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Meet the National Council for a New America: The good news and the bad

By J.B. Williams
web posted May 11, 2009

In an April 30, 2009 press release, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) issued a welcome statement announcing the formation of the National Council for a New America, which is reportedly a forward-looking, grassroots caucus intended to bring together Congressional leaders and the people, with a national panel of "experts."

That's the good news!

Reeling from devastating election losses in 2006 and 2008, which left the nation under the disastrous control of the Democratic Socialists of America via their Congressional Progressive Caucus and ACORN community organizer Barack Obama, at least some remaining Republicans in congress finally see a need for a "change" in GOP strategy.

But just as Obama supporters should have enquired before the last election, one must ask Cantor and his group, "What kind of change?" and "Who are these experts?" I wonder if they know that it's the "old America" we are after?

In Cantors press release, he states "The National Council for a New America will engage with and empower the American people to develop innovative solutions that meet the serious challenges confronting our country. It is the right time to begin a thoughtful conversation about the future of this country."

Yes... Exactly! Bravo!

But first, we had better have a very serious discussion about the future of the GOP, because without that, there will be no solutions to the challenges facing our nation today. The left is running the country aground at breakneck speed. Nothing but the GOP stands between them and the proverbial wall...

While there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that it is only the GOP who is in a position to challenge the left today, there are lots of doubts about the GOP's ability to accomplish that goal.

Any such discussion must begin with, who are these so-called "experts" you speak of, which you hope can save our failing GOP? Let's face it; Arlen Specter is an "expert" of sorts. Not so much in the arena of how to return the GOP to proper power, but more in the line of how to make Benedict Arnold look loyal. He's not alone in that talent, unfortunately.

So, who are these "experts" that will lead the pro-American Right, back to its rightful place in national leadership? And, before we start talking about solutions, can we please properly define the problem?

Governor Haley Barbour. Governor Jeb Bush. Governor Bobby Jindal. Senator John McCain. Governor Mitt Romney

Sorry Eric, but your train has already left the track! You barely pulled away from the station and already, you're off in the ditch.

For starters, a third Bush is not a charm. In my opinion, George W. Bush was a better president than his daddy, and far better than Clinton or Obama. But seriously, the last two Bushes have cost the GOP everything that Reagan built. Enough with beating the Bush's already! Sorry Jeb, you're a nice guy. Now go home and fish with your dad and brother while you can. You have already served your country well!

Next... John McCain? - I can't even make myself comment on this one...other than to just say -- seriously?

Mitt Romney... Finally, someone who really is an "expert," - Not in how to win elections, but I understand he's pretty bright on the topic of free-market economics. Put him in charge of that!

Haley Barbour... Well, since Haley was the last "successful" head of the RNC, I guess I get this one. Put Haley in charge of beating Rahm Emanuel at his own game. Tell him to bring the alligators...

Last, Bobby Jindal... I have tried and tried to see what many of my dear conservative friends see in Bobby and I'm sorry, I just don't get it? I find myself wanting to ask, -- you searched 310 million Americans, many of them truly great leaders, and this is the guy you came up with to lead the future of the GOP and the nation?

Don't get me wrong, I really have nothing bad to say about Jindal. The problem is I have nothing great to say about him either.

We are up against the most formidable, well trained, well funded, well organized, anti-American regime ever known in American history, and they are at least twenty steps ahead of us in their agenda to completely dismantle America. Is Bobby Jindal our General Patton?

Sorry, but no. We are going to need a few other "experts" on the panel here. The GOP needs a good talent scout and an ever better recruiter. There is much better "expert" advice out there, but they are not going to be found inside today's GOP. That's because they already gave up on the GOP and are sitting over at the Constitution Party, and the Libertarian Party, and the American Independent Party.

By the way, this is also why 38% of American voters no longer identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats. Neither primary party is overly pro-American today, and this is why most Americans refuse to affiliate with either of them.

The fact is most Americans stopped expecting the DNC to do anything "American" years ago. They're all about "free-stuff," not "freedom."

It's only since the 2004 election, that they have given up on the RNC as well. Bush won re-election by almost 4 million popular votes in 2004. Don't tell me the nation is full of leftist government dependents and pantywaists... It just ain't so!

What the nation is full of is people fed up with the anti-American hogwash going on in Washington DC lately, no matter who is in charge.

If we don't properly assess the illness, there is no hope of getting the remedy right. Is Cantor on the right track here?

"This forum will engage in a conversation with America that seeks to remove ideological filters, addresses the realities we are confronting, and speaks to the challenges our citizens are facing."

Remove "ideological filters?" - Ya mean like our "extremist" desire for freedom and liberty? - Those "ideological filters?"

The "realities" confronting our nation? You mean like socialism induced bankruptcy, wide open borders which make a joke out of national sovereignty and security? Treating American soldiers and spies like terrorists and the terrorists like freedom-fighters? The reality that most Americans can't tell the difference between a Marxist, a Democrat and a Republican today? Those "realities?"

Listen, I'm very much in favor of a real national discussion on how to salvage the GOP and return it to a meaningful party again. But is the National Council for a New America a serious effort to save the GOP and the nation from the unbridled leftists who have been destroying America for years? Or is it just the latest RNC effort to make donors feel like someone is listening now, so that donors will start giving to the RNC again?

You must know that I get no personal pleasure out of writing this column. I wish I were writing about how exciting it was to finally see Beltway Republicans cast off the shackles of mediocrity, and launch a fresh new principled pro-American revolution to regain patriotic control of the greatest nation ever known to man.

I sincerely hope that this venture can become such a movement, because America is in desperate need. But to become such a movement, American patriots will have to use this opportunity to do exactly what I've written about in the past.

Don't say there is "nothing you can do!" Alone, in the comfort of your easy chair, there is indeed nothing you can do to save this nation. But together, united in the purpose of Freedom, there is nothing we can't do! Just stop leaving it up to others!

Leaders of every major pro-American third party initiative in America today should immediately accept this GOP invitation to walk into this council and make your voice heard. It's time to put up or shut up! ESR

© 2009 J.B. Williams


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