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The good guys just keep winning and winning

By Bruce Walker
web posted May 7, 2007

Two years ago I predicted that anti-American German Chancellor Schroeder would be forced, if his party lost the North Rhineland-Westphalia state election, to call a general election.  Against all conventional wisdom, that is exactly what happened.  His own party was astounded by his decision, but thanks to his gamble, Germany now has a conservative and generally pro-American Chancellor Merkel.

In January 2007, I predicted that Stephen Harper would be the next Prime Minister of Canada, and that the nation which had opposed America so bitterly when we went to war in Iraq would soon have a government decidedly more pro-American and pro-Israeli.  That is exactly what happened. 

Nicholas Sarkozy
Sarkozy waves to supporters on May 6

I have also been predicted for two years that given time even France would have Nicholas Sarkozy, the only unabashedly pro-American politician in France as its next president.  That also is exactly what has happened.  Because under the French constitutional system, the president has enormous power, especially in military and in foreign affairs, this change will help almost immediately.

Collectively these changes mean that the whole dynamic within democracies of the war on global terrorism in general and radical Islamic terrorism in particular has changed since 2002.  This will not, directly, affect our war in Iraq.  But it will prove of inestimable value in our war around the world.

Sarkozy, for example, could prove incredibly valuable in Lebanon, which was once a part of the French colonial system and which has very old ties to France.  If France simply assumed responsibility for insuring that Christians were protected in Lebanon and that terrorists were uprooted, the burden on Israel and on America would be eased significantly. 

France also has ties almost as old with Syria, which was also part of the French colonial system.  If President Sarkozy applies real pressure on Damascus, then our job in Iraq will be easier and the state sponsored terrorism of Syria can be significantly curtailed.  

The French vote in the Security Council will also now come down more on the American side in terms of reigning in the Iranian nuclear program.  The French might also begin supporting regime change in Teheran. 

Because Germany now is much more pro-American, and France will soon become more pro-American, it will be much more difficult for Russia to effectively build coalitions against our efforts to stop global terrorism.  The heart of Europe, and also the newer democracies of Eastern Europe are now much more closely aligned against a common enemy that is increasingly perceived as an enemy by their governments.

Sarkozy also favors pre-empting radical Islam within France by providing state support to mosques and, as a consequence, a measure of state control of Islam in France, as well as liberating those Muslims who wish to leave in a truly open and peaceful society the chance to do so without depending upon petrodollars from the Middle East.

Sarkozy favors awakening the creative and productive spirit in France, giving the French people and the immigrants who are now unemployed and impoverished, real opportunity to thrive in a free democracy.  The immigrants unhappy in France today came for economic opportunities and the lack of opportunities has caused a simmering rage.  Prosperity will not purge all the evils of radical Islam, but combined with state support for moderate Islam, it will give France the fighting chance of remaining part of the civilized West. 

A summit of democratic leaders of France, Germany, Britain, Japan and Canada in Washington next year to come up with a common response to the very real threats of global terrorism is hardly unthinkable.  Even a general statement of agreement and the signing a few protocols and treaties indicating a united position would have enormous political impact in the United States and also chill the hand of our enemies abroad. 

Finally, as a devout Christian of Jewish descent who knew communism in Hungary first-hand, Sarkozy can confront the sins of reborn Marxism, chic anti-Semitism, and general disdain for Christianity all in one person.  It is safe to say that Sarkozy will not only be a friend of America but also a friend of Israel, a friend of Christians and also a friend of Jews, and that he will be all these things without being an enemy of those Muslims who wish to live in peace.

It is a big victory – really, a huge victory – for the good guys.  The good guys just keep winning and winning. ESR

Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990.  He is a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right and a regular contributor to Conservative Truth, American Daily, Intellectual Conservative, Web Commentary, NewsByUs and Men's News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.


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