded thinking.

If you doubt that such a utopian society can exist, then you need only look to Cuba, a mere 90 miles from our shores where in our textbooks the Cuban healthcare system is touted as a model for the world. This is the nonsense our youth are being fed.

They are not told that in radical Muslim textbooks, Christians and Jews are called rats and vermin. What do you do with rats and vermin? You set traps for them and then you eradicate them. They are not instructed that there are millions who want to kill us for who we are and what we represent.

With the exception of the invasion of Iraq, the United States has never begun a war. Even there, an average of 20 times per day the Iraqi government was attempting to attack U.S. and British planes over parts of the country we agreed to protect. We do respond to the attacks of others. The removal of the Taliban in Afghanistan was a response to destruction of the World Trade Center buildings by terrorists on 9/11. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the United States formally entered World War II.

The abject failure of the UN is never discussed in Social Studies. The failure of Socialism and Communism in Russia and the former Soviet bloc nations is not taught. If it is mentioned at all, the suggestion is quite strong that they just didn't do it right.

The real world rarely enters the classroom. The utopian nonsense, which has filled the heads of young people for decades, now leads to a complete misunderstanding of who and what really works.

The audio and pictures of Nick Berg were from the real world. Did they shock and sicken some of the students? It is well if they did. It is time that they learn that there is no restart button. There are people who want to kill us and against whom we should defend ourselves. It is time young people learn that the reason our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment to the Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights was precisely to insure that a relatively free people who wish to defend themselves may do so. Yes and they ought to understand that Capitalism, especially Capitalism as one side of the coin and free enterprise as the other side of the coin, works. In fact, it is really the only system that works. Nick Berg was certainly killed because he was an American. His death probably was insured when his captors learned that he was Jewish.

It is a mean, nasty, dreadful world out there, but one which we have managed to keep at bay, not by the UN, but by our own Constitutional government.

Those teachers who dared acquaint their sheltered and misled underlings about a little part of the real world deserve a promotion and thanks from all of us. If they lose their jobs over this it will demonstrate just how far cultural Marxism (i.e. political correctness) has infiltrated this once great country.

Paul M. Weyrich is Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation.

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