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Governments never lie, they just don't tell the truth

By Henry Lamb
web posted May 28, 2007

"There is absolutely no U.S. government plan for a NAFTA Superhighway of any sort," says David Bohigian, an assistant secretary of commerce, in reply to a reporter's question.  The article also quotes Senator Kit Bonds as saying that the notion of a NAFTA super-highway is based on "unfounded theories," with "no credence."

If these two gentlemen are correct, it will come as a great surprise to the North America's SuperCorridor Coalition; the Texas Department of Transportation; the City of Fort Worth, and nearly two-dozen other major sponsors of a national conference: "Moving North America Forward," on "SuperCorridors" they promote.  The conference, May 30 - June 1, is designed to move the SuperCorridors projects forward.

The proposed super corridor (click for larger image)

Of course, these two gentlemen are not correct.  NASCO boasts that it received  millions in grants from the federal government.  And TexDOT has been notified that its federal highway funding is in jeopardy if the state legislature's two-year moratorium on toll-road construction is not overturned.   The federal government is definitely involved in the creation of  NAFTA SuperCorridors, but at an arms-length, sufficient to have "plausible deniability."

The federal government can say that the NASCO event is a "private" conference because NASCO is a private, not-for-profit organization.  But is it really?  Its members, in three countries, include city, county, and state governments, as well as private industries, that pay up to $50,000 per year in membership fees.  Most attendees to the conference will charge the $375 registration fee, and the $200+ per night hotel bill to an expense account paid by taxpayers.    

David Bohigian, and Senator Kit Bond should attend this conference, and then tell the American people who is promoting  NAFTA SuperCorridors, if it is not the federal government, and that the "unfounded theories," are advancing toward reality every day.

NASCO's conference is not the only conference happening in Texas.  Six weeks after the NASCO elite go home, grassroots leaders from around the nation will gather a few miles down the road, in Dallas.  They will pay their own registration fees and hotel bills.  They are not on an expense account.  The people who attend the Freedom21 National Conference are working people who want to stop the integration of Mexico, Canada, and the United States into a "North American Community." 
Perhaps David Bohigian, and Senator Kit Bond should attend this conference.  They could discover what the people who pay their salaries really think.

The NAFTA SuperCorridors are but a part of the much broader agenda which seeks to create a North American Community.   This goal is also denied by government officials - even while government employees from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., meet daily in working groups to "harmonize" rules and regulations that will "integrate" the three nations.

The current immigration bill being debated in Congress contains many of the "integration" principles set forth in the Council of Foreign Relations Building a North American Community

This concept has neither been debated nor approved by Congress.  Still, many of the recommendations contained in the document are being implemented as elements of separate legislation, or administratively by the executive branch.   Representative Virgil Goode, and about 20 other representatives have introduced HCONRES 40, which calls for stopping participation in agencies working to build a North American Community.  Legislatures in at least 18 states are considering similar resolutions.  Still, officially, both Congress and the executive branch deny that there is an effort to create a North American Community.

Interestingly, before there was a European Union, there was a European "Community," which was sold to the Europeans as nothing more than a trade-enhancement agreement.  Now, an unelected European Parliament makes laws with which the Europeans must comply.   The Council on Foreign Relations' recommendations call for the creation a "North American Inter-Parliamentary Group," which sounds very much like a North American Parliament.

The North American Community now under construction is following precisely the same path that produced the European Union.  Regardless of the denials, and the ridicule dispensed by those who are either ignorant, or duplicitous, the erosion of U.S. borders continue.  The voice of the voters is ignored, and the public-private partnerships between governments and industry beneficiaries continue to transform the United States of America into the bureaucratic state of North America.
Proponents of this transformation may call it what they will.  In reality, it is destroying the foundation of the American system of governance.  It is placing in the hands of appointed bureaucrats the power to make public policy.  The decision to allow Mexican trucks to deliver deep inside the United States, was made by appointed bureaucrats, designated by the NAFTA.  Neither elected officials in Congress, nor in the states that must allow Mexican trucks to travel, have a say in this matter.  The deeper the "integration," the more power is transferred to bureaucrats.

Six weeks after the NASCO big wheels leave their Forth Worth conference, the Freedom21 conference in Dallas will teach hundreds of grassroots leaders what they can do to stop and reverse this national tragedy.  ESR

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.


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