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Prediction: Supreme Court nominee will be Hillary

By David Usher
web posted May 25, 2009

Hillary ClintonI predict that Hillary Clinton will be Obama's nominee for Supreme Court.  If not this time, she will most certainly get it the next time around.


During the elections, a mysterious transition occurred.  Hillary went from slinging brickbats one day to being submissive and agreeable to everything Obama said the next – gazing upon him with eyes not unlike a teenage girl fulminating about her first dream prom date.

Obama is the master back-room dealer who either destroys the competition or buys them out.  The only thing Hillary could possibly be bought off with during the elections is the promise of a Supreme Court seat.

The ambassadorial position Hillary currently occupies is merely a parking space -- and not a good one -- because the Chinese greatly  dislike Hillary and the feminist liberation movement she marshals. I know because I worked in China during the mid-1990's and witnessed the tart rejection of Hillary's torrid male-bashing screed issued in Chinglish at the Beijing Women's Conference -- a horrifying speech never broadcast in America.

Why would Hillary drop her quest for the presidency overnight?

Hillary knew that being president would subject her to perennial withering assaults from the media and Republicans in a never-ending replay of the Clinton-era scandals.  Our formidable economic problems were enough to cause even a confident person to have second thoughts about being the leader of this pack of rabid cats. Hillary wants total unquestioned power and autonomy -- not qualities inherent in the presidency.

Obama’s great political skill rests in figuring out what people really want and then offering it to them. The Obama team undoubtedly assembled the most thorough dossier ever made in history about Hillary.  They knew her better than she did. Obama assessed Hillary's power goals and offered her something far better better than the Presidency.

A Supreme Court seat is exactly what Hillary wants.  She can rule the country from behind the bench, and nobody can say or do anything about it.  It would keep her in power until her skin falls off without having to run for re-election.  This is the dream slot for any card-carrying radical feminist to re-engineer America according to Marcuse.

And Obama wants her there: Hillary is the empathetic person who will write crafty rulings ignoring the rule of law in favor of liberal agenda.  She is an outspoken alpha female that will run over other justices to get what she wants.  She will do whatever the National Organization for Women wants in every respect -- as dictated from the White House Office on Women and Girls.

This is one reason why Obama does not need to get involved in the gay marriage issue: he knows that the ABA intends to subvert America via the courts -- and will put Hillary there to do it.

Republicans will have cataclysmic infarctions over Hillary's nomination.  Unfortunately, Republicans do not have enough power to stop a model train, much less a Supreme Court appointment.  Since Hillary has never sat on a bench, she does not have a history of rulings to pick apart in public. She would pass scrutiny with groans after the requisite offertory of derogatory salutes is trumpeted by all the right people.

One last prediction: if Hillary gets a Supreme Court seat, the Clinton's will finally divorce -- and quietly.  Their mutual power-sharing pogrom will be effectively at an end.  She will no longer need him, and she will no longer be of much use to him either.

Having made this prediction, I sincerely hope the calculus is utterly wrong.  I can think of no worse possible appointment to the Supreme Court than Hillary Clinton.  Truly, this is the very reason why Obama will likely appoint her. ESR

David R. Usher is President of the ACFC Missouri Coalition © 2009, David R. Usher


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