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web posted May 22, 2006

Re: Do we need ethanol more than top soil? by Dennis Avery (May 15, 2006)

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your very "balanced" articles.  I wish more of this was evident in the various media outlets.  I especially enjoyed the one on ethanol and soils.  I had studied this as a geography major in NM (1979) and was very aware of how soils can be exhausted from micro nutrient loss from corn, cotton, and other plants.  There should be more on this issue.  Ethanol isn't what it is portrayed as.  Choosing to grow crops for oil/ethanol versus food production is a serious matter.  Becoming a food "importer" might be our future with this in mind and that is not good or safe. China has very little fertile soil left which is why it joined the European Trade Organization in 1978-79.  It started importing large amounts of fertilizer about that time.

Julie Them
Sayre, PA

web posted May 1, 2006

Re: The screwball left will lionize Mary McCarthy by Carol Devine-Molin (April 24, 2006)

The lengths you’ll go to demonize the left and any one who speaks out against the un-Constitutional and treasonous actions of the current Bush administration would be laughable if it wasn’t so misleading and divisive. Slander and smear and slander some more is all you have left. The United States of America does not have the right or moral authority to use internationally illegal rendition flights to torture anyone. These are the things that embolden the enemy; not the leaking to the press that these things are going on in our name. Was the President’s authorization to leak information he knew was dubious to bolster support for a war OK? And this was not? Blame Clinton? Why not? It’s all you know how to do. Conservatives have no solutions, only problems. It’s you who aid and comfort the enemy. By defending Bush’s arcane and immoral policies you sully our greatness. You are a disgrace to all that is American. Not only do you attempt to defend the indefensible in your blind allegiance to the neo-cons running the show, but you stoop to degrading public officials who dare speak out. You can keep your idea of America. It’s getting our soldiers killed, and is perfect fodder for our enemy’s recruitment. You should really be ashamed of yourself. Torture is not an American value. It’s ineffective at getting information that is valuable to our defenses and makes us look like savages. Its people like Mary McCarthy and the “screwball” left that give the rest of the world hope that there will be an end to this lunacy. You are a self serving traitor. Hope you enjoy rotting in hell.

Bing VanGorden
Fiercely patriotic liberal
Longmont, Colorado



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