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A nation asleep in a garbage bin

By Henry Lamb
web posted May 14, 2007

A homeless Florida man, sleeping in a garbage bin, was inadvertently dumped into a compactor truck.  Despite his cries and pleas for help, the unrelenting machinery smashed him, over and over again.

Freedom in America is much like the homeless man, sleeping in a garbage bin.  The unrelenting machinery of government is smashing and squeezing, and smashing again, while the victim is crying out for help.

Men of great faith conceived a nation free from government oppression, and gave birth to a Constitution that allowed  government to exercise only the power granted by the people,  expressed through their elected representatives.  But over time, the people have fallen asleep in a garbage bin, and the machinery of government is smashing and squeezing and smashing again,   freedom from the people.

Those great men of faith who wrote the Declaration of Independence recognized that it is the Creator who endowed men with "unalienable rights."  A nation asleep in a garbage bin is embarrassed to discuss a "Creator," and has outlawed discussion of the subject in public schools. 

Those great men of faith who wrote the U.S. Constitution declared that government may not establish a religion, or prohibit the free expression thereof.  A nation asleep in a garbage bin routinely prohibits the "free expression thereof" in public schools, and in the public square.

While this nation sleeps, government is constructing a machine that essentially bypasses the elected representatives.  Public policy is no longer enacted solely by the people who are elected to represent the people.  Instead, public policy is increasingly being enacted by appointed bureaucrats who are not accountable to the people.  Sadly, many of the people who are elected are only too happy to let appointed bureaucrats make the policy which they eagerly endorse.

Every day, hundreds of appointed bureaucrats meet with their counterparts from Mexico and Canada to figure out ways to virtually eliminate the United States of America and replace it with a North American Community.  A few elected representatives whole-heartedly support this initiative.  A few elected officials bitterly oppose this initiative.  Most elected officials, and most Americans, however, are asleep.                     

Under the authority of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, which Congress has neither debated nor approved, bureaucrats from the three countries have organized "working groups" to "integrate" the public policies of the three nations.  Appointed officials who head this initiative claim that "The SPP in no way, shape or form considers the creation of a European Union-like structure or a common currency."  But every day, the SPP working groups produce rules and regulation that are building the very structure the officials deny.

The President's Council on Sustainable Development was another appointed government machine that Congress neither debated nor approved.  For nearly eight years, it churned out rules and regulations that smashed and squeezed freedoms from a sleeping nation. 

It was not Congress which demanded that every state and community develop a comprehensive plan that dictates where, and how, people may live.  It was appointed officials in the machinery of government who gave millions of dollars to the American Planning Association to develop model legislation for the states.  It was appointed officials in the machinery of government who bribed state agencies - with your tax dollars - to lobby state legislatures to rubber-stamp this legislation.  It is the appointed machinery of government that now imposes and enforces these policies that smash and squeeze freedoms from the people who are governed.

Communities across the nation are now being smashed and squeezed, and smashed again, forcing the people who are governed to pay fines or go to jail when they run afoul of the environmental police.

America is asleep in a garbage bin filled with social corruption and government abuse.  Every day, more trash is dumped on the sleeping people.  Every day, the machinery of government smashes and squeezes, and smashes again.

There is a voice crying out for help.  It comes from a growing minority of people who are awakening.  Every day, the voice grows stronger and louder.  The homeless man in Florida was finally heard by a person who had the power to stop and reverse the compacting machinery.  He was broken and bruised, but he survived. 

 America's freedoms are already badly broken and bruised.  Unless someone who has the power to stop and reverse the machinery of government does so, freedom in this nation will not survive. ESR

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.


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